Remember Me - 9
Tuesday, February 17, 2009


(Reviews are always welcome!!! I actually love feedback, heh, and just the knowledge ya might've liked my story enough to comment abut it would mean a great deal to me, and maybe even motivate me to update a bit more quickly!)(also, this chapter is a bit more....'grapic' contact wise between river and to warn you)

Chapter 9


The hours creep by slowly, the ship and crew eventually drifting off to sleep. Save two small girls stirring in one of the passenger rooms.

Kaylee yawns softly as she wakes freeing her arm from its place clasped about River, rubbing her eyes tiredly. Looking down when she feels River stirring a bit, she smiling and carefully getting up. Meaning to go on back to the engine room to check on things. Figuring from the silence on board, everyone was already asleep for the night. She careful to make sure she doesn’t wake River, not wanting to disturb the girl from rare peaceful sleep. Leaning down, kissing her forehead softly, the drugged girl stirring sluggishly, but eyes remaining shut. The mechanic quietly tip toes out of the room, sneaking back upstairs. Smiling as she hears the gentle droning of Serenity’s engines as she approaches ‘her’ room on board.

“Miss me girl? I got so much to tell you…”

Kaylee smiles as she rolls up her sleeves, rubbing Serenity’s hull gently with one hand. Moving, picking up a wrench, sliding down onto the floor. Crawling under the ships heart, itching to fix a loose coil she’d heard clanging around when she came in.

So engrossed in her work was she, that she never heard someone approaching, or when they kneeled by her legs. As she reaches for what took she needs next, its silently handed to her. Always the right one, as if they know what she’s doing and what shes going to need, none of this quite registering.

“You didn’t wake me.”

Kaylee yelps, jumping slightly and just narrowly missing banging her head on the engine parts above her, looking over to the voice quickly, pressing her hand to her chest as if to calm her heart and catching her breath.

“Bao-bei, you startled me…You shouldn’t be out of bed yet.”

She reaches up, smoothing back a tangled lock of hair from Rivers haunted eyes, accidentally smearing engine grease along her forehead. River brightens slightly, grinning at her.

“I’m like you now.”

The mechanic giggles, smiling, smearing another bit on the end of Rivers nose.

“That you do sweetie, and I must say, engine grease suits you very well.”

She smiles, shifting as she sits up, leaning forward and kissing the younger woman gently. Moving closer slowly, letting their bodies brush against each others with a feather soft touch, eliciting a soft moan from Rivers softly parted lips. The younger woman growling softly in her throat, pushing closer suddenly. Pinning a startled but willing mechanic to the hull of the ship, feeling the cold metal warm at the contact with her body. The hum of Serenity buzzing through her.

“By the sky, River…”

Kaylee moans softly, feeling Rivers lips move along her jaw and down to her throat, tilting her head back to expose more flesh for her. River humming softly in approval as she nips at the tender flesh before her, slowly untying the arms of the mechanics jumpsuit from around her hips, pushing the material down. Fingers trailing along the few inches of exposed midriff lightly, drawing shivers from the bubbly blonde.

She shifts slightly, slowly pushing the tight shirt Kaylee wore upwards, planting biting kisses along the soft curve of her stomach. Kaylee moaning softly, arching upwards faintly, burying her fingers into Rivers wild curls. The psychic smirking softly against the woman’s flesh, finally pushing her shirt up and off. Shifting back for a moment, just taking in Kaylee resting against the now warm metal of Serenity’s hull, bare from the hips upward, rarely ever wearing a bra. She had all the soft curves and lines of a woman, making River almost jealous. Knowing the mechanic was more ‘blessed’ then her in areas. Though a possessive fire raising in the younger woman’s eyes, kissing her fiercely, pinning her again, straddling her lap. The blondes hands fumbling between them, struggling to push Rivers dress off her. Wanting the feel of their bodies rubbing against one another’s without the barrier of clothing between them more then anything all of a sudden.

