Time takes time part four: Another day lies ahead
Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Simon's life on Serenity is played out in this part.


“River.” called out Simon. “How’s flying with the captain been going?”

“Great. Mal lets me fly solo every now and then or he just watches from the copilots seat. I like that one better. The view is amazing. The stars seem to glisten upon us as we fly through the empty black every night. I like to hear what he has to say even though I already know. He gives words life. They are always meaningful. He has many adventurous and tragic stories. He carries much pain but also much happiness.” River has grown to liking Mal even more since the weeks after the job that Badger gave them. River enjoys what he has to say and what he thinks he wants to say but never does. River thinks highly of him. She treats as if he were her father and best friend. He’s the only one that carries meaningful conversations about the world and life in general. She liked the fact that he hid nothing from her. His was a most fascinating individual.

“ You to seem to get along so well.”

“Like you and Kaylee except we don’t suck on each others faces like you two. Simon you gross me out sometimes.”

“When you find love you’ll understand its power.”

“Love has no power it is what we think of it that gives it heavy attachment to our hearts and your mind. That’s all you think about. You life was only interesting when you rescued me from the academy.”

“There’s always tomorrow. Life brings something interesting everyday to those that haven’t already seen the next day the night before it happens.”

“I’m glad you fixed me Simon because now I’m smart again. That makes telling you off a whole lot easier.”

“I am too but not for the reasons you have so likely chosen. I like having my sister to talk to. You don’t have that rugged edge of crime or war to you. You’re just a girl with a hard life.”

“You’re just a medic that treats battle wounds on a ship that never seems to let go of the possibility of getting blown into bits.”

“At least we don’t have to worry about the alliance doing that anymore.”

“But that’s when your life was full of excitement.”

“To much of it I suppose. You need to get to bed all I came in hear was to give you your shot.” With that Simon pulled out a very small needle filled with a blue liquid and stuck it through Rivers delicate skin. “Rest is all you need now.” Rivers eyes drew nothing but black after three seconds time. After River fell asleep Simon went down to the dining area for some diner and was surprised when he found Kaylee sitting down at the table having her own.

“I thought you had already gone to sleep.”

“No, not quite yet. I thought I’d come down here and make sure you got something to eat before you came to bed. You haven’t had a thing all day.”

“I decided to eat lunch on the bridge with River and the captain. Isn’t it amazing how well the two get along? I was a might surprised by her liking of Mal. He doesn’t seem to be the type of person she would be drawn toward.”

“She says she finds him interesting.”

“Yeah, She says he’s got an open mind.”

Kaylee had laid out a nice assortment of food on a plate for Simon and he began to eat.

“I think everyone one on this boat has a liking towards the captain because well, He’s captain.”

Kaylee and Simon talked until they finished eating and then trailed off to bed. The days on Serenity were finally getting back to the good old days when things were dangerous and life was hard but always pleasant.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006 1:15 PM


like the fact that your writing from Simon's point of view, but your dialoge is abit chunky.

Try reading it out aloud to yourself and compare it to the episodes.

In no way am I suggesting that my own attempts are any better, but I try.

Hope to read more.


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