The Signal - Pt.3
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Wash pointed at River and said, "That was it exactly."


Wash pointed at River and said, "That was it exactly. Really shiny. Lots of really smart people. Heavy political but lots of other stuff."

"Definitely Independents," Mal said.

"Like what?" asked Kaylee. "You said it was shiny."

"I picked up several pieces that at times was nothing but games. There was a saloon. Drinks had interesting names, like something called a "Nekkid Jayne."

"Jayne," came Mal's voice over the table.

"I don't know these folk," Jayne said. "Not that I mind having anything named after me."

"Oh, and that "statue" at "Jaynestown" wasn't creepifying enough," Mal said stressing the words statue and Jaynestown that they found on Higgin's moon.

"Yeah, well. Those folks were under delusional," Jayne said.

"Doc?" Mal asked wanting a more professional opinion than Jayne's.

"As loathe as I am to agree with man-ape. He is right," Simon said. "Those people were delusional but given..."

"Didn't ask for chapter and verse just a simple yes or no," Mal said.

"Well, yes," Simon said.

"How long have you been picking this signal up?" Mal asked.

"Five or six years," Wash said kinda sadly. He loved listening to the chatter and laughing along with the people.

"Must be a colony that set up after the war," Book said. "By the sounds of it."

"A disease of some kind could have gone through the community," Simon offered. "That can have a definite affect especially if they didn't have a doctor."

"That's a possibility," said Wash. "They have talked about several deaths over the years."

"Several?" Simon asked. "For these deaths to have that much affect it must be a very small community."

"Maybe they were wiped out," Jayne said.

"I hope not," Wash said.

"Don' be so negative Jayne," Kaylee said. "Maybe they just moved on 'cos everything got used up like "Earth That Was."

"I hope that's what happened," Wash said. "Cause cao, I would hate for them to be gone."

"I'm sure that they're fine son," Book said. "Human beings are very strong."

"Yeah, shiny people always find a way," Kaylee added.

"Very shiny," River said.

"The dead air is really bothering me," Wash said.


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Looking forward to more.

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