Time takes time part five: The simple life
Tuesday, May 2, 2006

This is about the crew returning to a more suttle life style.


The crew aboard Serenity did not know of a thing in the verse that could upset them now. They all felt oddly like their fine mechanic, Kaylee. The job that they had so willing performed made them a little less poor and gave them a shiny time on Serenity for the next few weeks. Mal and River still spent a lot of their time on the bridge. The two of them became more inseparable as their time on Serenity progressed. The two would sometimes even skip dinner with the rest of the crew and eat when the time was late and their stomachs desperately needed the weight. They would ramble on about what happened to the crew that day or about what happened a year ago. They would even share with each other stories of hardship and loss. Sometimes Rivers were a bit funny actually. Especially if they were about her brother not giving her money to buy him a birthday present or about how Simon got a girl friend in grade school and supposedly made no effort to have fun with her. Simon now would have much rather been with Kaylee more than anyone else in the world. She meant so dear to him now. He also still loves his sister but with the time she has been spending with the captain it seems that she doesn’t mind his absents. Most of his time now hasn’t been spent with the treating of bullet holes or stab wounds or anything if the sort. He usually just spends time talking or playing with Kaylee. Kaylee spends time with Simon in the engine room since Mal and River need her to help them fly. So that’s where they do all their talking and playing. Sometimes they’ll even sleep down there. The only other place they go on board Serenity is the kitchen. They have to eat of course. Aside from al other places they sleep in their bunk. The sign on the front of Kaylee’s room now says Kaylee and Simon’s room in pretty little letters. Jayne is always still trying to tidy up. He even started reading that bible that Book gave him. Mal gets worried sometimes that he’ll actually leave Serenity and become a shepherd his own self. Jayne would sometimes go on about how he was really taking liking to all the religious stuff that the preacher kept talking about.

The crew aboard Serenity was once again living a more simple life. There were no great threat do worry over and there were no jobs that needed prep for. They were all again just one family as Kaylee referred to it as.


Tuesday, May 2, 2006 5:22 AM


i wraped it up so i could start a new story.


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Time takes time part five: The simple life
This is about the crew returning to a more suttle life style.

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