Remember Me - 10
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plans are made-mostly a filler chapter but it was needed.Things pick up again in chapter 11, stay tuned!


Chapter 10


After the breakfast chaos, Book is doing the dishes while Mal sits at the table, cleaning his guns. Jayne leans back, propping his feet up on the other end, watching, picking his teeth with a knife lightly.

"So...What's our next move Mal?"

The merc tilts his head slightly, licking a tooth, turning his head and spitting out a bit of protein he'd managed to pick free. The Captain of Serenity raises his head slightly, watching him.

"Don't spit on my ship. And next thing, we gotta gear up. I reckon a job like this is gonna take a few items before we go saving the day."

Zoë nods, standing near the table, arms crossed over her chest.


Mal nods.

"Yep. We land, refuel, gear up, get info. The usual before a big job."

Jayne raises a brow, feet dropping to the floor with a thud. Leaning forward, resting his forearms on the table.

"Info on what boss?"

"On the best way to get into the Academy of course! As much as I know you love going in guns ablaze and throwing grenades Jayne, I'd really prefer to get out alive. And without drawing the attention of the whole Alliance on us. We're cutting it close all the time as it is."

The large man frowns a bit at Mals words.

"Pardon me Mal, but, why we gonna risk asking about the Academy in a CORE PLANET?? When we got two people who've already been there on board..?

"He's got a point Mal. It seems a bit idiotic to cause ourselves more trouble then we need."

Mal frowns deeply, looking over to the Sheppard.

"You callin' me an idiot Sheppard? Careful how you answer."

Book blinks at the tone in Mals voice, then chuckles softly in his grandfather type way, smiling a bit.

"No, Captain, you misunderstand. I'm just trying to reduce the level of danger to our crew. Not to mention to those we encounter, once we get to this 'Academy'. In my opinion, it makes the most sense to go to the only certain source we have. Our young doctor friend."

Jayne grins, looking quite pleased his idea was better then the Captains. Leaning back in his chair, hands folded over his stomach. Mal frowns at him, warning him not to get cocky. Then nods to the Sheppard.

"I know that Sheppard. But I want the Doc and our little witch as un-included as possible. Their to close to everything there. I'll only go to Simon as a fall back if we hit a wall."

Zoë clears her throat, drawing everyone's attention again.

"Sir, I know you think that's a good plan Sir, but Book and, I can't believe i'm saying this again, Jayne are right. We don't have time to fish the normal way. We can keep the Tams safe. We have in the past."

Mal looks more then a little startled to have Zoë of all people argue an order, gritting his teeth, but gives in. Finally nodding slowly.

"Fine, alright. We'll talk to Simon. But if he refuses, then we'll do it my way. Dong ma?"

The gathered crew nods, Malcolm nodding after them. Moving up to the bridge to speak with Wash about their plans and where to set course to. Not that surprised to find the red-headed man already playing with his infamous dinosaur toys.


The man jumps, toys getting grabbed quickly and clutched to his chest. Relaxes when he sees Mal.

"Ta ma duh Mal! Trying to give us an early death by fiery crash and exploding? Never startle a pilot like that!"

Mal gives him a small, dry smile.

"But you playing with your little toys instead of flying the ship, WON'T get us all quite dead...?"

Wash sputters than glowers at him, putting his toys back in their usual spots. Glancing back over at his shoulder at Mal faintly.

"So we know where we're going' now? Kind of important info for me to have, since ya know, I'm flying us..."

The Captain rolls his eyes faintly, crossing his arms over his chest. Wash trailing off. Clearing his throat awkwardly.

"Right, so um, where we going Boss?"

"Persephone, we need to gear up, then I'm talking to the good doctor after we take off again."

"Why not talk to him before we land?"

"Because if he tries to bolt with his sister, i want to already be out of atmo so he can have time to cool down and think. Its not safe for those two to be planet side by themselves. Remember last time that happened?"

Wash snickers, nodding. The memory of his lamby toes storming in to save the day always making him smile. In his mind it didn't matter Mal and Jayne were also involved.

"Of course, they'd be BBQ Tam on a stick by now if we hadn't gone back."

He grins wider as Mal groans, shaking his head.

"I really don't see how Zoë puts up with those jokes ALL DAY. I'd have shot you by now."

He raises a brow at Wash's sudden grin, getting a chill down his spine making him shiver. Feeling someone behind him, swallowing as he slowly turns around. Zoë standing behind him, one eyebrow raised, arms crossed over her chest, tapping a foot on the floor lightly.

"Ah...Zoë, I wasn't-, I mean-"

"Can it, Captain. You making fun of my man?"

Zoë keeps her gaze level on her Captain, making him squirm. Mal clears his throat, rubbing the back of his neck. That look always gave him the shivers. His second in command raises a brow again faintly, waiting for an answer.

"Well....I wouldn't say 'making fun of' per-say..."

"Then what would you call it?"

"Um...playfully teasing my best second in commands husband in good fun only, knowing full well she can kill me ten ways with her thumb? So I would never ever make fun of him if I valued my life at all"

Zoë's mouth curls into a smile faintly, moving and sitting in Wash's lap, draping an arm around his neck lightly.

"Glad to hear it Sir. If you'd been making fun of him, I'd have to hurt you. And I really don't have time to break in a new captain."

"Wo de tien ah...there's two of them."

Mal groans under his breath, realizing his pilots sense of humor is starting to rub off on his friend. Zoë glances over again, raising a brow. Remaining silent but Mal puts his hands up quickly.

"Ah, I'll be down in the mess if anyone needs me. I feel I better leave before i suffer bodily harm..."

"Good, now leave. I want some alone time with my husband."

Mal rolls his eyes, leaving. Not wanting to know in the slightest what on earth that meant. His seconds sex life wasn't foremost in his thoughts. Sighing as he lowers himself down onto his chair in the mess, leaning onto his elbows. Thinking, and not looking to happy.

"...This is NOT going to go smooth.......I can tell."



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