Firefly Season 2:3 Duel of Deceit part 2
Thursday, March 8, 2007

Persephone based episode – Wash and Zoe, Kaylee and Simon, River and Jimmy, Jayne and a whore, Book visits his old abbey and Inara meets a client (pairings don’t nesercerly mean sex – except for Wash and Zoe)


Link to Chapter 1.

(Act 2)

Heavy breathing

‘well how’d I do?’

“honey – every inch of me was pleasured beyond imagination – especially a particular part of me”

Wash sighs and leans back ‘that's because you married a sex god’

Zoe is quiet

‘Hon what’s up something’s bothering you and considering my performance I doubt it’s me’

“it’s…it’s Mal he’s taking more risks than usual”

‘Brings an insane killer onboard, brings trouble onboard, agrees to work for badger” wash ticks of on his hand ‘and that's just last month’ wide eyed ‘your right’

“I’m sure he’ll settle down you know what the captains like”

‘something’s been bothering the guy for ages since before that bounty hunter incident and that means that’s not the reason’ Wash theorises

“we’ll never figure it out if we spend the next decade of our life tryin” declares Zoe

‘well in that case my lust filled black goddess of desire…’

“I thought you needed time to recover?” exclaims Zoe

‘I did and have – unless you’re not strong enough to keep up’ suggests Wash

“your gonna eat those words”

‘“Um ah ahahahoooh yes yes yes yes YES!”’ Book is walking across Persephone and enters the Abbey nodding at his fellow Sheppard’s – he reaches the abbot and lowers his head respectively

The abbot smiles “rise Book and tell us of your journey”

Back on serenity Kaylee is working in the engine room grumbling about the lack of maintenance Serenity receives

Simon is checking the infirmary – he finishes and leaves heading up the stairs and into the engine room

‘Am I interrupting something?’ he asks

Impressed but not surprised at the array of colourful curses in Mandarin and English mainly focussed on the questionable parentage of the previous mechanic and the sexual preferences of the Captain before she realises that she has an audience

Blushing she answers meekly “grav boots tacky again cos Captain Square won’t replace the component parts”

Simon thinks about it and replies confidently ‘I’m sure if anyone can fix it it’s you’

Kaylee grumbles and gets back to work “that's what he said – I ain’t infallible – as you already know after all we found out on your birthday”

Simon realises what’s up ‘no one blamed you then and we wouldn't ever blame you you're a mechanical genius’

Kaylee looks up at Simon and smiles for the first time “I’m not really”

Smiles back ‘yes you are – no other mechanic could keep this pile of gos…’ realises what he is saying ‘I’m sorry I didn't mean…’

Kaylee frowns but refrains from getting to angry “Serenity may not be as shiny and clean an fancy as the coreships but she beats them all when it comes to heart and soul”

‘I…I said I was sorry I didn't mean it you know that’

Gets madder “yes you did and that I know” she rattles her tools and bangs the toolbox loud “I think you should go”

Simon try’s to think of something to say but gives up and leaves hoping that given time Kaylee will forgive his stupid remark

Near the storeroom River shakes her head ‘he is such a Boob’

Simon sees her “River what are you doing”

‘got to talk to him’ indicates door “no leave him to the Captain he’s dangerous” Simon leads her away while River struggles slightly

To herself or no one depending on your point of view ‘I know’

A whore house – (where else would you find Jayne?)

A seedy brothel – pictures of naked women in various poses aline the walls, a drinks bar is set upon one side of the ground floor (reception area)

Ground floor – clean – no sex occurs here

1st floor rooms – straight sex – several rooms are occupied, in one room Jayne is ramming a whore hard who is screaming in ecstasy (I’d expect any woman to be screaming in horror while having sex with him – but been a prostitute must result in low standards)

2nd floor – kinkier stuff – vices and role-play

Lesbian sex is been conducted with an array of toys – Dildos, vibrators, love beads, strap-on vibrator, butt plugs and more by 3 lusty tarts

A whore dressed as a nurse examines a client

A man is sucking a whores tit while she sits on his lap wearing a diaper

3rd floor rooms – gang bangs, orgies and swingers, really strong role play,

Spanking fetish is been played out here

4th floor rooms – darker – Dominance, Femdom, Submission, Smothering – Queening, forced sex, even torture and rape fetishes, are played out here with suitably dressed mistresses in latex and slave girls in bondage

(okay that's enough porn for now –if you perverts want more – buy a magazine or log onto a different site – for the rest of us on with the story)

On serenity – River sneaks in to see Jimmy

“hi Jimmy” she smiles

He scowls back and imitates her chirpy voice ‘hi River’

She scowls back “be nice I’m your friend”

‘Don’t need no friends’ he declares stubbornly

She sighs “so you would kill me like the others” she asks sounding disappointed

Jimmy’s sane personality asserts itself ‘no of course not! I wouldn’t hurt you’ sounds desperate to earn her love

River smirks “I knew it – and you admitted it!”

Insane personality snarls ‘you tricked me – him –my other half – us!’

“and what of it” flirts River

Gnashes teeth ‘I have to agree with me your beauty should not be spoilt’

Triumphantly “were getting you there – no power in the verse can stop me!”

She kisses him on the cheek and runs out of the room leaving Jimmy complexed

Talking to himself ‘and I’m the insane one?’

‘better question – I love her?’

(end of act 2)

Link to Chapter 3.


Thursday, March 8, 2007 12:49 AM


Writer’s comments:- ever since episode 1 it’s been getting more difficult to write these stories – my basis for this episode was shindig – no action yet but keep tuned

“If I’m right there’s gonna be blood” Firefly TV series episode 3 Mal quote

P.S. in a future episode I’d like a Wash moment with the Dino’s

Thursday, March 8, 2007 11:05 AM


There's gold in dem dar hills, jeraxus. But it's still buried under some rough formatting, spelling, and structuring;)



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