Firefly Season 2:1 The Wreck part 3
Monday, January 22, 2007

Cyborg Reavers, an insane boy – the salvage operation is humped and the bullets start flying


Link to Chapter 1.

Link to Chapter 2. ***

T2) ‘Roorgarrooghaa’

The Reaver attacks

Bam bam bam bam –piooow

Jayne and Zoe fire indiscriminately at the evil creature

But are apparently ineffective until Jayne heaving a large shotgun – blows a hole into the Reavers head (a splattered arc of blood sprays out) Jayne continues to blow several more holes (splattering its head all over the corridor) until finally – it’s face missing and very little of it’s head remaining it collapses and spasms on the floor

Hearing far of snarls Zoe and Jayne run!

T1) “something wrong?”

‘We…we just wern't expecting survivors much less kids’

“No I guess not”

‘What did you mean’

Kaylee is frightened

‘Were gonna regret it?’

“You’re all dead”


“Or about to die”

‘Your position doesn’t seem that strong, in favor of killing us’ states mal

“I’m not going to kill you – I can’t I’m trapped in here but there are those who ain’t”

Smiles evilly



‘Goddam Reavers Mal there huntin us’

Jayne is clearly terrified

“Impossible – Reavers bad, Reavers bad, I would feel there hunger, I should feel their hunger”

‘Riv’s having an episode – she says the Reavers don’t exist, I say get back to the ship’

Mal turns back to the cage and coldly states

‘You knew’

“Yes I did”

‘You’re a bastard Reaver’


The boy roars

River seems to have got over her episode and walks up to the cage

‘Who are you? (Tilts her head) I can’t see into your brain’

“My..My name is..”

River seems to have thrown him off

“..Is on the clipboard”

Indicates to the side of the cage where a clipboard is scrawled on it notices Kaylee is the name Jimmy, meanwhile the boy seems fascinated with River

“You and I are the same, I didn’t sense it before – we’re alike, they tortured your mind didn’t they? You’re a psychic – they, they tortured me to, tortured my body – did things (whispers) inhuman things”

Kaylee looks horrified – Mal is surprised but wary

‘So you’re a Reader too’

“They tortured my body not my mind”

Jimmy cannot tear his gaze away from River, when suddenly he grabs his head and pulls back as if in pain, Spits and hisses like a wild animal before slumping foreword gabbing the front of his cage – breathing heavily he looks up

“Get out – run”

His voice is different less calm, calculating and collected

“I..I am insane the Reverlers can not get into the cage and I can’t escape either – so run get out of here”

‘Why’d Reavers attack an Alliance ship?’

Weakly “they didn’t they were caught during the war for unification and used in the Secret Weapon project before the end of the war – in an attempt to create a super soldier by grafting cybernetics on to the Reverlers”

Looks straight at River

“Not truly alive anymore – more machine than living creature – no mind to read”

‘Son of a bitch!’

“The project failed – the Reverlers madness couldn’t be cured, they were scheduled for termination when..”

Grimaces but regains control

“They escaped and killed everyone on board 4 years ago”

‘4 years!’

“I get concentrated food from the machine”

Indicates section of cage connected to wall

“This ship hasn’t been found because the Alliance don’t know where to look for it, it was flying under blackout conditions to keep the experiments safe”

Grimaces and lowers head – head raises slowly, his composure has changed

“One day I will escape, then ‘I’ll rip the Revelers to bits and then I will hunt you down and kill you – I swear it!”

Goes back to the bench and sits down

Mal makes to leave, River glances back at the boy and trails along but Kaylee is shell shocked – Mal comes up to her and shakes her

‘Kaylee, Kaylee!’

‘Now come on we got to get back to the ship’

“But captain

‘No buts’

Pulls her along

‘Were leaving’

T2) “Jaaaayyynnnneeeeeeeee!!”

