Remember Me- 11
Monday, February 23, 2009

The crew reaches Persephone!


Chapter 11


It takes Serenity almost a week to reach Persephone. In that time things changed, although most of the crew wasn't even aware of it. Kaylee and River snuck off to be together whenever possible. The mechanic having yet to take Rivers virginity, wanting the moment to be special, and not some rushed, heated, secret moment somewhere on board Serenity. The ever stubborn younger woman sulked a bit over this, but for now seemed satisfied with the heated make out sessions when they could slip away long enough. The most common meeting place down in Kaylee's bunk, where she now kept her door locked after a near miss from Captain looking for Kaylee to fix the intercom system. And on occasion, Inara's shuttle. Not all decked out like it is for when she has clients, but it was still a nice little get away and a change from the small bunk or the clutter of the engine room. Inara was more then glad to give the young lovers her quarters when they needed it and she could spare the time. She loved young love, so passionate, so intense. That feeling that you always wanted to be together. And she knew it was hard on the girls since they had to keep their relationship a secret for moment. When she knew they wanted to shout it from one end of the 'Verse to the other that they'd found love in one another. So, she was happy they could depend on her for a bit of freedom at least in the form of her shuttle. And of course, a willing and waiting ear for when one wanted to gush about the other while the other was away, or working. Mal was a brooding as ever, still trying to think of how to approach Simon about the whole 'we want you to break us into the academy' plan. Avoid the topic at the table whenever they ate, not wanting to let on they weren't going to be fishing for info as they usually did, through the usual channels. Though he had been noticing something odd about the good doctor lately. He kept seeing him and Saffron talking quietly. Not plotting like, but like their words were private and not meant for prying ears. It was downright unsettling to see the little vixen being friendly with anyone she wasn't trying to get in bed with. And she had no reason to bed Simon. He had no money now, so he had more or less, nothing worth her time. And of course, he still had his eye on Jayne. The big merc still avoiding all possible contact with River like she was contagious, a guilty look coming to his eyes whenever he saw her playing with Kaylee on the ship. Eyes always finding those healing scars on her body instantly. He'd have to deal with this soon, he needed the big man focused on the task at hand, not something that's already past.


The war vet nearly falls out of his chair he'd been contemplating in when Inara speaks up from behind him. She raises a brow faintly, watching as he struggles to regain his composure and scowls at her, making her smile.

"Mal, I'm going. We're about to land and I've arranged to meet a few clients today. I'll be back by morning, I'll just sleep in my shuttle off ship tonight. Don't worry, I won't delay takeoff."

"Oh, right. Well, happy whoring and all that. I better get Zoë to ready the mule..."

"Already done Sir."

"Gorramit Zoë!!!!"

Mal Jumps again, clutching his chest, glaring at the woman in question, not having heard her approach either.

"Your both as bad as little witch today!"

Zoë raises a brow in question but Mal waves her off. She shakes her head slightly, but drops it.

"The mules already prepped. Wash volunteered to go pick up our supplies so we can do personal business while we have the time."

Mal nods, getting up in case someone else decides to catch him off guard, he really didn't want to fall out of a chair...again. Very demeaning to the image he tried to keep as Captain. Dusting his pants off slightly he nods to the women, going to go see Kaylee. Knowing she'd want to do a bit of shopping. He wanted to ask the cheerful girl if she wouldn't mind taking River with her to get her some more clothes. Maybe acting more like a girl her age acted would help her be more...not 'River like' anyway. Though he did have to admit, she did seem calmer these days.

"That conk on the head musta done her some good."

Serenity's Captain smiles a bit, chuckling. Never having thought he'd ever utter those words. At least about anyone but Jayne. Reaching the engine room he raises a brow as he hears a soft scuffling of feet before Kaylee appears in the doorway, cheeks a bit flushed, licking her lips a bit. "Ah...somethin' goin' on in there Kaylee...?"

The young woman smiles up at him brightly, clearing her throat a bit.

"N-no Cap. Just movin' a few things about. Had to rewire everything AGAIN. We need new things Captain. Can't make it last no more. We got maybe a week more in her, then we fall outta the sky."

"Good! Your in a mood to shop then. Take River with you. Be back by sundown. We leave in the morning and I don't want to be chasin' you two all over creation."

Kaylee blinks a bit, caught off guard. Then grins widely.

"I get to buy new things???"

Mal groans, oh sky...What had he started? Rolling his eyes as Kaylee half tackles him in a hug, grunting as the airs knocked out of him. Patting her on the back a bit awkwardly. Kaylee kisses him on the cheek with a smile.

"I love my captain"

"Scat girl. Go buy your parts, then get you and River some new things. But don't go crazy, dong ma?"

