Firefly Season 2:2 Showbiz part 1
Thursday, January 25, 2007

:- serenity makes land fall on Paquin, but the crew lose their downtime and find some trouble


Link to Epesode 1.



Mal is in the bridge observing Wash at the controls – through the Bridge windows a planet is becoming bigger

Simon enters

“How’s are guest?” asks Mal

‘He’s healing impossibly fast’

“Impossible huh”

‘He should have died from his injuries as certain as if he had been shot between the eyes’

“Hey do you know that it is or was depending on how you look at it aerodynamically impossible for a Bumble bee to fly?”

Mal and Simon just stare at Wash

“Ahh um we’ll be hitting planet side within a few minutes – after a little chat with air traffic control”

‘I’ll be going then’

Simon leaves

“We won’t have any trouble getting permission to land?”


‘oh no, no trouble – maybe we’ll have to get Inara to put in a good word or two for us, you know just to speed things up but everything’s shiney’


Outside serenity the ship pulls into a tempory orbit and a piece of the ship falls of and starts burning through atmo

The ship shudders for a few seconds

‘No were okay – were good – Oh My God Were All Gonna DIE!’

“Um Wash are we…?” Over the coms ‘Kaylee a little extra thrust and I need to offshoot the burn out to keep[ us in orbit’

“Will do”

“Are we going to be OK Wash?” Mal is worried but as the controls respond Wash appears relieved

‘Nah were good’ eases the ship back into orbit ‘Were A OK Mal’

Smiles again

“promise me you’ll never smile again when you say that – things a jinx”

Wash frowns

Mal picks up the com from the co pilots side and speaks into it

“This is your Captain Speaking – so long as Wash and Kaylee don’t crash or blow up the ship in the next five minutes we should making landfall on Paquin – it’s…”

Looks at Wash expectedly

Sighing ‘Local time its night where were going’

“…night time on world – so we’ll land and have some restful downtime – Zoe your with Wash in your bunk”

‘Hey!’ Wash exclaims indignantly

Smirking Mal continues “yes Jayne you can hit the town – but get some sleep as well, we’ve got work tomorrow, Doctor, Kaylee, Sheppard, River – you all can…can carry on with whatever it is your doing – Kaylee sleep – leave the engine room ‘till the morning”

“and ‘Nara you are of course free to conduct you affairs as you see fit”

To Wash “call me when were down” leaves the bridge

Firefly Theme Tune

Take my love, take my land Take me where I cannot stand I don't care, I'm still free You can't take the sky from me Take me out to the black Tell them I ain't comin' back Burn the land and boil the sea You can't take the sky from me There's no place I can be Since are found Serenity But you can't take the sky from me... (Playing the firefly theme tune would be appropriate at this point) (Act 1) Morning – Serenity cargo bay – Kaylee opens the bay doors and lowers the ramp – bright early morning light spills inside, the dock is more higher class than serenity usually visits its clean – slightly dusty and worn but has a wide variety of available amenities – (mechanic’s hired by the docks, spare part store’s cleaning equipment, etc…) it’s one of the docks of a big town. Kaylee is bright, cheerful and wide awake – she has fully recovered from the misadventure last episode and is clearly anxious to explore a new world Jayne arrives and staggers onboard – it is obvious Kaylee expected him back around this time and especially in that condition – she hands him a mug and without thinking (I doubt anyone could think in the state he’s in – not even Jayne) he swigs it down in one go Extreme long shot – serenity is in the distance, two mechanics are working on the exterior of another ship when they hear a scream “AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!” They freeze with shock momentarily but then continue with their work as though nothing happened Cargo bay - Mal is waiting leaning over the catwalk balcony smiling he speaks ‘I see our Public Relations officer has returned’ “Not sure about the public bit but I think you got the relations right” laughs Kaylee who continues to smile “Ri Shao Gou Shi Bing! That weren’t alcohol” complains Jayne ‘No it weren’t’ agrees Kaylee ‘it wuz a mixture of health tonics, various fruit extracts and a shot of anti-booze’

