Remember Me- 5
Friday, February 13, 2009

Safforn lays out the details of the job she has for the crew, and Kaylee shares a 'special' moment with Simon


Chapter Five


" You want us t'do what?"

Mal stares openly at the seductress in front of him, Saffron crossing her arms over her chest, raising a brow faintly.

"What? The job to much for you? I thought you were the Great Malcolm Reynolds and his mighty crew. I guess all those stories I hear about you are false. I wonder how your business will fair when everyone hears your a fake..."

She glances over at him from the corner of her eye, small smirk on her lips, one brow twitching up a bit, watching him. Mal staring at her then growling, glaring daggers, gritting his teeth so the muscles in his jaw flex.

"!!! Fine! We'll do it!"

Book clears his throat faintly, drawing almost startled eyes to him quickly, the two speaking seeming to have forgotten anyone was listening to what they were speaking about.

"If I may suggest, Captain...we move this discussion inside..? Its much more comfortable then out in this heat, and I can make us some tea while you and our new employer hammer out the details, yes?"

Inara nods, shooting the Sheppard a grateful look. Smiling gently at the talking pair as she moves forward, resting a hand on Mal's elbow lightly as she turns to steer him inside.

"Come on, I have the perfect tea for just such an occasion...I brought it inside when we landed so I don't even have to go get it from the ship. So you and Saffron sit down, relax, and talk this over carefully, alright?"

Mal nods slowly, looking over to Saffron, crossing his arms over his chest. The red head raising a brow faintly, hands on her hips, staring down Mal, he finally scowling, shaking his head, turning away first, stalking inside, the woman smirking lightly, following a few steps behind. Inara sighing, taking Books arm when he offers it, heading in after the first pair. Inside, Mal sits in the chair he'd occupied earlier, Saffron staying standing, leaning against the wall near the doorway, always alert to the chance she might need to make a quick escape around these people. Watching as Inara and Book come in, followed shortly by Jayne and Zoë. Wash somewhere onboard Serenity, being earthbound so long starting to bug him. The captain of the firefly class ship clears his throat faintly, making everyone look over at him, only Inara ignoring the sound, going about making the promised tea.

"Now, tell me again.....WHAT are we doing?"

"You and your crew, are going to get my little sister Elisa back for me."

"Uh huh…got that part. Go back to the bit where we BREAK INTO AN ALLIANCE FACILITY! especially one like this 'Academy'. If its what I’m thinkin' of, our little River went there, and they messed her up something royal, and their not exactly a breeze to get into. How we supposed to know how to get in?"

"Malcolm...I’m surprised your even asking me that, come on now. You have at least two people who have actually been IN the building. And one who lived there for 4 years. I’m sure they have some idea of how to get in there."

Saffron bats her eyes at Mal, the older man growling, slamming a fist down on the table, sitting up quickly.

"I AIN'T sending River back to that...that…diyu for some hussy's sibling! Dong ma???"

Inara tenses lightly, it almost impossible to notice, still not trusting the vixen who'd nearly killed their crew in the past. Glancing over her shoulder lightly, Saffron growling, moving before someone can stop her, cool metal of a gun barrel kissing the skin of Mal's throat, eyes flashing dangerously.

"Don't you EVER speak of Elisa like that! You have no right to judge a child! She's just 10 years old and I am NOT going to let the Alliance sink its claws into her and take away what chance at a childhood she has! She will not become what your crazy little bird has become!"

Simon, just walking in to see why everyone was gathered in the kitchen, growls, hearing the reference to his sister, only quieting when Mal raises a hand, silencing him. His eyes serious now, carefully watching the tricky vixen.

"Do you know WHERE this Academy is?"

"...No, all I found out was they torture the children who go there. Their taught to read people, their surroundings, how to move, kill, remain unseen. I’ve heard they've even done horrible...terrible things to them, to alter their minds of the more 'gifted' ones. I don't know what but I’m not letting it happen to Elisa."

As she spoke, the good doctor steadily got paler, back stiffening, shaking his head slowly. Dark eyes flashing as he focuses on Mal.

