The Signal Part 1
Friday, June 19, 2020

"Sure? You look like you lost something," Zoe said.


"What's wrong dear?" Zoe asked looking at the puzzled and confused expression on her husband's face.

"Oh, nothing dear," Wash said flipping a switch on his control panel.

"Sure? You look like you lost something," Zoe said.

"Yeah? No. I'm fine."

"Okay," Zoe said as Wash flipped another switch into the on position. She left the bridge.

"Your husband still going squirrely on my bridge?" Mal asked when he saw his second.

"It would seem so sir," Zoe said as they left the bridge area heading for the galley.

"Any idea on what he's so head up about?" Mal asked.

"No sir," Zoe said just as they got to the galley.

Jayne had heard Zoe's answer and said, " Any man that won't tell his wife what he's doing is up to something. That's what my ma always says."

"Not necessarily Jayne," Book countered as Mal and Zoe came into the galley proper.

"Maybe it's presents," Kaylee said then looked at Simon who shrugged.

"Not a present," River said quietly. "But something special."

Wash had his receiver turned all the way up. He knew that they were in the right area for the signal. He'd been listening to this signal for at least 6 years. Hearing the laughter, the heated political debates, word games that he liked to play along with even though he didn't know the rules. People chasing something they called the "Last". He didn't quite get that one but it sure sounded fun to him.

Late in the ship's night, Wash was laying in his and Zoe's bunk staring at the ceiling.

"What's bothering you so much?" Zoe finally asked.

"This signal," Wash said. "or rather the lack of this signal."


Friday, June 19, 2020 8:11 PM


Write on, Brenda.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 4:34 PM


Dips toes in,been awhile since I read a fanfic.??

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 4:34 PM


Dips toes in,been awhile since I read a fanfic.??


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The Signal - Pt.4
"What in tarnation is chasing you Wash?" asked Kaylee from the counter.
"I'm with Kaylee," Mal said. "You look like the hounds of hell were after you." He had come into the galley after Wash.
"Nothing's chasing me..." Wash started.
"What's up then?" Jayne asked from the breakfast table where he was cleaning his knives.
"The signal's back," Wash said.

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Wash pointed at River and said, "That was it exactly."

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"What signal?" Zoe asked as she began searching her memory to see if she could figure out what her husband was on about.

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"Sure? You look like you lost something," Zoe said.

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"Girl's got too much of her gorram ma in her," Mal mumbled as he stiffly got out of bed. He looked at the capture taken of Inara after Jamie was born. It always sat on the night stand facing the bed. There were captures all over the ship but this was his favourite.

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Much later that morning Inara was seated in the galley holding the baby.

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Mal's brain was finally starting to catch up with events and he asked, "Girl?"

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"Captain, please stay at the head of the table," Simon said. When Mal didn't respond River gently pushed him back to the head of the table.

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The laughter stopped when the women watched him head for the coffee pot. "Ladies," Mal said grabbing a cup, pouring some coffee then heading for a seat at the table. "No need to stop talking on my account."

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Kaylee found a little blue sweater in a store they were in. She held it up for River to look at. River cocked her head and said, "No."