“Anti-booze!?!” ‘Well it’s got a long winded name an it cures drunkenness – so anti-booze’ “the Doc had some chemicals which condensed hours of hangover into two intense pain filled minutes – said he couldn’t waste it so we came up with a way to dilute it slightly” Mal explains ‘Se Chr Gen Jze Se Duh Fohn Be Diang Gho Chr Ho Tze Se Dio Ai’ “Language Jayne!” warns Mal ‘Ma head hurts Mal’ whines Jayne “Well with luck it’ll only hurt for another 55 seconds or so, or at least I hope so – never know when we might need what few unscrambled wits you have left” ‘Ha-ha Ha’ growls Jayne ill temperedly “Hey what I miss?” Wash appears from the bridge wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt (sun and surf) and walks down the stairs “we making fun of Jayne for getting drunk again?” ‘No!’ states Jayne simultaneously as Mal and Kaylee state “Yes!” Zoe comes down and places her arm on Wash’s shoulder ‘what’s up?’ “Jayne’s got a hangover again” smirks Wash ‘Not exactly news’ his wife replies Book enters from the direction of the passenger dorms “Sheppard – enjoy your meditating?” asks Zoe ‘Infinitely more than I would enjoy making fun of Jayne after a nights drinking’ “Well I spose it’s an acquired taste” admits Mal Mal walks along the catwalk and reaches Inara’s shuttle Inside Inara is examining her client base when Mal barges in – she turns round ‘I’ve warned you before!’ “I’ll try to be more ‘upper crust’ next time” he bows “if there is a next time” ‘I’m not leaving yet – but I do have a client’ “For how long?” ‘An evening’ “We can manage that time I think” ‘Not expecting trouble – but keep on your toes’ “I will” ‘Or is that extra?’ “Get out” ‘Sure thing ambassador’ bows and leaves Inara sighs and turns back to the cortex screen In the cargo bay Mal asks ‘where’s the Doc and River?’ as he walks down the stairs “Attending our new recruit captain” ‘For hells sake Mal why’d you bring another moon brain on board ain’t one dangerous enough?’ “I did what I had to do Jayne now but out, unless you want to question my decision again? – didn’t think so – now Zoe you an Jayne remain here with the Doc and river” ‘Aww mal I got sober for that?’ Ignoring him Mal continues “Wash, Kaylee you’re with me” “You sure about this sir – remember what happened last time” ‘Hey it’s a legit job – no smuggling or crime involved – what could go..’ “Sir! Don’t finish that sentence – it’s a jinx” ‘Maybe you have a point about that – no sense in pushing are look’ “Hey captain – we just gotta bring Simon along” ‘But there’s a reasonable Alliance presence here and he has this annoying habit of looking like a wanted fugitive’ “But we’re going to a theatre right captain – and there ain’t no one more cultured than Simon on the ship ‘cept Inara of course” ‘Well I suppose it’s as close to his element outside the infirmary he’ll get’ Shouts “Doctor!” Simon appears almost immediately “is something wrong?” he’s worried ‘C’mon down – you’re coming with us’ “But I…” ‘It’s alright son I can look after River like on Canton’ “Just so long as he doesn’t let his hair down” Zoe smiles “private joke” she explains ‘Well enough chin-wagging – we got us a job to do, hurry up Doc, let’s go see the sights’ Mal leads Kaylee, who’s practically bouncing, Wash who’s excited and Simon who is nervous but is determined to try and enjoy himself down the ramp – but a group of thugs are waiting at the bottom There leader moves foreword he’s wearing a browncoat, an eye patch and an old hat – he’s in his late forties ‘Urh howdy friend – you an independent too?’ asks Mal with a smile The guy doesn’t smile “wars over were all just folk now” The thugs lift their weapons menacingly “Now are wants ma property back - - or else!” sounds of multiple clicking Close up of Mals face - a strianed smile (End of act1)

*** Translation *** Ri Shao Gou Shi Bing = pile of sun baked dog poo Se Chr Gen Jze Se Duh Fohn Be Diang Gho Chr Ho Tze Se Dio Ai = unpronounceable (actual 2 long swear/cuss words merged together)

Link to Chapter 2.


Thursday, January 25, 2007 2:30 AM


I tried a more sscript like method for epesode 2 with a couple of camera shot comparasons (blame my Film studies class at college) in the next chapter i will introduce a new charater i created in the serenity role playing game (but we won't see him and he won't join the crew)
orriginally simon stayed on the ship but this way i can add a bit of simon/kaylee romance into the mix

Thursday, January 25, 2007 6:20 AM


Well...I gotta say I am both liking where you're going and that you're coming along nicely with the writing of tales. Not perfect, since I noticed more than a handful of tiny boobs...but definitely had leagues less issue reading it;D

So...Serenity's past owner has turned up, eh? That's gonna make for some fun. Especially if there's something valuable or dangerous hidden somewhere aboard that the BDHs don't know about;)


Thursday, January 25, 2007 9:47 PM


good stuff, good ideas, good words and dialog.

But , Dude, ya gotta get yerself a beta reader/ typist/ secretary/ editor ta clean yer stuff up before ya post it.

It's not unreadable, but it takes so much energy to figure out what you mean that the work almost makes it not worth the trouble.


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