The teen smirks against her lips, nipping at her bottom one lightly before sitting back. Peeling her dress off over her head, tossing it aside. Seeing that hungry look in the mechanics eyes making her shiver. Kaylee looks her over with an appreciative look, starting at the top and moving down. Her dark curls and doe eyes, full pouty lips, slender neck, creamy white skin stretched over a slim but muscular frame, breasts smaller then her own but still perfect, those hips, those thighs, all the way down to her dancers feet. She reaches up faintly, letting her fingers trace over the taunt flesh, grinning when she makes River squirm. Watching those well toned dancers muscles flex and ripple under her skin. Body reacting just to the mere thought of this powerful, graceful body pinning her down, or vice versa. She trembles at the thought of what River could do to her, knowing full well how dangerous she was. Loving it.

“I frighten you…”

The psychic purrs roughly, rocking her hips against the mechanic lightly, causing Kaylee to groan beneath her.


Kaylee breathes back, looking up at the slightly taller girl hotly, eyes practically glowing. River smirking softly, placing a hand on either side of Kaylee’s head. Effectively trapping her in place.

“I could break you…”

“I know…”

The older woman moans softly at the words, gasping softly as she feels River slide her hands down to her throat. Knowing she could feel her frantic pulse, and knowing she could feel her arousal hot and damp against her thigh as River straddles one of her legs, pressing close against her. It growing when she feels River slowly apply pressure to her throat, making her work harder to breathe, but not making it impossible. Returning the kiss hungrily when Rivers lips crash down on hers with bruising force. Moaning into the kiss openly, allowing the slim girl access, and she taking quick advantage happily. Tongue thrusting into the older woman’s, the two tangling for dominance in the kiss before Kaylee submits to the forceful teen. In the back of her mind idly wondering where she learned such things, fairly certain River never dated before.

“From you”

She whimpers in displeasure when the kiss is broken, but looks up in confusion.

“F..from me?” She pants, chest heaving against Rivers as she works to breathe still. “b…but, how?”

The teen smirks faintly, releasing her throat, fingers running through Kaylee’s hair.

“Mmm…All in your head…you know what to do…what you want. I can do it all. And I meal…ALL…of it…”

Rivers voice drops an octave, practically a husky purr, eyes molten, hot with passion. Kaylee meeting those eyes, melting at the look. Knowing she couldn’t’ take much more of this. She swallows faintly, shivering in anticipation. River giving a throaty growl as she rakes her eyes over Kaylees’ body again. Trailing kisses over her collar bone, slowly working her way downwards. Lips barely brushing against her breasts, teeth grazing over her right nub ever so lightly. Relishing the throaty purrs she draws out of her lover. Kaylee breathing hard, fingers buried deep in brown curls, nails digging into Rivers scalp. Finally growling in want, pushing forward and pinning the younger woman beneath her. Kissing her hard and fast, desire coursing through her.

In the back of her mind, dimly aware of the soft thud of boots hitting the floor outside the engine room steadily growing closer. She chose to ignore it, to focused on the mewling going on beneath her. Thigh pressed up between Rivers legs. Rocking against her steadily .Loving the slick wet feeling her thigh would be covered in when she pulled away. River gripping the older girl more tightly, only to freeze, much to Kaylee’s displeasure. She starting to question what was wrong, when she finally lets the footsteps register over their own heavy breathing and the drone of Serenity. Eyes widening instantly, finally her body remembers to move, jerking on her jumpsuit and shirt again quickly. River already pulling her dress on, crouching down by the long deserted work from earlier. Pulling Kaylee down to it, pushing tools into her hands.


She orders quietly, she getting her usual ‘moonbrain’ look on her face. Acting as absent minded as she always is, or at least, how she seems to be. It made Kaylee wonder if her crazy act was just that, an act. At least how spacey she seemed to be when she wasn’t trying to talk to the crew. She shakes her head, kneeling by River, taking tools from her hands. Acting for all the world as if they’d been doing this all evening. Neither girl looking up as the steps come closer, pause, then start heading back the way they’d come.

“That was close…”

Kaylee sighs, sitting back on her heels, running fingers through her blonde locks. River leans over, dark eyes finding hers, kissing her firmly before standing up abruptly.

“Time for bed now. See you for morning consumption of protein”

“Huh? Oh, see you at breakfast too darlin’.”

She smiles, waving to the younger girl as she slips out silently. Sighing softly to herself. Touching her lips with an almost shaky hand.

“…This is so going to blow up in my face later.”

The mechanic sighs softly, licking her lips lightly, getting back to work for real.


The following morning, River pokes at the ‘food’ being prepared. For some reason she knew why this food stuffs were good for the body, but she still didn’t like it.

