Firefly AU Chapter 6 Repost
Friday, December 14, 2018

Mr. Chow said, "The first band to leave is Phoenix Rising."


Inara, River and Kaylee were heading back to their hotel when they walked past a restaurant. Kaylee looked in and saw the others sitting at a table. She tapped on the window and Book looked up and waved.

Kaylee grabbed Inara's arm and they went into the restaurant, heading for Mal's table.

Eyeing the boxes when he saw the ladies, he said, "Looks like you all were successful."

"We were," Inara said putting her boxes on a chair that she had pulled up to the table. "It'll take time to get her a complete wardrobe."

Kaylee picked up a pair of chopsticks and helped herself to some of the chow mein.

They finished eating in silence and after walked around the town for a bit. Mal thought a good stretch of the legs might loosen them up.

Set up time at the venue was for six and they had to be there ready to go.

The first band they saw listed on the sign was from a Core world and they were called, "Phoenix Rising." One of the few Core bands that played the Rim.

Book saw one of the organizers and asked, "Are we playing tonight?"

"No," answered Mr. Chow. "But that could change."

"Why not?" Mal asked.

"The other bands will be arriving over the next couple of days," said Mr. Chow.

"We think staggering is easier," contributed Mr. Langham. "Please settle in and watch."

Mal shrugged then looked for a chair for himself. The rest of his group did the same.

Mr. Chow went out on stage to applause and when it died down he said, "Welcome to the annual Greenleaf music festival. We've got some great bands this year and we're sure you'll enjoy all the music. Our first band comes all the way from the Core. And they are Phoenix Rising!"

Mr. Chow moved off the stage as the audience clapped again for the band coming out. Their first song would be "Cover."

Mal listened and wasn't really impressed with song or the playing.

When they were finished there was a smattering of applause. Mr. Chow came back out and thanked them. Once they were off stage Mr. Chow introduced the second band called Greenleaf.

They were a local band and were greeted with much enthusiasm. Their first song was called, "Dragonsnap."

Mal had to admit that he liked this song better than Phoenix Rising's. His feet were tapping.

The song ended and the audience clapped loudly for them, so the band took a bow.

Phoenix Rising came back out for their second song titled, "Seven."

Once again the audience was unimpressed with them. But they took a bow when they were done, not to be outshone by the locals.

Greenleaf came back out for their second song called, "Hanging Out."

The audience was starting to move in their seats with this song because it was as good as the first.

Mr. Chow came back out on stage with his microphone and said, "Okay ladies and gentlemen this is a battle of the bands. One band will be sent home each night."

Mal sat up a little straighter on hearing that. Badger hadn't told him that.

Mr. Chow said, "The first band leaving is Phoenix Rising."

Phoenix Rising came back on stage and took a final bow. Then they started collecting their gear.

"Interesting," said Book from his spot beside Mal.

"Yeah," Jayne added. "Wonder if them who leaves gets any coin?"

"Don't know," Mal said. "Looks like the evening is over."



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