time takes time Prelude
Wednesday, April 5, 2006

IT is just about life on sereinity with an almost normal river and a follow up to the movie so there is no Wash. I fixed and extended it so there is a little bit more to read


1 "So how's she flying." asked Mal. "Her thrusters are intact and the engines are turning but there's one problem." I hope it's not those damn couplings.thought Mal. " what seems to be our matter of distress." "My feet get to cold when they hit the floor panels."answered River in a voice over come by sorrow. Mal laughed to himself then said."I thought we were having ourselves some good flyting but i guess cold feet spoiled that notion. He went to the locker that sat beside the bridge doorway and fetches a blanket then placed on the floor in front of the copilots seat that River had taken a liking to." that should take care of this little matter your graceful feet have encountered."He smiled to himself ruefuly thinking about how Simon's little youngster always found away to make a little chink a great big deal. Mal had grown to liking the little girl that was once a little fugitive, even before she started coming around Mal started liking her. "So how much longer till we reach Haven." "About to days. Forty-eight hours seven minutes and sixteen seconds to be exact." Replied River with a voice that sounded like every man, woman, and child in the 'verse should now when exactly every destination was reached no matter where they were headed. "HUH"was the only thing that truged its way into Mals mind. After collecting himself from Rivers calculation he said." Well the rest of the crew should be having a mighty fine breakfast up in the kitchen so why don't we go along and join them. " Sure, Maybe I can help prepare since Jayne made Kaylee make it again. Kaylee's nice and all but her eggs aren't to my fancy." " Sounds like a plan." Mal seems to have gotten used to the fact that River new everything that went on even without being in the same room or even on the same planet. 2 A might later River and Mal joined the rest of the crew inside the dining area. Kaylee seemed powerfully grateful when River offerd her assistance. River didn't tell her why she was helping. The reason was kept between only Mal and her along with many other secrets,like how she thinks her brother gets all funny when he's around Kaylee always taken care of her and stuff. Jayne was sitting at the table cleaning off his big array of weaponry. He always cleaned his stuff now, he says it's because he was never tidy around Book and he treats it like a tribute to him. Simon was also sitting at the table. Amazingly enough he was helping Jayne. Surpised the boys not offering his proper like services to the mechanic,his beloved Kaylee. Right beside them sat Inara and Zoe. Zoe was a wee bit off her axle since Wash died but everyone is helping her pull through. Inara is the one tht has been with her the most. Some of the years of her training as a companion lead to her learning about stress releif. She put her through a moderate councling stem. It seems to be helping quite a bit. Mal took his seat next to Inara just as Kaylee and River with breakfast. River had a powerful gig smile running across her face. Mal looked down and noticed the eggs were a sight more yellow than he was used to seeing them. kaylee also seemed please by the eextra help that River so graciously lent her this so very fine morning. "Well hope y'all like it." said Kaylee in a sleepy yet cheerful voice. "I bet it'll taste just shiny" said Mal. "Jayne formed a very sneer look on his face."Alls except for them eggs being under cooked." "you don't need to worry about them this morning 'cause I had a little help in the kitchen."She smiled as she nodded toward River who smiled sheepishly. jayne whispered to Mal"I bet they'll be mutch better now that crazy girls making 'em." "They look mighty fine to me.replied Mal. then he took a bite and said. "They don't to bad either. She is getting a might more useful on this boat nowadays." "Her mind is showing a great deal of inprovement and her senses have dropped down to a more humain level. The medication that the alliance supplied after the incedent with the operative scared them half to death."Simon was mighty proud of himself after saying al this."Her conversations are getting alot more detailed. She has passed Jaynes mighty skills at words quite a long time ago." Jayne gave simon a foul look but it didn't seem like he ment alot of harm. Jayne had grown to liking the doctor a bit more than he used to,most likely because he was getting more action than any buddy else on this goram boat. He felt a little bit jelous if Simon. Simon and Kaylee were truly very much in love and they sure did show it. They dont have a quite suttle relationship like Wash and Zoe had, they were far from it they were always talking or doing somesuch with eatch other. Sometimes Kaylee would take him down and show how to do some tasks down on the engine room. He could do quite a bit repair to the ship in the engine room and on the bridge where Mal and River spent most of their time. Kaylee on the other hand took no part in helping fix the crew after a job went south. She's tried a few times but she just don't got the stomach foe it. The doc didn't seem to mind much though. Mal and Inara seemed to come closer and closer to each other but they both didn't get overly affectionate with each other. Mal seemed to spend more time with River than with anyone else. He tought River what he could about flying but she soon surpassed him in that particular part of expertice. they both got along well mal treated like she was his very own daughter. Simon easied up and let her go on more of the jobs seeing as how she was getting better and taking a liking for the captain. They both stayed up on the bridge late at night watching the stars go buy. Inara joined them accasionaly liking the fact that Mal was learning a bit about his star syestem. Mal sometimes found himself thinking about how right simeon was when said river knew alot. She didn't just know alot she knew everything. It would seem she knew everything anyway by the way she talks about all the planets and the starsystem. Most everything came naturaly to her. Nothing in the 'verse could stop her from learning anything she wanted to. River could just look at someone brand new to her and shewould know everything about them. Four hors later just as River predicted they landed on Haven. There main purpose in being here was to bring supplies that would be enough for the families that remined to build a new civilized colony. They made it short they allowed themselves to stay only one night. They had a few drinks with the natives and miners.(well Jayne had a little more than a few.)Kaylee was going around talking to the people that lived on haven. Everyone was keen towards Kaylee and all the kids loved her. She always got along well with the people she was just meeting. Thats what made her such a swell barker for Serenity. Kaylee seemed to have a never ending glow of happiness about her, especialy around the Doc. The times spent on Sereinty for her truly was serenity truly were as for the rest of the crew. Nowadays Serenity was used by its crew as a transport ship for supplies to the worlds that were damaged by the greed of the alliance. The crew somtimes even usd her for carrying civilians back and forth to other worlds. They could all now take honest jobs now that the world neew the truth about the alliances dealings and what they did to Miranda.Life was much more simple. Time has proven faithfull once again.


Wednesday, April 5, 2006 11:11 AM


Good start, but way to short. I'm looking forward to more.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 12:09 PM


cute, I liked it, but I'd clean up the spelling a bit, it's slightly distracting. Other then that...ADORABLE

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 12:13 PM


its not done

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 5:02 PM


Not bad, kayleesthegreatest...though a bit of beta reading would make it shiny;)


Thursday, April 6, 2006 6:05 AM


i dont think so

Thursday, April 6, 2006 10:51 AM


this is just a start to a series. I thinks its cool that this website allows the fans to be creative and that you guys are real supportive. shiny!!!


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time takes time Prelude
IT is just about life on sereinity with an almost normal river and a follow up to the movie so there is no Wash. I fixed and extended it so there is a little bit more to read