The Signal - Pt 2 Repost
Sunday, June 21, 2020

"What signal?" Zoe asked as she began searching her memory to see if she could figure out what her husband was on about.


"What signal?" Zoe asked as she began searching her memory to see if she could figure out what her husband was on about. Last signal she remembered was about a week ago and it was about a job. And somehow she didn't think that was what Wash was talking about. "Wash?"

"It's nothing," he answered. "Go to sleep lamby-toes."

Zoe stared at the back of his head as he turned on to his side. She shrugged hoping the next day would bring more sense out of him.

The next morning Wash quickly kissed Zoe before he left their bunk. He was going to the infirmary to steal a pad of paper. Simon always kept paper there for his sister to draw on, so she would be occupied while he worked.

Wash sat at the breakfast table dividing his time between looking at his breakfast and the notes he had scribbled on the pad.

Mal finally asked, "What is so goram important on the bridge? Outside of piloting?"

"Nothing," Wash said drawing what looked like a settlement on his note paper.

"Seems like you're going through a whole of trouble if it's nothing son," offered Book.

Wash finally looked up and saw varying levels of curiosity in the faces around him. Except for River's. She seemed to know what was going on. Simon leaned over and looked at the pad.

"A settlement?" Simon asked looking at the drawing.

"I've been tracking this signal," Wash finally admitted,

"Tu whubba who? What signal? Why wasn't I tol' about any goram signal?" Mal asked.

"I never mentioned it because it isn't or wasn't an Alliance signal," Wash said. "Also I pick up lots of stray signals as we fly."

"Not Alliance," said Simon relieved. "Then what kind of signal was it?"

"Browncoats it seems, Independents at least. I've been following it every time we're in this direction. Now, all I'm getting is dead air."

"Do you think they were hit by Reavers?" Kaylee asked.

"Reavers?" Jayne asked and everyone thought they saw shiver run down the big man's body.

"I don't think so. When I try to pick them up I haven't heard any screaming or gnawing on bones. It's just dead air."

"What'd this place sound like?" Mal asked.

"Shiny," River said.



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The Signal - Pt.4
"What in tarnation is chasing you Wash?" asked Kaylee from the counter.
"I'm with Kaylee," Mal said. "You look like the hounds of hell were after you." He had come into the galley after Wash.
"Nothing's chasing me..." Wash started.
"What's up then?" Jayne asked from the breakfast table where he was cleaning his knives.
"The signal's back," Wash said.

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Wash pointed at River and said, "That was it exactly."

The Signal - Pt 2 Repost
"What signal?" Zoe asked as she began searching her memory to see if she could figure out what her husband was on about.

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"Sure? You look like you lost something," Zoe said.

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"Girl's got too much of her gorram ma in her," Mal mumbled as he stiffly got out of bed. He looked at the capture taken of Inara after Jamie was born. It always sat on the night stand facing the bed. There were captures all over the ship but this was his favourite.

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Much later that morning Inara was seated in the galley holding the baby.

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Mal's brain was finally starting to catch up with events and he asked, "Girl?"

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"Captain, please stay at the head of the table," Simon said. When Mal didn't respond River gently pushed him back to the head of the table.

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The laughter stopped when the women watched him head for the coffee pot. "Ladies," Mal said grabbing a cup, pouring some coffee then heading for a seat at the table. "No need to stop talking on my account."

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Kaylee found a little blue sweater in a store they were in. She held it up for River to look at. River cocked her head and said, "No."