Firefly Season 2:2 Showbiz Part 5
Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jimmy announces his plan while the cruiser decides to relieve the monotony by opening fire resulting in a thrilling space chase


Link to Chapter 4.

(Act 5)

To River ‘I can save us if you trust me’

River looks at him various thoughts running through her head she couldn’t trust Jimmy he couldn’t control himself “no – can’t release you”

‘you don’t have too’ he shakes his head and looks up ‘just listen’

On the bridge Wash is pushing the ship hard

“Kaylee can you push the engine harder” asks Wash hitting the coms

‘were running hotter than ever before’ announces Kaylee

“um…Wash any suggestions” asks Mal whose backseat driving again

‘yes’ says Wash brightly ‘I’d like a raise’

Mal is about to speak realises what Wash said closes his mouth with a look of stunned disbelief on his face, forces himself to reality and thinks it over

Wash continues quickly ‘You know lets say 10% increase – nah lets not fiddle with chump change lets say a nice round 25% in cash – alright?’

“Wash – if we don’t get blown up or bordered first I will kill you if you don’t get us out of this”

Notices Zoe “figuratively speaking that is”

‘So’ starts Wash ‘No rise?’ sounding pathetic

“no rise’ agrees Mal

‘oh’ says Wash disappointed but then he smiles mischievously ‘and urh what if I were to point out my extremely strong bargaining position?’

Noticing a bleeping scanner Wash pulls on the controls swinging the ship in an arc satisfied with the result he continues dodging the cruiser

“Wash” Mal gives up mutters in frustration and says “fine you can have a 10% rise”

‘YES’ punches the air with one hand ‘you heard him honey you're my witness – now onto phase 2 of the negotiations distribution of leisure time’

“honey” soothed Zoe

Wash frowns ‘yes ‘o’ love of my life?’

“quit while your ahead”

‘oh kay back to the fancy flying bit then an whooh holy ssssshame’ he pulls the ship to the side to avoid a near hit by a missile

The cruiser is gaining on Serenity and is dogging the smaller vessel

Inside Serenity in the dining room Inara is comforting the Gerrelds (no not like that – you lot have very twisted minds)

The magician is talking “everything was going well – we were going to move on when the contract ended, but things became strange –when the AUE took over, we were been told what to do, what to say and how to say it – they wanted us to be robots”

River passes through the galley running while in a loud voice ‘Can’t stop – can’t stop’ Simon try’s to stop her “River no the captain is busy” but she runs in to the bridge, the Gerrelds don't notice the name and continue panicking

‘got Intel – can stop their attack’ declares River

“how?” asks Wash confused

‘do you know something?’ asks Zoe

“codes for Blue Sun – high level operations – will be recognised – no choice but to back down”

‘it could make things worse little River – Wash’l see us through’ states Mal trying to let her down gently

“(long stream of swearing in French)” River runs off

Mal looks at Simon ‘more Latin?’

Simon is flustered “actually that was French”

Wash ‘Can you tone down on the in flight entertainment please – trying to concentrate here’

River runs through the galley – swerving past the Gerrelds and down to the catwalk – she breaks into Inara’s shuttle and accesses the cortex screen – and starts transmitting the code to the Blue Sun cruiser Back on the bridge Wash blinks and pulls up a screen ‘Someone’s transmitting from Inara’s shuttle’ blinks ‘it’s backing of’ relieved ‘were good were good’

“cruisers leaving” states Mal in wonder “River was right – should listen to her more often”

‘eta to Persephone 4 days’ states Wash looking up at Mal

“good – lets get there as fast as we can I want to get rid of our passengers as soon as possible”

Mal leaves and Zoe wraps her arms around Wash’s neck

Mal enters the Galley

“we’ve lost them” he declares

‘Good’ Mr Gerreld is relieved he stands up to leave but Mal stops him

“bout our fee I figure an additional 2000 credits should cover this trip don’t you?”

‘what!’ exclaims one of the Gerrelds

“we agreed on a price Previously” Mrs Gerreld is furious

Mal looks at her ‘the price agreed upon was for an uncomplicated trip – this trip was complicated so that tends to inflate the price somewhat’

Angrily “Don’t worry you’ll get your money”

Inara is angry with Mal and follows him as he heads to his bunk ‘Mal’

“don’t!...just don’t even start on them”

‘Fine but just remember when you reach a decent planet I’m leaving’

She walks away leaving Mal infuriated

In the storeroom River enters and Squats down smiling

“do you trust me now?” asks Jimmy trying to hide his hopefulness behind indifference

Rivers smile widens ‘I trust you to be you’ she giggles and kisses him on the cheek

(end of episode 2)


Thursday, February 22, 2007 2:04 AM


I know I’ve extended the episode but in episode 1 there were 5 acts spread out through 4 chapters so I added an extra chapter this episode

coming up the Duel of Deciet

Thursday, February 22, 2007 1:22 PM


Just so you know...the title for your next "episode" should be "Duel of DECEIT," Not "Deciet."


Still...loved the imagery of Wash actually bargaining with Mal about a raise while trying to outfly the frigate and River scuttering about the ship with Jimmy's intel;D



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