Firefly season 2:3 Duel of deceit part 1
Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Persephone based episode – the crew unload their passengers and onload some trouble


Link to Episode2.


Serenity lands on Persephone at the down town docks (the usual place) the cargo bay doors open the Gerrelds leave

Mal ‘thanks for flying Serenity spaceways anytime you need a ship do me a favour and ask some other captain’

Mr Gerreld stone faced leaves with his family

Calling after him ‘pleasure doing business with you’ Mal gives them a wave while smirking

Jayne approaches from the back “how much?”

‘well that wasn’t so bad – got some coin – did the work, that's what matters’

Jayne “how much”

‘sir I don’t think we should work for showbiz people again – gave us a mighty big peck of trouble’ informs Zoe

Jayne “and the money don’t forget the money – now how much?”

‘ahh I don’t think showbiz is the problem Zoe – way I see it – it was the legit job that did it for us’

Jayne is sick of been ignored and hollers “HOW MUCH!?!”

Mal is impatient ‘how much of what?’

“coin ya idjit – how much coin did we score?”

Mal smiles ‘We fleeced him for 8500 credits’

“gimme my share”

Zoe snorts ‘of all the greedy – no good…don’t you think of anything but money?’

Jayne is about to speak when mal quickly adds “and whores” Jayne is now thinking an unusual and terrifying image

‘recon were wasting are time here sir best give him his share and let him get on with it’ states Zoe

Mal does so and calls on the coms “we’ve got a day to find another job and get of this rock so I want all the crew to keep their eyes peeled” turns back to the cargo bay doors and freezes

A group of heavies toting guns in an eco of E2’s Zeke and his gang are standing outside

Mal puts his hands up and says “my names Reynolds Malcolm Reynolds not Jon Davidson”

Take my love, take my land Take me where I cannot stand I don't care, I'm still free You can't take the sky from me Take me out to the black Tell them I ain't comin' back Burn the land and boil the sea You can't take the sky from me There's no place I can be Since I found Serenity But you can't take the sky from me...

(act 1)

Same scene as above – switch to heavies – Badger steps out from behind them and enters Serenity

‘never said you we’re did I?’ smirks Badger

“oh Badger hi” keeps arms raised “just a little misunderstanding on Paquin – we finished up the best of friends”

‘yeah-yeah – what’s with the hands in the air?’

“you've got guns pointed at us has it slipped your notice?” asks mal

Indicates to lower arms ‘got some business for you’

“am I going to like it?”

‘might – might not, but the price is right, see you remember that Lord Harrow? You did the cattle transporting deal for me with him’

“nice gent not to keen on you if I recall – ain’t that right Zoe” turns to Zoe

‘Irrational dislike sir’ replies Zoe evenly

“water under the bridge to us darling’ smirks Badger ‘well he’s put the word out that he may need a ship to take him off world – some fancy doo in the core’

“what’s this got to do with us” asks Mal suspiciously

‘took a shine to you didn’t he? Knows your trustworthy an’ reliable and will fight for the right course’

“and?” asks Zoe warningly

Badger sighs theatrically ‘he and I come to that have heard rumours of what should I call it…a run in with a baddy, Niska got a very unsavoury rep’

Mal freezes, Zoe remains emotionless while Jayne is confused

“so badgers working for Niska now who would have seen that coming” he says

‘no – do I look like I’d work with a psychopath?’ Serenity’s crew exchange glances and look back at Badger ‘look I hear about him and apparently Sir Warrick Harrow is anxious to avoid said sadistic tyrant’

“so since we took him on once he figures we have the guts to do it again?” Asks Mal interested despite himself

‘basically so are you in or not?’

“when do we meet his Lordship?”

‘sir we just took on passengers on the last trip – more trouble than it was worth’ reminds Zoe

“you don’t need to worry” mollifies Badger “Harrow is travelling what’s the word…”

‘alone’ suggests Jayne

“…in cognito – it’ll only be him with his essential belongings- sounds like a cushy deal or what?”

‘Yeah and I know deals like these have a habit of been shot up to hell – so what’s the catch’ snorts Mal

Looks at Mal and considers “Niska’s got a bounty on him, not as big as some but still quite attractive”

‘why don’t you cash in on it?’ asks Jayne surprised

“wouldn’t work – he has his own roots – deeper than mine – in the community, I try something and his people will know about it – besides I’ve done deals with Niska before, I don’t like his people there not as nice as your sort of scum” admits Badger

‘thanks or no thanks I guess now when do we meet Harrow’ asks Mal

‘tricky – he’s busy with other business and lordly duties for a few days but after he’s finished he’ll need reliable transport to Londinum in a hurry’

“all things considered we’ll take the job now get off my boat you can call me when we have the deal”

Badger leaves while Mal and Zoe continue to talk

But elsewhere across from serenity a man is lurking holding field glasses to his eyes he lowers them and speaks into a communicator

‘target confirmed – repeat target confirmed, Malcolm Reynolds has returned’

The man smiles sinisterly

(end of act 1)

Link to Chapter 2.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007 5:29 AM


this is the one we’ve all been waiting for – a lot of old enemies and a friend returns – plus the last chapter will feature a lot of needless violence,
Again it’s been tricky to write and spelling errors were unavoidable but what do you think so far?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 10:18 PM


I think you something mighty promising here, jeraxus. Just need to keep a steady on all things typographical;D



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