Happy Birthday Pt. 5
Sunday, January 20, 2019

Mal's brain was finally starting to catch up with events and he asked, "Girl?"


Time was dragging then after a last look Simon said, "Alright Inara. You can push now."

Inara got a better grip on Mal's hand and started pushing. Her grunts and groans echoed around the infirmary and out.

She stopped and panted heavily then started pushing again.

Mal knew that it had been a while since Inara started pushing and Simon wasn't doing anything, so he asked, "What's going on there?"

"Everything's fine Mal. No need to worry," Simon answered as he touched Inara again low on her abdomen.

More time passed and all Mal could do was stand and hold Inara's hand wondering what was happening.

Finally Simon said, "The baby's starting to crown."

"Tu whubba who?" Mal asked Simon.

"I can see the top of the baby's head," Simon said simply.

"So, tha's good?" Mal asked.

"That's very good," Inara whispered as she got ready to push again.

"What time is it?" Jayne asked from his corner of the couch.

"Midnight," muttered Zoe from her chair.

Kaylee had gone to her bunk hours before. She knew from experience with cousins that birthing was a long process.

It was just nudging 3am planet time when Simon said, "Okay Inara. I need you to give one more push and the baby will be here."

Mal snapped to attention at hearing that then he watched Inara gather the last of her strength as Simon said, "Push."

Inara started grunting again and Mal was surprised when he heard Simon say," Captain, would you like to cut the cord?"

"Huh," was all that Mal could muster.

"Your daughter is here," Simon said holding a baby girl in his hands.

Mal let go of Inara's hand and went to Simon. He looked at the squirming baby. He nodded as Simon handed him the scissors and showed him where to cut.

Mal cut the cord then Simon handed the baby to River to clean her up.

He went back to Inara and kissed her forehead as Simon cleaned up Inara. A few minutes later River came over to them with the baby.

Mal's brain was finally starting to catch up with events and he asked, "Girl?"

"Yes, Mal. You and Inara have a beautiful baby girl," Simon said as he washed his hands.

"We gotta tell everyone," Mal said.

"Wait till morning proper," River said.

"What time is it?" Inara asked around a yawn.

"Five minutes after 3am local time," Simon answered. "I recommend that we all get some sleep."

"I'mma staying here," Mal said.

"Fine. Just try and rest and let Inara," Simon said leaving the infirmary.

"Mal, would you take the baby?" Inara asked.

"Sure," Mal said. He was very careful as he took the baby from Inara's arms.

"Thank you. I want a little sleep."

"Okay," Mal said sitting down on a stool. He unwrapped the baby a bit to count fingers at least.



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