Zoe launches herself through the door way

Jayne fires both barrels of his shotgun tosses the weapon aside pulls 2 handguns and opens fire while running to the doorway – hurling himself through, Zoe closes the sliding doors and jams them

‘We gotta git outta here’

“c’mon” snaps Zoe

They continue to run

The cyborg Reavers pound on the door – already dents are starting to appear

Suddenly a Reaver with 1 arm and a metal plated head appears near a power shaft (Jaws from James bond like Gnashers)

Jayne has grabbed an Alliance Issue sonic rifle, he fires knocking the Reaver back – firing repeatedly until its knocked into the shaft

The Reaver falls down the shaft hitting into the fragile power core shattering it

T2) Zoe and Jayne running

T1) Mal and River and Kaylee moving cautiously through the corridors heading back to the ship

‘Their robots now – have computer chips – brains not working anymore’

“Shush” Mal is edgy

To Kaylee “keep her quiet will ya”

The main lab – Jimmy is sitting brooding in the red emergency lighting when the power dies and blackness rains – lifting his head in the darkness he sniffs like a wary beast testing new territory

Satisfied he walks up to the glass now dull and hard to see through and smashes it with his fists repeatedly – blow after blow, the glass now de energized holds but starts to bulge

T2) suddenly the corridor is pitch black – Zoe pulls out a flashlight which she holds in one hand while holding her reloaded Hogleg while Jayne chucks the sonic rifle away and pulls his assault rifle and activates the telescopic sight light – hearing the Reavers break through the door further back they jump into a turbo lift and jam the doors closed

T1) in the darkness, all 3 creep foreword

“Wash?” Mal whispers into the coms

‘Mal’ Wash whispers back

“What the gorram hell happened?”

‘Uurh I’m not sure – I think Zoe and Jayne just took out the primary power core’

“In plain English”

‘Um captain what Wash is saying is that the ships completely lost power’ Kaylee doesn’t lower her voice


“Can we get the power up?”

‘That’s a neg – better get up here’

“Cheong Bao Ho Tze Huen Dahn, how we can’t see?”

Indignantly ‘I never molested a monkey in my life Mal’ Wash replies


River pulls out a miniature torch and flashes it across the corridor

“This way – must hurry – trouble coming”

‘Um river – the Reavers are on your ass urh I mean tail, I mean tail – of course you guys are in trouble’

“No wash, no captain bad – Don’t understand, don’t understand!”


‘No we don’t’ sighs Mal

“Energy cage – 6 metres by 4 metres, runs a constant current of 1000 mega volts – channels through the cage - making the walls, floor and ceiling virtually impenetrable – short of a minor nuke, can last for centuries even thousands of years boasts its designers – as long as it is connected to a constant power supply – when there is no power supply the cybertanium alloy walls return to their original strength level proportional to the metal composite, but the cage variants installed with impact glass – although almost as strong as the walls when the electric current is active – the constant current flowing through it weakens the glass structure making it less than shatterproof without a current!”

Kaylee’s mouth is open and Mal is just looking at River although in the near darkness and shadows it’s difficult to tell but River does not need to see their faces

Rolling her eyes even though they can’t see it clearly she attempts and succeeds in dumbing down her explanation

“Jimmy’s free!”

*** Cheong Bao Ho Tze Huen Dahn = Monkey raping bastard *** Link to Chapter 4.


Monday, January 22, 2007 2:09 AM


hey guys - yjust wait for part two - yep weve got another attempt at a traumatised or Alliance experimented boyfriend for River
Will it work out? well that would be telling
please mention any errors

to horatiofrog

to BlueEyedBrigadier

if your reading this i chose that format on purpose - there are ussaly enogh clues in the speech to identify whoose talking plus when its not clear you the reader can decide depending on your knollege of firefly

Episode 2 should be in production after i've finished part 4 - the final chapter

Monday, January 22, 2007 9:28 AM


"if your reading this i chose that format on purpose - there are ussaly enogh clues in the speech to identify whoose talking plus when its not clear you the reader can decide depending on your knollege of firefly"

Um... wow. Ouch. That's just a tough approach to take. As a reader, I want to be able to follow a story without having to stop and figure out who's talking.

I'm sorry, but I can't follow your fic at all! Spelling, punctuation... yikes!

Monday, January 22, 2007 10:40 AM


Jeraxus....your plan would be a lot more successful if you utilized a beta reader, since you seem to have a rather obvious issue with spelling, grammar and formatting here:(

Now...I never like laying down harsh words, but even a forgiving person like myself will reach an end to their patience and just forgo reading something if they can't understand it. Struggling to understand who's saying what, where and why every few moments will only net you either a stream of negative commentary or a lack of feedback.



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