Time Takes Time Part Two: Prep
Sunday, April 9, 2006

The crew is preparing themselves for the job at hand. I accidently put wash in there but he is gone now so no worries


Jayne wasn’t the one to be getting nervous before a job but oddly enough he was a little scared this time. He found himself pacing the narrow walkways of Serenity. The job is not going to get me killed. I’ve been through a right plenty of them in my time and I want let no rebels from the goram alliance kill not after the fight on Mr. Universe’s moon. No ruttin way. Jayne was thinking all sorts of fast and he had no idea why. The real reason was that no one on this boat has had a job so daring in a good long while so they weren’t used to the anticipation anymore. Jayne was prepping all his guns in order from the ones that had the most boom to the ones with the least. Strapped to his chest were twelve grenades. The crew was set to land in almost two hours and he meant to be prepared. Jayne Cobb wasn’t gonna let no alliance folk stop him from living just a little while longer or forever maybe. After packing all his equipment he went down to the dining area where He found a meal all spread out over the table and he was a bit hungry so he claimed it as his own. Kaylee was in the engine room taking out any fabrics or paper out of the room so they wouldn’t catch fire and kill them all when the engine gets to hot or hotter than she would prefer. She was also making adjustments to the thrusters so they would be easily operated from the bridge. That would be necessary for a powerful quick getaway. After doing away with the engine room she went to River and Mal up on the bridge and told them of the changes so they wouldn’t accidentally kill the crew from there she went to her bunk and listened to the music that she recorded from the Shindig that was attended in much more adventurous days on Serenity. She out of all the crew wasn’t nervous a bit. Mal was on the bridge with River helping her navigate the landing dock that Badger said would suit best because it was near a black rock part of Persephone. The alliance wouldn’t dare go there no matter how brave they thought they were. The flying was going smoothly on River part because well, she was good at flying. Down further in the boat was the shuttle that Inara was renting from Mal. Inara really had no key role in this. She was still a companion so she was looking for customers that needed tending to. They were a might harder to find now that her name was on the billboards all across the central planets for the revelation of the creation of the Reavers along with the captain, Kaylee, the doc, Jayne, River, and Zoë. Customers didn’t want a companion with so much knowledge of the world outside of the central planets mainly because it was more than their own. Simon was down in the Infirmary preparing it for the potential wounds that might be received on this most dangerous job. Many thoughts were going through his mind like how someone might get a wound to great for him to handle. Everyone on this boat knew that if Simon couldn’t fix a wound than only about three other people in the verse could. The crew each had their own way of prepping for the job, all of them were getting the right mindset that was needed to pull this off. None of them knows how big this job will be, but no one ever does. “Hey my diner is gone.” Said a confused Mal. Yep no one ever knows.


Sunday, April 9, 2006 6:51 AM


Hey wait a second, is Wash back from the dead or am I missing something, I thought this was after BDM?

Sunday, April 9, 2006 3:06 PM


Interesting so far....a bit wobbly from flow issues, but still a good shot at Firefly fic;)



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