Happy Birthday Pt.2
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Kaylee found a little blue sweater in a store they were in. She held it up for River to look at. River cocked her head and said, "No."


Mal stepped off of Serenity's ramp intent on stretching his legs by walking around her. He started by heading for her nose and even petted her like he had seen Kaylee do so many times.

Inside Serenity Inara had gotten to the galley. She wanted a cup of tea and found Zoe sitting at the table.

"You okay Inara?" Zoe asked watching Inara move slowly around the galley.

"I'm fine Zoe. Just tired and ready for the baby to arrive," Inara answered gripping the edge of the counter as the water boiled.

"Captain's more than ready," Zoe said smiling.

"I know," Inara agreed, pouring the boiled water into her cup.

"Do you want a hand?" Zoe asked wondering if Inara could make it to the table under her own steam. She seemed a little shaky to the other woman.

"Yes, thank you," Inara said.

Zoe got up and went to the counter, picked up Inara's tea cup and took her left elbow. Inara put her right hand on her lower back then they slowly walked to the galley table.

Zoe put the cup down on the table then helped Inara sit on a chair.

"Shay-shay," Inara said breathing slightly heavier than usual.

"You notice the odd truce Simon and Jayne seem to have come too?" Zoe asked wanting to get Inara's mind off of things.

"Yes, I have," Inara admitted.

"Guess it was bound to happen the longer they stay on board," Zoe said.

Both women went quiet for a bit sipping at their drinks before saying, "I wonder if anything will come of it?" together.

They both laughed as they realized they'd said it at the same time.

Inara stopped and grimaced. Zoe asked, "Are you alright? Do you need me to get the Captain?"

"No, Zoe. Simon said it's natural for the baby to get more active before birth. I just wasn't expecting kung fu."

"Okay," Zoe said. She realized that she hadn't spoken to Simon about what to do exactly if he wasn't on board if Inara went into labour.

In the saloon Simon was watching the door and spinning his beer glass.

"Do you think Inara knows somethings up?" Jayne asked.

"Of course Inara knows something is going to happen," Simon said.

"Simon that ain't what I meant," Jayne said.

Simon looked at him and asked, "Shenme?"

"You ain't listening," Jayne said.

"What were you asking?"

Jayne sighed and asked, "Do you think Inara knows that there's something different about us? "

Simon frowned for a moment then said, Oh, I don't know. River might know."

Jayne snorted as if that wasn't a given.

"She knows enough not to pry," Simon said defending his sister.

Mal finished his walk around Serenity and went back on board.

Kaylee found a little blue sweater in a store they were in. She held it up for River to look at.

River cocked her head and said, "No."

"Why not? It's cute," Kaylee said looking at the Chinese designs knitted into the wool.

"Baby's not a boy," River said.

"Does Simon know that for sure or he guessing?" Kaylee asked still thinking about the sweater.

"Simon doesn't know for sure. Doesn't have the right equipment to tell."

"You know from reading?" Kaylee asked in a whisper.

"No. Guessing," River admitted. She had picked up Mal thinking about the baby and Inara. Both wanted it to be healthy but sex wasn't that important to either of them. Which surprised River.

Trusting River's guess Kaylee put the sweater down and moved over to another table.



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Happy Birthday Pt.2
Kaylee found a little blue sweater in a store they were in. She held it up for River to look at. River cocked her head and said, "No."