"We can't take River back there Mal. She wasn't fit to do it before, she's certainly not fit to do so now!"

The captain frowns, crossing his arms over his chest lazily, gaze steadying on Simon carefully.

"Are you daft, boy? I won't let those monsters get their hands on our little witch again. But I can't afford to turn down this kind of coin."

"Mal! its THE Academy! The one that made River into...into this shadow of her former self! The one that took my sister from me!"

Inara frowns as Saffron growls softly in her throat, the companion laying a hand on her arm gently after setting the tea on the table for everyone. Saffron blinking in surprise, looking over to the older woman, not used to such a gentle touch from another of the female sex who knew what kind of woman she was.

"Mal, we can't leave a child dangerous as this is, I know your not that cold hearted."

Malcolm sighs, rubbing his jaw lightly, Saffron growling again, but Mal raises a hand to calm her again.

"Whoa now, relax...don't mean anything personal...I have my own to look after here. Sit, lets talk details."

Saffron slowly relaxes, still glaring at everyone faintly. Inara relaxing, keeping one eye on the woman as she moves towards the doorway, glancing at Mal again after a few moments, one hand resting on the doorway.

"I’m going to go check on the girls, you two play nice."

Mal smiles cheerfully at her, then gets his 'business face on, Zoë falling in behind him to listen in on the talking. The companion leaves quietly, walking back towards Serenity, spying River asleep on the grass next to the ships loading bay doors. Smiling faintly to herself, she walks over to the limp girl, kneeling down beside her, tucking a loose dark curl behind the girls ear gently. River stirring a bit, dark eyes opening slowly, not seeing Inara right away. Traces of dream still running across her mind, suddenly sitting up quickly in a jerking motion, screaming bloody murder. Inara jumping, startled by the girls sudden outcry.

"Shhh, mei-mei.."

The woman moves, pulling River into her arms. River turning her face into Inara's shoulder, sensing someone familiar there, breathing hard an fast. Eyes so wide the whites showed, clutching at the back of Inara's top.

"Make them stop! Make them stop!!"

The girl pulls away from Inara, holding her head, curling up into a ball as if trying to protect herself. Dream still in her head, not fully awake, Inara putting her hand on the girls shoulder.

"River, sweetie, no on here. Your safe, calm.."

She fights to keep her own voice calm, remembering River's almost violent fits before now, counting on the fact River didn't remember anything to keep her safe. Rivers cries ease, body relaxing slowly, looking around faintly, confused.

"...what’s wrong?"

She looks over at Inara, sensing her unease, tilting her head to the side lightly in a curious fashion. Inara relaxes, smiling gently as she helps the young girl onto her feet.

"Nothing, lets get you in the ship, ok? Your getting your bandages all dirty laying out here like this"

River shifts carefully, getting up with a bit of help from the companion. Letting Inara dust her off in a motherly fashion. Smiling over at the woman that she was safe to be around. When her thoughts weren't running rampant on the funny captain man, Inaras mind was always very carefully controlled to keep herself composed. Inara smiles in return, taking river into the ships cargo bay, towards the infirmary.

"Come on, your bandages are all dirty now, lets go get them changed. Simons been showing everyone how to since half the crew is in them all the time anyway. I think its a clever idea, its hard to make sure he's always able to do it."

"He's a strange brother...he keeps things from me, he thinks I’m crazy."

She tilts her head faintly, looking over at Inara, smiling dryly.

"She believes him. Her brains fell out, mind stolen away. Broken pieces left, a puzzle that can't be completed, a piece always missing."

She heaves a sigh, lifting her head again, entering the infirmary slowly. Sitting on the table, letting her heals bang against the side of it, much as a child would when in a doctors office. Inara moves to find the new bandages, lifting her head a bit when she hears someone approaching, looking relieved and smiling when she sees who it is.

"Kaylee, hey. Why don't you come on in? I'm just going to change Rivers dressings."

"Oh, well, why don't you let me do that 'nara? Captain just came asking for you. S'why I came here lookin'"

Inara blinks, but nods slowly after a spell, River grinning about something, but stays silent.

"Really? Well, I suppose I’d better go find him before he has kittens."

