Time takes time part one: The Job
Friday, April 7, 2006

Mal and the crew dicuss a job


After the crew got back on board of Serenity again they set out for a planet named Persephone to meet a job dealer known as Badger. Not a person on Mal’s boat liked this particular gentleman but he was the only one offering a job that would bring some coin. At about midday or what would be midday by the reckoning of the people on the east side of Haven Mal gathered his crew into the dining area. “We got ourselves a job.” Said Mal in a cheerful tone. He indeed should have been cheerful knowing that serenity hasn’t had a job in a very long time. “The supplier is a gent that you all might remember from a ways back. He goes by the name of Badger.” The crew started to groan and complain but Mal had expected this. The only thing that surprised him was that Zoë also showed her disapproval. She wasn’t the person to be complaining to Mal about his choices. “Well at least we got or selves some thieving to do instead of just sitting around on the ship for another goram month.” Jayne was the one here that most wanted to put a bullet in Badgers throat. He almost did once on this very same planet when Mal, Kaylee, and Inara were attending a mighty fine shindig. “Yeah” Kaylee chimed in, “We haven’t done nothing a bit over the edge since Inara left for the companion training she was doing at the training house a few months back. “I haven’t fixed a decent enough wound in a good long while either. I could use the practice. You’re bound to pick one up. Simon said this last part jokingly. “Just want to do me some killing is all.” That of course was Jayne. “What’s this job about?” “Badger says some alliance rebels are taking what aint theirs. He wants us to take back the weapons and goods that they’ve taken across Persephone and make our stand to show the alliance aint got all the power in the verse.” Mal began to sound a little like a sergeant of war rather than a thief. “Like a protest?” asked Kaylee all confused. “Exactly” said Zoë. Kaylee usually never came when violence was ensuing. She just came when they were buying things for Serenity or themselves. Nowadays she just stays on board with Simon and River. She felt she needed to be with the Doc twenty-four seven or she would die of loss. “How’s this going to work out sir?” asked Zoë in her monotone voice. “ Badger said he would fill us in when we landed on his rock. We might need to prep the ship for immediate evac if things go south while were out there. Jayne smirked. “Like things ever not gone south for us during one of your jobs.” “Watch it Jayne or that wound the Doc is urging to fix might come a little sooner than you like. Mal was serious. He took all his jobs seriously. “Shape up crew was going on a little adventure. Seems will be landing in just under two days.



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