Firefly season 2:3 Duel of deceit part 3
Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lord Harrow has a proposal and Bad Boy Atherton Wing is back and looking for vengeance!


Link to Chapter 2.

(Act 3)

Mal was making his way across Persephone – the meeting with Badger had gone well he considers – Harrow must be offering a lot of cash for safe transport and if he’s really willing to trust me again – well it’s the perfect job. Self absorbed Mal passes through a market without a glance – Big Mistake!

The man steps forward and mal suddenly notices him

Tawny hair - yellowy brown but with black turfs, a rugged head but with casual features, simple but clean clothes, He wouldn't stand out in a crowd even if you looked – well if it wasn’t for the fact that the guy was grinning predatorily at Mal

‘Captain Reynolds…you’re coming with me’

Mal reaches for his gun when a jolt of pain shorts through him – he collapses paralysed and loses consciousness

The stranger smiles and talks into a com ‘target obtained’ pause ‘what of the ship and crew?’ pause ‘secondary?’ pause ‘you want Inara Sera – she is a registered companion – the guild do not take such matters lightly!’ shakes head ‘I understand’ turns com off

Motions to two henchmen ‘you know what to do with him’

The man strides purposely but worriedly – no one takes the guilds lightly unless they want to end up dead or wake up with out private parts – he winces at the thought – he’d have to play this real cagey

At a high class restaurant – Inara is waiting to meet her client when she sees a familiar face

“why lord Harrow – I never realised you would be here – please sit”

He nods stiffly but declines the seat ‘I am not here for the food miss sera – I came to see you’

“I’m sorry but I already have a client – if you would send me your details – I might be able to schedule some time”

‘you misunderstand me I have no desire to hire our services’

“I don’t understand”

‘I apologise’ sits down ‘but when I heard you were here – I had to see you – I know you are still aquatinted with Captain Reynolds’

Frowns slightly but recovers “yes but if you have business with him – you should really tell him yourself and not through me”

‘I am busy until last thing tonight – and it couldn't wait - I’ve already sent word to Badger saying that I need transport and that I would prefer Reynolds ship’

“Serenity is not as comfortable as the ships you are used to – it is a stretch for me to be their but I have grown used to it – I don’t think…”

‘I’m afraid my life comes before my comfort miss Sera’

“your..your life?”

‘I have urgent business in the core worlds - Sihnon but a madman called Niska has taken it upon himself to put a bounty on my head – anywhere outside the core and off Persephone and I am a target – I would feel safer if the likes of Captain Reynolds were prepared to defend me’

“and since Niska wants Mal dead – he can’t turn you over and claim the reward” guesses Inara

Smiling slightly ‘correct – now I must take my leave – I still have some affairs that require my attention’

Lord Harrow leaves and Inara is left alone – she is troubled but regains her composure

Her client arrives a man with Tawny hair

Rugged but handsome she thinks

He smiles and sits down “miss Sera you look divine”

She smiles back ‘as long as my appearance is pleasing to the eyes I am perfection’ she’s using her companion charms and fluttering her eyelashes

“only one thing can make this more perfect my dear”

Alluringly ‘yes’

“and that would be if my benefactor were here”

Surprised but hides it ‘it is a pity’

“do not be sorrowful my dear” dramatically “I knew you would fell that way” grim determination becomes a smile “so I invited him here – well to be honest he invited himself – I believe you two have met before”

A man appears – he has dark curly hair – a thin but attractive face – marred by a dark scar across his cheek, something about him radiates fury, anger and hatred

‘Inara you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this’ declares the man

“ATHERTON!” exclaims Inara

(end of act 3)

Link to Chapter 4.


Thursday, March 15, 2007 5:41 AM


sorry for the misleading synopsis last chapter but it was becoming too long to add in Mal and Inara – and we’ve finally discovered the truth behind chapter 1’s cliff-hanger ending

I appolagise for anuy and all spelling errors (including that 1) all feed back appreciated except for the winy gits who always moan (lets blue eyed brigadier out then) only joking you're my number 1 fan

Thursday, March 15, 2007 5:29 PM


Whiny git, am I? Huh...guess an appreciation for good grammar and spelling isn't worthy much these days!


Definitely a good effort here, jeraxus. A bit rushed with Inara's scene, but the whole chapter worked well;)



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