"Oooh, I love kittens"

Kaylee grins, making Inara chuckle, watching as the companion leaves. She turning back to River, blinking at the look on her face.


"You lied."

"I did not!...well, only a little, but Captain did seem to be in a bad mood, and Inara can cheer him up. Or at least calm him down."

She wrinkles her nose faintly, smiling at River, helping her get her dress top pulled down around her waist to expose the bandages. River looking back over to her when she senses the mechanic hesitate.

"What’s wrong?"

River tilts her head faintly, Kaylee fighting a blush as she looks over Rivers pale torso, more then a little surprised at just how strongly it effected her, blinking out of her thoughts as she hears a slow steady beeping fill the room. Looking up to River, the girl playing with the finger clip that attached to the EKG machine on the wall. The steady beep the girls own heart, and Kaylee found herself oddly mesmerized by the sound.


The question makes the older woman jerk out of her thoughts slightly, looking over to the questioning brown eyes of the young half dressed Physic.

"Huh? Oh, nothin'. Here."

She moves, carefully changing the bandages, helping her get her top back up. River getting down off the table, clip coming off her finger as she does, sound of her heart filling the room suddenly empty of it, everything silent again save the sound of the two young women breathing. Kaylee feeling a bit sad to hear it go, though can't quite understand why she should feel so. Sure she'd listened to the hearts of lovers past, it always fascinating to her, laying on some strapping young lads chest, hearing that thumping in his chest go from fast to slow, it humming through her cheek lightly. It was her favorite part of lovemaking.

"Kaylee, lets go outside, I'm bored."

River pouts, grabbing Kaylee's hand to pull her out of the infirmary. Kaylee grinning, nodding in agreement, though barely keeps from jerking her hand back. The second River had grabbed her it'd been like grabbing hold of an exposed wire in Serenity's engine, every inch of her body feeling a jolt, sending her heart to racing, breath almost catching in her throat. Greatly confused by her reactions, never having felt these responses before, least, not to a girl. Sky, not even to a boy! And to feel this way towards a girl who was the little sister of the boy she had a crush on! The younger woman tilts her head faintly, not quite able to pick up on Kaylee's thoughts, but she was most certainly getting the feeling of unease from the normally cheerful mechanic, frowning faintly.

"What’s wrong? Did I do something?"

"What? No! No, sweetie, I'm just thinking about something..."

River nods faintly, letting it drop, for now, smiling widely again. Pulling her friend out of the infirmary the rest of the way, dragging her outside, Kaylee grins suddenly, tagging Rivers arm.

"Your it!"

River blinks, not understanding in the least bit what Kaylee was doing. Kaylee looks back, wondering why she wasn't being chased, sighing, putting her hands on her hips slightly.

"C'mon River, when your it you gotta chase me! When you catch me I'm it then its my turn to catch you!"

River blinks for a second, a flash racing through her mind. Image of her and Kaylee running through Serenity's halls, chasing one another, laughing, just...being happy. She shaking her head, clearing it. Rubbing her temples faintly, but ignores the thing she doesn't fully recognize as a memory, or the emotions it makes bubble up in her chest, making her heart race slightly. Turning back to Kaylee, seeming to think a moment, then charging after her. Kaylee squealing, running away again quickly, laughing as she runs around the fence to duck behind the house.

"You can't get me!!"

"Can too!"

River grins, laughing slightly as she chases the older girl around a quite startled Jayne, then into the house. Kaylee ducking into one of the rooms down the small hall, River moving to follow but pausing when she hears Kaylee squeak, followed by a mans grunt and a thud. She slowly approaches the sound, peering around a door frame, spying Kaylee laying on a rather stunned Simon. Kaylee shifts, pulling a few fly away strands of dark gold hair out of her mouth, face flushed from running. Simon coughing, still rather stunned, wind knocked out of him. Kaylee shifts, sitting up, it taking the young girl a moment to realize she's straddling the doctors waist just above his hips.

