Firefly Season 2:1 the Wreck part 4
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the final chapter of episode 1


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(Act 5)

Team 1) (Mal, Kaylee and River)

“Jimmy’s lose!” explains River

‘Got that right’

At the sound of the voice Mal turns but is slammed hard through a door and into a wall – river attacks but Jimmy is like a phantom he whirls her around throwing her into Kaylee and rushes after Mal who has just staggered up slamming him against the wall again before closing and jamming the door – jimmy waits in the darkness for his prey to get up a smile playing on his face

Reaver group) the Reavers are attacking the Turbo lift doors with various appenges – Drills, claws and pistons

Smashing the doors open they surge in but the lift is empty – one of the Reavers picks up a grenade, growls and bites it

Team 2) (Zoe and Jayne)

They are crawling along a series of cables when a distant ‘Booom’ is heard, they exchange glances

Jayne: “Well what do you know – they fell for it, guess I owe you twenny Platinum”

Zoe: ‘Keep going – this shaft should lead us to the docking bay’

T1) Mal gets to his feet groggily

“Hey what are you up to?”

Staggers slightly

“It’s not fair to prey on a guy while he’s down”

‘Should I be concerned with fairness?’ asks Jimmy

‘But lets be fair about this – you have a point, I mean what’s the challenge in killing someone while their at their weakest?’

‘Maybe just maybe I’ll give you one chance’

Mal pulls out his gun and peers through the gloom trying to guess his opponents move

Rest of T1) “whys he doing this” asks Kaylee

River grits her teeth as she helps Kaylee work on opening the door

‘War games – huh – boys and their games’

Shakes head

‘Seek and destroy – Target is Captain Bad – to be eliminated post haste!’

Kaylee is shocked “he’s going to kill the Captain!”

‘That’s his intention’

T1) “allow me to shed some light on the situation”

A sound like a click is heard and suddenly from several sources light blares out

Mal winces and blinks – the kid had connected up a gunboats battery to several glow lamps in the corridor – suddenly Mal had a very bad feeling about this

Turning he see’s Jimmy and fires but Jimmy launches at him with inhuman speed dodging the bullet and knocking Mal back, they grapple but considering the fact that the boy looks scrawny he has muscles of steel and Mal is picked up and thrown against the door. Mal whirls round reaching for his gun when he remembers that he had been holding it. Jimmy is whirling it with his hand.

Mal try’s to tackle him but is shot (side wound not too serious)

Jimmy punches mal knocking him against the door again – this time Mal falls to the floor

Jimmy saunters over to him, pulling him up

‘You won – finis it or do you prefer to gloat?’

“I’m not going to kill you Sergeant Reynolds – I’ve defeated you I could kill you that’s enough”


“Ships core computer has its own power supply – you’d be surprised how much information you can download of the cortex using military ID”

Looks at Mal

“If you’re alive – I know you will be screwing the Alliance – my better half arguments have spared your life for now”

He makes to leave – tossing Mal’s gun aside and gives Mal some advice

“I’d get medical treatment for that wound if I were you”

He leaves

T1) Kaylee and River finally open the door

‘Oh captain’ “M OK lil Kaylee – just a little shook up thas all”

Kaylee helps him up – River retrieves his gun

“Now let’s get out of here before dinner time huh?”

Back on Serenity – over the coms Wash announces ‘everybody get ready the crew will be back any minute and they may have company”

In Inara’s shuttle she takes her laser pistle (as seen in the episode trash) out of its case and looks up ready and determined

In the cargo bay Book holds a rifle while Simon has a handgun – while unfamiliar with the weapon he is determined to do anything he can to protect his sister, book’s emotions are hidden behind his impassive features

On the bridge Wash is taught with nervous tension and keeps checking and double checking the instruments

T1) T1 have reached the docking bay

‘Kaylee open it up’

Mal leans against the wall

River is distracted when suddenly a cyborg Reaver appears from an adjoining corridor and snatches River with one arm pulling back its clawed arm to kill River when just as suddenly Jimmy appears from another docking station and grabs its clawed arm, grappling with it allowing River to escape – the cyborg Reaver throws jimmy against the wall before plunging its claws into his stomach, River grabs hold of the Reavers head – firing the remaining rounds of Mal’s gun into it, jimmy despite his ruptured belly manages to break the Reavers arms and with it’s circuits fried the Reaver collapses

River squats down near Jimmy who is still alive

“Go…you…win” he manages

River looks up at Mal ‘saved me we should save him’

Zoe and Jayne arrive

“What are we standing about here for? Goddam undead Reavers are on their way!”

‘Bring him’ Mal says

They open the airlock door and enter; Book and Simon lower their weapons

Jayne closes the airlock door

“Where did you…?” starts Book

‘He’s hurt’ confirms Simon (ain’t doctors useful?)

“Dieing actually Doc – so you go and get your stuff we need you to fix him up”

‘Why…where are you taking him?’

Mal and Zoe pull Jimmy up the stairs

Over his shoulder “to the brig – well the storeroom anyway – he ain’t safe to be around”

‘Orr Mal not another moon brain’

“Stow it Jayne”

In the storeroom Jimmy’s hands have been handcuffed to the wall – pulling his arms up and back – he’s sitting with his legs to the side – they too have been handcuffed from the ankles (same room River was put in, in the BDM)

Simon enters ‘is this really nesercery?’

“Ain’t everything we do?”

‘Doc-tor I assume you’re a Medic – I don’t need medical attention – just put a cover on to prevent my guts falling out’

“Oh my god he...he...should…”

Licks his lips and shakes his head

‘Should what Doc his life’s on the line’

“Captain…he should be dead by now with this severe an injury”

‘I said I’ll be fine – healed shoving a knife around in my brain once didn’t I – suh obvious I’m alive now ain’t I?’

Zoe and mal share a glance

‘had a chip in my head woz the bastard Alliance trying to control me – but I removed it myself’ Simon puts a Gauze around him

Looks up at River

‘Run you must run’

“your chained up” states Mal

‘I meant the ship’

“well we’re flying”


On the bridge Wash is flying the ship as fast as serenity can go away from the Alliance ship which explodes

“Mei yong Ma Duh Tse Gu Yong”

Hits the coms


Back in the store room


“the Alliance boat just exploded”

Everyone looks at jimmy who manages to look up

‘Set auto-destruct several nukes failsafe prevent experiments enemy hands ‘

“you we’re about to take a ship and escape when you…” guesses mal

Looks at mal ‘I had to save her’

Looks at River ‘I had to save you’

‘We are alike’

(End of episode 1)

*** Translation *** Mei yong Ma Duh Tse Gu Yong = Motherless goat of all motherless goats ***

Trailer for Episode 2 Showbiz

Serenity arrives on Paquin

The crew meets the showbiz family the gerrelds

• The Acrobat sisters (twins) and brother • Magician nephew and female assistant (fiancé) • Actor father and brothers (twins), Actress mother and niece

Guy wearing a browncoat: ‘sure I fought for independence but the wars long gone were all just folk now’ Bunch of hired thugs with weapons appear ‘now I want my property!’

*** Link to Episode 2.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007 12:51 AM


so here it is my first episode of the 2nd season (a replacement for the BDM compleated

I lay the gauntlet down to anyone who can find fault with the masterpiece that is this chapter - my form was perfect and my style flawless

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 12:09 PM


Well...I will take up that gauntlet, jeraxus. Mainly because, while you've noticibly improved in style and clarity, you're spelling is still on the atrocious side at times.

Really? Practice makes perfect. You're well on your way to writing in a manner that will net you lots of positive and helpful feedback. But you still have a few issues to handle;)



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