Time Takes Time Part three: Doing
Sunday, April 9, 2006

The crew do the job that was given to them by Badger. If you read it this mornig read it again because i didnt put the whole thing up this mornig and it read pretty weak.


Serenity landed on Persephone in a minor two hours after the crew had finished doing what ever they needed to do before they landed for the job. Mal, Jayne, and Zoe Wrer the first ones to set foot on the rock. They were going to make contact with Badger and find out what the details to this job was. "Badger will most likely be in that crap heep of a safe gaurd he's always cowarding away on." said Jayne. Jayne imense hatred for Badger didn't ease just because the gent was giving them a job."he is asking us to fight a minurature goram war after we take from the alliance. Doesn't he got his on goram men to fight." "Yeah." said Mal."But they don't need coin to pay for repairs, food, and fuel for a ship that is our goram flying home, so don't start a fuss. We need this coin 'cause we can't stay on Haven forever. We're the ones that bring them their supplies. "Why do got to be the ones that do everything for them. don't they got hands and feet."said a little angry Jayne. "They weren't the ones that got their hole goram planet blown to little iddybitty bits. We did it. So shut your mouth or get back on the ship."siad Mal in a voice that would of set the orbit of a whole galaxy. He felt a certain obligation towards the people of Haven. They went towards the familiar fallout shelter where Badger shunned the goods that they brought him on a job a while back. "Malcom Reynolds" said an almost too familair voice. "Badger. I hear you got some details on a job that we got from you." "Indeed, you heard right. I need you and your crew to go down to Eaves Down and stop the alliance rebels from transporting our goods. They won't be as heavily armed as your used to seeing them since they no longer have any funding due to you showing what the alliance created. After taking care of the docks take the cargo back to your mighty fine ship and make the drop off here. This is where the alliance will most likely come and try to take them back. That is if they follow good and well. There are only about twenty or so guards on Persephone so it shouldn't be all to hard, see." "Right, so when do we get started." asked Jayne. "The alliance will be at the docks at around noon so in about two hours." "Good.Well head back to Serenity." Moments later the three were thinking of good ways to do this job with the least ammount of hurt as possible. "Do you need me on the job captain?"asked Kaylee. "I don't think so. You can stay back on board Serenity with the good doctor." The preparations we've made should pull us throgh the job just fine. All we need is to stay alive so we can collect the payment. After an hour or so Jayne, Mal, and Zoe headed down for Eaves Down to intercept the alliance. They found them walking towards a dinking old ship that was a t-38 model ship. There were only about six gaurds that would be easy to dispose of since Jayne lent sniper rifles to Mal and Zoe. He himself carried a old alliance style of rifle. It of course had the best accuracy. they all took aim each one picking to guys they called their shots and fireed each one had a direct hit to the chest or head. The men fell to the floor instantly killed. Mal and Jayne headed down to get the cargo and Zoe waited on the hill side where they took aim at the men. When mal and Zoe came back they were carrying two mighty big crates.The walk back to Serenity took a might longer since they had to carry those crates but they made it all in good time. They River the signal to take off and they headed for thefallout shelter. Jayne, Mal, and Zoe took up heavy arms with machine gus in place of sniper rifles for the upcoming standoff with the rebels. In a matter of minutes they were at the drop off location and ready for a fight. They met Badger and handed off the goods. Badger also sent men to fight. A solid two minutes passed by before the rebels started coming. They dispatched the first five with no problem Since the alliance had no idea where they were taking cover. The second wave brought a party of two to the brawl one of the rebels managed to wound and kill the two men that Badger sent. The one that was wouned was bleeding to much to live and soon passed out after a few moments. The last group proved to the lest skilled out of all they didn't even get a shot off before there bodys hit the ground. "Zoe Check the horizon."yelled Mal from where he was taking cover."Jayne feel free to scavenge for any weapons that you might take a liking to." Zoe made sure no one else was coming and gave Jayne the ok to come out in the clear. Mal went in the fallout shelter to collect his payment."The job's done Badger Now where's our coin. "So you're still alive I see."said Badger."Well hear it is.Badger taossed over a bag with fifty platnium. "That will be all for us today." said Mal as he turned and left. He met the others outside."Thats was a good amount of killing for one day. I thinks about time for us to head off this rock." The three got on board Serenity and Took off into the deep black of space.


Sunday, April 9, 2006 3:50 PM


Not a bad piece, but still in need of some beta checking to smooth out the few bump ya got here.



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