Firefly Season 2: character profile
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a profile on the charators in my fan fic series - the Serenity Role Playing game was a big help in making this


Name: Jimmy

Attributes: Agility – inhuman : Strength – inhuman : Vitality – full of youth and vigour : Alertness – highly observant : Intelligence – computer like brain, devised by the Alliance – memories deleted and replaced by Alliance Intel and training : Willpower – strong : Initiative – good but has lack of knowledge other than military

Traits – Assets: Athlete, fightin’ type, healthy as a horse, Heavy Tolerance – Booze and drugs have no effect on Jimmy, Lightning reflexes, Mean left hook – capable of killing a man with his bare hands, nose for trouble – can sense danger, sharp senses – jimmy’s sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch have been enhieghtend to superhuman level, steady calm, total recall – infallible photographic memory, tough as nails – can take a beating and still spit in a guys eye, trustworthy gut – jimmy trusts and often acts on his animal like instincts,

Traits – complications: Chip on the shoulder – the insane part of jimmy’s mind is arrogant and overconfident, Credo – Jimmy loves River who would look down on him and never love him back if he were to kill the crew or any friends of the crew, innocent people and nice people so he only kills evil people and people who try to kill him and the crew, Hooked – jimmy is hooked on River and will do anything to make her like him (he would obey Rivers commands without question), Leaky brainpan – There are 2 distinct different personalities in Jimmy’s mind – the insane persona likes to kill but is not sadistic, prefers a challenge to an easy kill and hates the alliance for the torture involved in creating Jimmy (the ultimate killing machine) while the sane persona is the last remains of the boys original personality – loves river as does the insane part of Jimmy’s psyche, Loyal – when you have ern’t Jimmy’s loyalties he will do anything in his power to help you, scrawny – despite been scrawny Jimmy is actually tough and strong, Religion – one of the few aspects of his past (apart from his speech defect) is that he feels that he was a part of a cult who worshipped the Ancient Egyptian Sun God Ra – also Jimmy can speak fluent ancient Egyptian,

Skills: Athletics – climbing, dodge, jumping, running, swimming, weight lifting, : Covert – Camouflage, disable devices, forgery, infiltration, opening locks, sabotage, stealth, streetwise, surveillance, : Discipline – (the torture the Alliance inflicted prepared Jimmy for this) Concentration, interrogation resistance, mental resistance, : Guns – Assault rifles, energy weapons, grenade launcher, machine guns, pistles, Rifles, shotguns, : Heavy weapons – artillery, demolitions, mounted guns, rocket launchers, ships Cannons, siege weapons, : Influence – the Egyptian cults – Cult of Apthos, Cult of Osiris, Cult of Anubis, Cult of Sutek (Jimmy is the last surviving member of the Cult of Ra) : Knowledge – Military tactics, technology, : Linguist – Ancient Egyptian : Medical expertise – Toxicology, basic surgery, : Melee weapons combat – Clubs, knifes, nun Chaka, pole arms, swords, whips, : Perception – Hearing, sight, smell, tasting, touching, tactics, tracking, : Pilot – aerial navigation, astronavigation, space survival, (guships, large cruisers, mid- bulk transporters, patrol vessels, rocket shuttles, short range shuttles : Planetary vehicles – hovercraft, military combat vehicles, : Ranged weapons – Grenade, throwing knifes, : Survival – aerial, aquatic, land, natural, space, tracking, trapping’ : Unarmed combat – boxing, brawling, judo, karate, wrestling, Description: young – age 15, reasonably handsome (attractive by Rivers standards) Devoted to River, Wears simple clothes Doesn’t favour a particular weapon


Wednesday, January 24, 2007 12:20 PM


Mighty interesting stuf here;)


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