“It ain’t gonna change into somethin' pleasin' no matter how much you poke at it Little Witch."

River raises her eyes from the goo on her plate, seeing Mal sit down at the head of the table. An identical mass of goo on his own. He digging into it with gusto, winking at her.

"Though, it does help that considering we could've been dead on numerous occasions. That makes even this glop taste a mite sweeter. So long as ya' don't look at it."

He shrugs, continuing to eat. The young girl makes a face, though it brightens considerably when Kaylee comes into the room wearing one of her normally bright shirts and her jumpsuit. The ships mechanic grinning at the younger woman, moving to get her food. By the time she sits, most of the rest of the crew had migrated into the mess. Simon, polite as ever, takes his usual seat beside River. Jayne plopping down on the other. Inara sitting quietly at the end opposite Mal, calm and composted. Lovely in a rust orange sarong made for comfort and beauty. Zoë sitting at the captains right hand, Wash off at the bridge, checking everything before he comes down to eat. Sheppard behind the counter, cleaning the dishes used to prepare breakfast with. Humming a hymn softly as she works.

Inara watches her crew-mates talk and eat, or grunt, in Jayne's case, with a soft smile. Though her eyebrow twitches lightly in interest when she sees the glances River and Kaylee kept secreting to one another across the table when they believe no one is watching. Kaylee almost jumping out of her skin when their current employer plants herself down next to her.

"Well now, aren't you all just like one big family."

Jayne growls in annoyance. Pointing his fork at her with as much threat as he'll risk with Mal right there.

"I ain't family to no moon brain and her fancy core bred brother-OW!"

He yelps in pain when Kaylee kicks him under the table with a glare. Saffron smirks.

"Oh? Then how come you act exactly like an oaf of a big brother?"

"What? I do no-Hey! That's my bread! Give it back!"

He growls as river snatches the slice from his plate and takes off. Jayne lumbering after her quite quickly. Running around the room like a couple of children. Even Simon can't help but grin at the show they put on. Kaylee frowning quickly as she'd begn to laugh, noticing a change in River almost before Simon does. She beating him to her as her legs give way beneath her. Head rolling back almost lifelessly, before she tenses, shooting forward till she's hunched over, a trembling image of pain draped over the mechanics arms.

"River?? Sweetie???"

Inara notes the panic in the older girls voice more like a lovers worry then a friend, but she could be wrong she thinks to herself as she gets up with the others. River gasping again when they get closer, trying to wiggle away. Holding her head.


It comes out in such a ragged, agony filled plea, not even Jayne tries to do anything else. Everyone stopping where they were. River whimpering, trying to hide her face in Kaylee's shoulder, trying to find some peace.


Kaylee holds the distraught girl close gently, rocking softly. Stroking back the wild mane of dark hair away from the girls face with the up most care. River huddling to her, eyes shut tightly, breathing fast and shakey. The mechanic hums to her softly, slowly helping her relax. River finally being soothed, breathing more normally.

Simon shoots forward the second she seems calmer, grabbing her shoulders in near panic.

"Mei-mei?? Are you alright? Did something hurt you????"

As he speaks, he glances at Jayne, clearly all to eager to blame the large Merc for something. Jayne growls, raising his fists a bit.

"I ain't never touched your sister Doc. You saw, I never laid a hand on her before she went bonkers on us here!"

Kaylee glares at them both, keeping her voice quiet so as not to startle the finally silent River in her arms and cuddled to her chest.

"Come on sweetie..."

She coos softly, helping her up, leading her out of the room. The crew still a bit shell shocked. Wash walks in just as their leaving. Blinking in confusion, looking back to the others.

"...I miss something?"

Zoë goes to her husband, patting him on the arm gently as she leads him to the table.

"Don't worry baby, I think we all missed something this episode."



Tuesday, February 17, 2009 8:59 PM


Another great chapter, even though the tease at finally River and Kaylee hooking up was a bit mean. ;-) I am so glad you're bringing new material to this fic because I read the original chapters and thought they were great but was sad when the chapters ended but the plot didn't. Now that you've picked this back up, I've found myself refreshing every couple hours in hopes of a new chapter. Keep going with this and hopefully soon, River and Kaylee will get to finish what they started in this chapter.


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