Remember Me - 13
Monday, April 6, 2009

The continuation of the river/kaylee action in the previous chapter!


Chapter 13 -----------------------------------

The mechanic squeaks in surprise, though it soon turns into moans. River doesn't waste time in teasing as Kaylee had done to her as she works on getting her naked. Taking her sweet time in getting the blonde exposed, drinking in the sight of her. Marveling that someone so beautiful would be here, with her, trusting her so entirely. She frowns a bit, why should she worry about if she should be trusted or not? Kaylee picks up on the teens change in mood, tilting her head slightly. Reaching up and stroking her cheek softly.

"You OK sweetie?"

"...I'm something bad...aren't I?"

River speaks quietly, pulling back from her, sitting on the foot of the bed, hugging herself. Hair falling in curtains around her face, shielding her expression from view. Kaylee blinks, moving as quickly as she can manage, getting down so she can kneel in front of the younger girl, reaching up, pushing her hair out of her face, cupping her cheeks gently. Making her look her in the eyes.

"You got taught some...things... in the past. But your what you live to be. Not what some wang bao dahn tried to make you into. I trust you, completely."

She strokes her cheek with her thumb gently. The teen bites her bottom lip slightly, making the mechanic move and get back up on the bed with her, hugging her firmly. Stroking her back tenderly, kissing her temple.

"She wishes she'd remember...."

River whispers into her chest, curling up close. The words break the normally happy woman's heart, tightening her hold on her.

"Oh sweetie..."

She kisses the top of her head, nuzzling gently.

"It'll come back. I'm sure of it. You can't rush things like that. Its gotta come back when its good'n'ready."

"And if she stays all shatter glass?"

"Well, I love you. And I'm gonna stay with or without all yer old memories. If they don't come back, we'll just have to make lots of lovely new ones. You'll see."

River sniffles slightly, looking up at her.

"...Love me?"

Kaylee blushes, nodding firmly though.

"Yes. I love you. Very much."

The teen grins, cheering up considerably now.

"...Love you too."

She leans up, kissing her warmly. She pulls back after a long moment, nuzzling Kaylee's collar bone, kissing the spot gently. Continuing these gentle kisses as she moves downwards steadily. Kaylee gasps softly, having to put a hand behind her to keep herself up, the things River doing with her mouth along her body making her weak. Body arching into the quickly growing heated kisses. Moaning out loud when Rivers mouth brushes over her hips softly. Carefully avoiding the area Kaylee wanted her to pay attention to the most.


She squirms under the agonizing but perfectly placed kisses and soft love bites river places up her inner thighs slowly. Drawing closer and closer to her destination, though Kaylee desperately wishes she'd get on with it. Feeling as if she might go mad from want. Her hips buck up off the bed of their own accord when she feels Rivers warm tongue press against her center firmly, moaning loudly.

"Lao-tyen boo! Keep doing that...!"

The blonde moans loudly again, fingers burying into Rivers dark tresses. The younger woman gladly obeying. Tongue teasing her folds deeply, brushing the little bundle of nerves with her nose lightly now and then. Growing bolder, moving a bit, letting her fingers replace her tongue, though she doesn't really move far. Teeth gently finding the nub she'd been teasing so far, biting down lightly as her fingers move in her quickly. Kaylee cries out sharply, hips bucking again. Moaning Rivers name, panting heavily. Nearly wrapping her legs around the girls shoulders to pull her in closer. Hands moving from her hair, gripping the headboard behind her, arching upwards a bit, forcing her hips closer to Rivers mouth and fingers. River nearly moaning inwardly when she feels Kaylee's inner muscles flutter and flex around her fingers, biting down again gently. Flicking her tongue against the sensitive bundle. Kaylee pratically screaming as she finally orgasms, almost coming up off the bed. The younger woman keeps in place, prolonging the feeling for as long as she can. The mechanic finally nearly passing out, laying there as weak as a newborn. River placing a feather light kiss on the sensitive spot, making her whimper again softly. Moving back up her body slowly, resting on her chest gently, nuzzling close. Humming happily, Kaylee smiles lazily and brings a hand up stroking Rivers hair gently. Soon drifting off to sleep, hand resting on Rivers hair still. The teen following suit quickly, staying cuddled up to Kaylee happily.

The Kitten purrs, scrambling up onto the bed after a few moments, tucking herself up against Kaylee's side. The little group sleeping quite happily till the next morning when they'd have to face the crew again. That thought far from their minds tonight though. Tonight, was just about the two of them being together at last.

(AN: Short chapter, but I plan on the next one bein' a good bit longer. More drama finally comin' along as the Crew finally sets about to startin' the mission Saffron is paying them to do.)


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