Firefly season 2:3 Duel of Deceit Part 4
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Atherton’s back and badder and madder than ever – the crew prepare a rescue


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(Act 4)

‘Atherton!’ exclaims Inara

“Inara you seem surprised to see me again”

‘Hardly’ she snorts ‘only a fool like you would risk the anger of the companions guild’ shakes her head ‘you will be hunted down and killed if you so much as touch me’

Evil grin “I plan on doing much more than that” he strides across the room towards her

“I plan to torture and kill Reynolds and then after I’ve forced you to watch I’ll drug you and use you and kill you like the bitch and whore you are”

‘I think not she pulls out a small concealable gun but is stunned by the man who stunned Mal

When the restaurant waiter heads their way alarmed Atherton intervenes “an old flame of mine the poor dear came overcome and fainted” hands over some cash “can you call us a transport we must get her home quickly”

The Waiter is rectified and goes to carry out the commands

Meanwhile behind a curtain watching the proceedings Lord Harrow lurks, shaking his head in disgust as Atherton’s man leans towards Atherton and speaks ‘we had Reynolds there was no need to go after the companion’

Lord Harrow pricks up his ears but his features remain impassive

In a louder voice Atherton replies “this whore” lowers voice to a hiss “this whore set me up – I don't care if it's the last thing I do I will humiliate and kill her”

The waiter returns ‘your transport is waiting Monsieur’

Atherton and the man carry Inara out of the restaurant

Lord Harrow hears Atherton’s final remark “no one knows what’s happened or where they’ve gone – everything’s working perfectly” To himself ‘I wouldn’t say that’ (Lord Harrow)

Serenity – late afternoon

Zoe and Wash have ‘surfaced’ for dinner and Kaylee has decided to forgive Simon,

Book is not back from the abbey yet and Jayne hasn’t returned from the ample thighs and warm bosom of the whore he has hired

River is prancing around the ship happily when she stops with a look of horror on her face

(Imagine flashes like a black and white photograph replacing the image of River giving her a gothic look)

“NO! ohohoh Nooooo! – Pain – Death – Fear – Hate – VENGENCE!!” (deeper voice for the last word) “Death and Retribution – the enemy of adventures passed has come to haunt us and deny us Courage and Beauty – must be stopped” (starts to cry)

Kaylee is in the cargo bay – she has come from the infirmary and is looking for Simon when a knock at the airlock door stops her she looks out of the window and sees lord Harrow so she opens the door

‘Inara Sera wasn’t exaggerating – still I’ve seen worst’ Lord Harrow barges in – his comment practically infuriates Kaylee as this is the 2nd time today someone has insulted Serenity

“if you’ve come to see Inara she’s out so you can just leave” declares Kaylee

Notices her ‘ahh you're the mechanic – I saw with Captain Reynolds at the deviton Ball I have to speak to the crew’

“you're the lord who has a job for us? The captain ain’t back yet” she’s still miffed

‘I’m afraid he won’t be coming back’

“say what?”

In the kitchen Zoe and wash are glowing and finishing their meal of wife stew so they can go back to round 2 (or round 8 but whose counting – well I suppose I should be since it’s my fic but you know how it is you get bored and you tend to skim a few pages) Simon is gloomily eating toast and Book has returned from the monastery place when Kaylee rushes in

“captain and Inara got snatched”

‘What!’ exclaims Wash

“how” asks Simon

‘What happened?’ asks Zoe

Lord Harrow arrives after Kaylee “as I told this young woman…” he proceeds to explain what had happened last chapter “…such a thing is beyond dishonour it is immoral”

‘what happens now?’ asks Book

“if you are as good as your captain you will be able to rescue them and then the job to transport me to the core worlds is yours”

‘and if were not?’ asks Wash

“that is up to you I will have to make alternate arrangements but I would prefer to deal with Reynolds – now I must leave it is late”

Kaylee escorts him out of serenity, the others follow

‘um what do we do?’ asks Simon ‘I mean do we have a plan?’

Zoe ignores him for the moment “Kaylee go into town and get Jayne”

‘sorry to object’ declares Wash but there are dozens of brothels, and hundreds of bars and prostitutes – making a thousand or so places where Jayne could have secreted himself – by the time we find him Mal and Inara may have been dead a week

“then it’s just us Wash get to the helm – Kaylee engine room – Doc prep the infirmary just in case – Were going to get them” Zoe is determined

In a cell on the Wing estate – Mal stirs and a bucket of water is dumped over him causing him to waken in shock – finding himself chained to a wall he blinks and spits out the water and dazedly gazes at his tormenter

With a sinister chuckle Atherton steps forward

‘I’ve been waiting an eternity for this moment Reynolds – you are scum, an amateur with a borrowed sword and you bested me while I was distracted – you humiliated me, wounded me – spoiled my dashing looks – stole the whore I bought and paid for’


Mal try’s to speak and Horsley croaks out “I’m dead an in hell aren't I?”

Atherton smiles evilly ‘not yet Reynolds but in a few hours after a torture session of course – you’ll be as close to hell as you can get without dieing – then I’ll kill you and send you to hell!’ walks away but stays in the room ‘I’m afraid I don’t have the stomach for blood but I’ll enjoy the screaming’ motions to the men standing in the shadows in the cell and leaves

The screaming starts

‘oh if only I had that sound to lull me to sleep at night’ sighs Atherton dreamily

In another part of the estate Inara wakes up to find the fake client watching over her

“promised the hired help the lowly whore if they do his dirty work?” asks Inara

‘no I’m not stupid or insane – as soon as I touch you I’ll have signed my own death warrant – I don’t mess with the Tongs or Guilds if I can help it’

“then why obey Atherton –if you know he’s insane why don’t you do the right thing”

‘Won’t work – now your to be taken to your cell – you know this estate never used to have a dungeon cell before wing had one specially built – admittedly it has one other prisoner in it at the moment but he shouldn’t bother you’

Inara stands and is escorted out of the room

“so Atherton’s letting criminals and scum have me – it’d be the same if he did the job”

‘not quite, well you’re right in a way but in another way your wrong’

They continue down the corridor going down and down to below the estate until they come to a room – several men are removing various instruments and a medic is present with Atherton

“He’ll live Mr Wing – but he is in considerable agony”

‘oh no medic I can assure you he won’t live’ replies Atherton who notices Inara and grins psychotically

‘Inara how charming allow me to introduce you to your cell mate’

He pulls her inside – in the dark cell she can’t see – he locks her against the side wall with old fashioned manacles and chains so she is half laying across the floor – he pulls her head up roughly

‘Inara Sera – Malcolm Reynolds – Malcolm Reynolds – Inara Sera’

Mal looks horrible – he’s undergone torture that while it pales in comparison to Niska’s is still severe – he’s semi-conscious only held up against the wall by the chains

Inara is chained to the wall next opposite Mal “oh Go se” she mutters in shock

(end of act 4)


Go se = Dog crap


Tuesday, March 27, 2007 11:19 PM


I had trouble writing this episode I had to get Mal captured and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to do a Mal/Inara scene – but without Inara’s escape how do I tell the rest of the crew who has Mal captive? So I wrote in Lord Harrow into this chapter,

P.S. if anyone is interested since that fancy doo in shindig never was given a name or a reason I named it deviton after a ball attened by sonya (sonics sister) in sonic underground

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 4:38 PM


Not a bad little chapter here, jeraxus. I do wish you would take advantage of a beta reader, because it does get rather hard on occasion to plough through chapters where the formatting, spelling and grammar are improperly done:(

Still...while Atherton is all kinds of campy evil baddie here, it's still an entertaining read.



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