Happy Birthday Pt. 4
Sunday, January 20, 2019

"Captain, please stay at the head of the table," Simon said. When Mal didn't respond River gently pushed him back to the head of the table.


Half an hour later or so after supper Simon found Inara at the infirmary door breathing heavily.

"Inara? Where's Mal? How long have you been in labour?" Simon asked.

Inara took a deep breath and said, "Not sure. I've been uncomfortable and feeling things all day."

Simon helped Inara into the infirmary proper and then to lay down on the exam table. He then covered her with a sheet. She was wearing a loosely tied kimono, so he didn't have to worry about restrictive clothing.

Simon got on the intercom asking Mal to come to the infirmary. He showed up just as River ran past him to help her brother.

"What's up?" Mal asked walking in and almost slipped. "What's all this wet?"

"That is Inara's water which has broken," Simon said as he got the stirrups adjusted for Inara.

Jayne said nothing as he followed Mal, making faces at the wet deck. He tried to step around it to see into the infirmary.

"Babies don't belong on a hard floor," River said giving the big man a quick look before going to clear sweat off Inara's forehead.

"Mind reader," Jayne muttered and River just ignored him.

Inara held out a hand to Mal and he came forward to hold it. He watched as she grimaced in pain.

"You sure she's okay Simon?" Mal asked worriedly as Inara squeezed his hand.

"She's fine Captain," Simon answered as he grabbed a pair of forceps to add to his equipment tray.

Mal had started to drift towards the end of the exam table.

"Captain, please stay at the head of the table," Simon said. When Mal didn't respond River gently pushed him back to the head of the table.

Mal said nothing as Inara's grip on his hand got tighter again.

Simon looked under the sheet as Inara asked, "Can I push?"

"Not yet. I'll tell you," Simon said as he palpitated her abdomen to see where the baby's head was.

Zoe and Kaylee drifted to the infirmary when they noticed how quiet the ship had got. Seeing the commotion they went to the lounge.

Why is taking so long?" asked Jayne.

"Cause it is," answered Mal. "Go set with Kaylee and Zoe."

Jayne left the infirmary and sat on the other end of the couch.



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The Signal - Pt.4
"What in tarnation is chasing you Wash?" asked Kaylee from the counter.
"I'm with Kaylee," Mal said. "You look like the hounds of hell were after you." He had come into the galley after Wash.
"Nothing's chasing me..." Wash started.
"What's up then?" Jayne asked from the breakfast table where he was cleaning his knives.
"The signal's back," Wash said.

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Wash pointed at River and said, "That was it exactly."

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"What signal?" Zoe asked as she began searching her memory to see if she could figure out what her husband was on about.

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"Sure? You look like you lost something," Zoe said.

The End
"Girl's got too much of her gorram ma in her," Mal mumbled as he stiffly got out of bed. He looked at the capture taken of Inara after Jamie was born. It always sat on the night stand facing the bed. There were captures all over the ship but this was his favourite.

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Much later that morning Inara was seated in the galley holding the baby.

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Mal's brain was finally starting to catch up with events and he asked, "Girl?"

Happy Birthday Pt. 4
"Captain, please stay at the head of the table," Simon said. When Mal didn't respond River gently pushed him back to the head of the table.

Happy Birthday Pt.3
The laughter stopped when the women watched him head for the coffee pot. "Ladies," Mal said grabbing a cup, pouring some coffee then heading for a seat at the table. "No need to stop talking on my account."

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Kaylee found a little blue sweater in a store they were in. She held it up for River to look at. River cocked her head and said, "No."