"Oh! S-sorry, Simon"

She blushes, moving to push herself up, Simon moving suddenly, pulling her down again, kissing her softly. Kaylee's eyes widen in surprise for a moment, then relaxes, eyes fluttering shut, returning the kiss. Pleasant fuzzy feelings spreading through her.

“Kaylee…You…Don’t have to apologize…”

Simons voice is soft, almost shy in his proper way. Dark eyes looking up at the flushed girl, looking deeply into her own lighter ones. Kaylee lets out a soft sigh, stroking his cheek softly. Vaguely remembering she was playing with River.


She starts to speak, but the good Doctor moves, kissing her again into silence. Not really sure what’s driving him, but ages of pent up urges just spilling out of him when Kaylee had tackled and straddled him like this. This a new level of contact for him, and for once, he was letting ‘proper’ out the window. Kaylee moans softly into his mouth, gazing into those dark eyes again so like Rivers, she thinks to herself, as Simon moves, rolling them over so he was pinning her to the floor, Kaylee burying her fingers into the young doctors dark hair, he breaking the kiss long enough to move his lips to her throat. Tilting her head back, she exposes more of her soft skin to Simons lips. Her hands free themselves from his hair, pulling his shirt out of his pants quickly, pushing it off his shoulders quickly, pulling back some so she can take in his well sculpted torso, one finger tracing the outline of the muscles lightly. Simon shudders at the feeling.

"Oh sky...Kaylee"

Simon groans into her soft flesh, pulling her shirt up and off, kissing the swell of her breasts, leaving her bra on for now. His hands moving slowly, his doctors touch almost. Something felt faintly...clinical about his touch, pleasurable yes, because she'd been wanting this...right? Tilting her head back, closing her eyes as she feels Simon slowly pushing her pants down, leaning down again, kissing her firmly.

Out in the hallway, Rivers jaw tenses, not understanding the flood of emotions rushing over her in waves, the dominant ones she recognized. Anger, and for some reason, jealousy. This 'brother' was taking her away! The only comfort she had, Kaylee was hers! She tightens her grip on the door frame slightly as she watches Simon finish undressing, picking Kaylee up, placing her on the bed. River barely keeps herself from running into the room and jerking him off the petite woman, but again, flashes of fragmented memories run across her minds eyes. Flashes of Kaylee and Simon sitting together, laughing, talking. Her shoulders slump faintly, releasing the doorframe, she shifts, slipping away silently. In the back of her mind, Kaylee dimly again recalls she was doing something before Simon, but she couldn't fully remember. Gasping softly as Simon moves his hips against hers, pumping rhythmically, her hands gripping his shoulders faintly. Simon grunting, fully focused on this, not even realizing River had been watching. Breathing hard, pushing closer, moving faster as he hears Kaylee's soft breaths and moans under him. Every muscle in his body tenses as he feels her body reach its limit, groaning softly as he reaches his a moment later, closing his eyes tightly at the feeling. Panting softly as they relax slowly, opening his eyes faintly, looking down at Kaylee, smiling gently.


Kaylee smiles slightly, kissing him again

"Not to bad yourself Doc"

Simon chuckles slightly, blushing as he smiles.

"Yes, well, we had better get dressed before someone walks in on us. "

"Oh come on Simon, s'not like we have parts they ain't seen before. Stay with me a while longer..."

"Sorry, Kaylee, but I do have to get back. I was in the middle of something when I...lost myself for a moment."

He moves, getting up trying to get a hold of himself again. Knowing he’d lost control of himself for a while and rather embarrassed about it. Kaylee flushes in anger, getting the feeling he thought he‘d just slipped up in his ‘properness’ and that upsetting her. That he‘d allow this thing she felt was lovely to be some kind of…mistake, getting up and tugging her work clothes back on, glancing at Simon.

"Qu di yu..."

She grumbles, storming out. Simon blinks, very confused. Speaking to the space Kaylee was in before she left, he sighs.

"...What did I do this time??"

He groans, holding his head in his hands, as he sits on the edge of the bed. More then a little confused here.


Qu di yu-Go to hell


Friday, February 13, 2009 11:04 AM


yuck simon and kaylee sex....hope she regerts having sex with him. Playing with river was nice though can't wait for more.


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