Firefly Season 2:2 Showbiz part 4
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the Blue Sun Corporation is furious, Zeke is helpful and River and Jimmy have a chat


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“hand over the Gerrelds or else” snarls the manager

‘nope – no can do – na ha – no’ states Mal hand on his gun

“if I may Hardgrieves” asks one of the black suited men

‘but you said…’


The manager is silent

“we represent the Allied Union of Entertainment”

‘Good for you’

“you have some Employees of ours who we want returning – unless you want us to call the Feds for the theft of AUE property”

‘we don’t count people as property – never could stand slavery on principle, so go ahead call the Alliance but as they told you in the theatre they have no contracts holding them to you’

“easily forged and a bribe would go a long way towards getting the law on our side, and were not slavers – just long term employers”

‘is that so’ calls a familiar voice across the space port

Zoe looks across its Zeke with his gang

‘can’t stand stinkin’ slavers’ he spits ‘slavers got my sister and my niece – never saw ‘em again’

His gang are hefting rifles and shotguns – the AUE heavies are nervous and intimidated

‘you can go about your business Reynolds but I think me an some of the lads would like a chat with your fancy friends’

The gang starts herding the AUE group away – the manager is pale and frightened

Mal, Zoe and Jayne back into Serenity’s cargo bay – lifting up the ramp and closing the inner doors

Zoe speaks into the coms ‘Honey – take us out of the world’

Serenity lifts off from the space port and heads out to the black

In space Serenity hits hard burn leaving the planet far behind – heading for a new horizon

Serenity cargo bay – several camp beds have been laid out in 2 rows one on each side of the cargo bay, the luggage has been placed in a corner

Mal with Zoe (as Jayne has left for the galley) is with the Gerrelds

“now my name is Malcolm Reynolds I’m the captain of this boat – this here’s my first mate Zoe, you just met Jayne – you’ll meet the rest of the crew at dinner – in about half an hour so make your selves at home, urh there are a few rules though the engine room, crew quarters, Bridge and the infirmary are off limits unless we give you permission – apart from that enjoy your stay”

‘Captain Reynolds shouldn’t I introduce my family?’ asks Mr Gerreld

“Save it till dinner – saves repeating yourself – Zoe will be waiting up on the catwalk if you need anything just ask”

‘You don’t trust us’ asks one of the younger Gerrelds

“We’ve had some interesting passengers before” replies Mal

Mal and Zoe walk away and climb up the stairs

In a low voice to Mal ‘Doctor, the Fed and Sheppard?’

In a low voice back to Zoe “was thinking of Saffron, Bridget, Yolanda… whatever her name was”

Meanwhile at the storeroom cell off from the back corridor – River appears looks both ways – opens the door and enters

Jimmy looks up scowling and resigned but becomes hopeful when he sees River

‘River! I…’ thinks it over ‘can I help you or are you here to help me?’

“Not here to release you” she squats down

He sighs ‘I want my freedom – you have no right to keep me here – just knock me out and leave me on the next world we land on’

She sighs “you’d kill everyone on the planet before the end of the day but if you want to leave so bad there’s a free airlock you can use”

Considers the offer ‘I’ll pass thanks’ he states irritably and sarcastically

She slaps him – his head is knocked to the right – he looks forward again


She slaps him again – his head is knocked to the left – he looks forward again


She slaps him again and his head is knocked to the right again – he looks forward and rolls his mouth around

‘I still feel pain you know and that hurt’

She slaps him once again as above

“I” (slap) “want” (slap) “to” (slap) “talk” (slap) “to” (slap) “Jimmy” (slap)

Spits a bit of blood to the side ‘ Jimmy’ he snarls trying to control his temper

“the sane Jimmy” she continues to slap him

‘River! River please…please stop’ Jimmy starts to cry

Tilting her head “are you you or you?” she asks

‘neither’ he looks into her eyes ‘I’m me’

“if you could control yourself” River continues “you wouldn’t need restraining”

‘He is right though – we are alike – and I and He would never harm you – I cant promise for the others’

She strokes his cheek with her hand “I Promise I’ll help you”

She leaves looking back at him before closing the door

The Gerrelds have been led to the kitchen – it’s a tight fit but River is dancing in the cargo room alone, Jayne is in his bunk (as I have told you before I’m not going there)

Mal is introducing the rest of the crew

“this is Kaylee are mechanic”

‘so young’ comments one of the Gerrelds

“well I know how to fix ships I wouldn't be able to perform in front of people like you do”

‘I know how it’s been my life since before I can remember’

“urh Wash the Gerrelds, Wash is our pilot – best pilot in the ‘verse”

‘Well I…I wouldn’t say best – but then again I’m not saying best you are so continue’

“if it ain’t to do with the ship it’s best to ignore him, now the preacher of our organisation Sheppard book”

‘unusual why does a transport ship need a holy man?’ asks Mr Gerreld

“you’d be surprised” states Mal

‘I started as a passenger and worked my way up to the rank of crew member’ smiles warmly

“I think we’ll pass on that” states Mr Gerreld “and who’s this?” indicates Simon

‘that's the Doc – finest medic on the rim you’ll ever find’

“what’s his name?”

‘I don’t have one’ Simon speaks up ‘it’s safer on the rim’

Mr Gerreld is clearly annoyed

“is that all your crew captain?”

‘All but the cabin girl’ the teenage boys interested ‘Spring – she’s a bit of a moon brain but she brings us good luck’

Inara enters “oh I didn’t realise”

‘I thought you said there were no more crew!’

“I am Inara Sera Registered companion – I rent one of the shuttles from Captain Reynolds so I am not a member of his crew”

Stiffly ‘my apologies’ says Mr Gerreld

Alarms start to blare “not again” moans Wash who runs to the bridge

Zoe and Mal follow ‘we’ll be right back’

They run after wash

‘what’s the problem’ asks Mal “Wong Ba Duhn it’s a shiny brand new cruiser fresh out of its box – probably more than reasonably armed”

‘It’s got the balls to blow us to the other side of the ‘verse sir’ Zoe offers her opinion

In the Kitchen the Gerrelds are panicking

Simon asks “why do they want you so badly?”

Mr Gerreld falters ‘I do not know’

“RIVER!!” Roars Jimmy

River slams open the storeroom door

“were under attack – by what!”

River closes her eyes and recites ‘light cruiser – owned by AUE up to Alliance standards – some modifications by Blue Sun Special Operations’

“I can save us – if you trust me”

(Play ominous cliff hanger music)

(End of act 4)

*** Wong Ba Duhn = Son of a Bitch


Tuesday, February 20, 2007 4:23 AM


very difficult to make this chapter.
Did you like the analogy of Rivers alias Spring?
also the River and Jimmy moment so touching.
i appolagise for all errors and will correct them if you point 'em out.
the 5th and finaly chapter will be posted in due course.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 10:33 PM


Not to sound harsh, but it's not a simple matter of a small handful of errors that can be quickly corrected; the entire document, while great at its foundations (story idea and basic character behaviour), the formatting and setup of the chapter is still rather rough. My suggestion of asking around the Blue Sun Room for a beta reader to help things run smoother is still a good one, jeraxus:(

Still...I am intrigued at why the AUE is so gung ho to get the Gerrelds back from the BDHs. That and River's "conversation" with Jimmy was rather amusing before getting mighty sad;)



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