Happy Birthday Pt.1
Saturday, January 19, 2019

"You mean girly things," Jayne added. "What if the baby's a boy?"


Zoe stood on the ramp watching as the mule sped away from Serenity.

"Not going into town Zoe?" Mal asked as he walked up behind the woman.

"I could ask the same of you, Sir," Zoe said turning to look at Mal.

"Well....I'm a mite twitchy as 'nara gets near her time," Mal actually admitted. Next to Inara and River learning not to read everyone, and his mei mei, Zoe was the only other woman who could get under his skin.

Zoe nodded and Mal just shook his head wondering how all these women could read him so easy.

In town the mule stopped in front of a store and everyone got off.

"What's the plan?" River asked as she locked up the mule. She had been driving. River knew even if she had promised her brother that she wasn't reading everyone.

"I need the closest there is to a doctor," Simon said watching the snowfall. He pulled his heavy coat tighter around him. He wanted to be prepared as much as possible for when Inara delivered.

"The doctor and his small dispensary is a couple of blocks east of us," River said to her brother.

"Okay," Simon said. He had viewed the town's layout before they left Serenity.

"River and I are going to see if we can get anymore baby things," Kaylee answered.

"You mean girly things," Jayne added. "What if the baby's a boy?"

"Think I got enough coin for both," Kaylee said.

"We'll pool," River added though she shared a look with her brother. No one else wanted to admit it but they both knew that this would be the only child Inara would have.

The two girls headed off leaving Jayne and Simon on the board sidewalk.

"Where to first?" Jayne asked. "Beer or the doc?"

Simon would have preferred to go to the doctor's first be he decided that a beer wouldn't hurt.

"We can go for a beer," Simon said then they started walking.

The saloon was only a few steps from where the mule was parked.



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The Signal - Pt.4
"What in tarnation is chasing you Wash?" asked Kaylee from the counter.
"I'm with Kaylee," Mal said. "You look like the hounds of hell were after you." He had come into the galley after Wash.
"Nothing's chasing me..." Wash started.
"What's up then?" Jayne asked from the breakfast table where he was cleaning his knives.
"The signal's back," Wash said.

The Signal - Pt.3
Wash pointed at River and said, "That was it exactly."

The Signal - Pt 2 Repost
"What signal?" Zoe asked as she began searching her memory to see if she could figure out what her husband was on about.

The Signal Part 1
"Sure? You look like you lost something," Zoe said.

The End
"Girl's got too much of her gorram ma in her," Mal mumbled as he stiffly got out of bed. He looked at the capture taken of Inara after Jamie was born. It always sat on the night stand facing the bed. There were captures all over the ship but this was his favourite.

Happy Birthday pt.6
Much later that morning Inara was seated in the galley holding the baby.

Happy Birthday Pt. 5
Mal's brain was finally starting to catch up with events and he asked, "Girl?"

Happy Birthday Pt. 4
"Captain, please stay at the head of the table," Simon said. When Mal didn't respond River gently pushed him back to the head of the table.

Happy Birthday Pt.3
The laughter stopped when the women watched him head for the coffee pot. "Ladies," Mal said grabbing a cup, pouring some coffee then heading for a seat at the table. "No need to stop talking on my account."

Happy Birthday Pt.2
Kaylee found a little blue sweater in a store they were in. She held it up for River to look at. River cocked her head and said, "No."