"Understood Cap! Oooh! I can't wait to try on the pretties!"

The girl squeals, running to her bunk to make a list of needed parts so she could pick'em up while she was being allowed to. Mal chuckles, it always tickling him she got excited so easily. Made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. AS he turns to go, he catches a flash of blue in the corner of his eye, but when he turns his head there isn't anything there. He shakes his head, boot steps fading as he leaves.


Kaylee squeaks as she feels slim arms wrap around her waist from behind. Smiling at the familiar lips that press to the back of her neck. River grins lightly, gently halting the mechanics hurry to write down everything she wanted to get.

"Busy before Captain Daddy interrupted"

The older girl blushes but turns her head, capturing Rivers lips with her own, then gently untangles herself from her arms.

"I know Bao-Bei, but I have to do this now. Besides, we get a whole DAY to ourselves once we land. You heard Mal. Shopping!!! Do you know how long its been since I've had new anything to wear?? Let alone new parts for Serenity here."

She smiles, patting the engine cover fondly. River pouts, but nods in agreement.

"I am to have new parts as well? My old coverings are starting to become warn."

Kaylee blinks, then giggles, nodding slightly.

"Yup, your gettin' 're-fitted' too. New clothes! Don't those words just SOUND wonderful?"

She sighs happily, the young physic smiles, leaning against the wall lightly. Watching her lover bustle around the room, getting ready for the trip planet-side. Catching a stray thought form her mind, she blinks, then smiles to herself, slipping off to go talk to Inara for a moment before she left for her appointments. Kaylee turns to ask her something, she already gone.

"River, what do you...River?"

She blinks, looking around, then shaking her head a bit, putting her hand on her hips. Speaking to the air.

"I hate it when she does that..."


"Coming in, prepare for landing."

Wash's voice crackles over the PA system as they break atom, going down to Persephone. Everyone getting ready to disembark who had matters to take care of. River staying close to Kaylee so she wouldn't be forgotten, Mal going through a mental checklist as he hands out the money from their last job. Keeping a large sum of it aside to give to wash to buy supplies and fuel up Serenity. Supplies meant squat if they were dead in space, unable t move. He smiles at the way Kaylee squeals when he hands her a small pouch for herself, then a large one for the parts. River looking surprised when he puts a pouch in her hands as well.

"I better not come back here to find you've gone and wasted that now."

The girl smiles sweetly, patting him on the cheek lightly.

"Oh silly sometimes."

Mal makes a face at her as he walks away, looking back at her over his shoulder.

"I mean it! Nothing weird!!"

River just smiles at him again, waving lightly. Scowling when Simon the doctor/brother comes over, her good mood ruined as he tries to fuss over her again.

"Mei-mei, are you sure you feel well enough to go on an outing like this? Maybe you should stay..."

"Simon, back off her. She's a big girl, and she's not stupid. I think she'd know when she's well enough to move. And its only 1 day. Relax. I won't let any harm come to her."

Kaylee mirrors the younger girls scowl, both leaving the young doctor blinking rapidly. Jayne snorting, smirking at him.

"What'd you do to ruffle their feathers boy?"

The doctor makes a face at him, choosing not to answer, moving to go back to the infirmary, relaxing a bit when he sees Saffron poking about carefully, making sure not to make a mess. She looking over when the young man enters, smiling at her friend.

"You tried to get her to stay on board, didn't you?"

"Yes, but-"

"Simon, I swear for someone so smart, you are the dumbest man I've met. I warned you about doing that. Now their pissed off at you, aren't they?"

Simon sputters, then sighs and nods. Leaning against the counter, crossing his arms over his chest and looking flustered. The red-head woman clucks her tongue lightly, shaking her head at him.

"C'mon Doc...we talked about this. You can't baby your sister anymore. Firstly, she is most certainly NOT a baby anymore. Secondly, she has yet to remember fully who you are. And I, for once, really don't like it when strangers try to tell me what to do. So I highly doubt she feels differently. She doesn't remember much, but she's still smart, and still a young woman. Maybe a little confused at times, but who isn't?"

The doctor sighs, tilting his head back slightly, rubbing the back of his neck. Saffron patting his chest lightly, quietly aware of how toned he was under the silk, giving him a sympathetic look.

"Now now...don't pout. Be a man. Now, come with me into town. I know you must have things you need, and a 'frail woman' like me, mustn't be seen alone in a place as large as this. Imagine what might happen!"

Simon laughs lightly as Saffron bats her eyes at him, smiling. His mood clearly improve. Smiling still as he nods.

"Ok, alright...I'll come. But if anyone asks, you had to twist my arm to do get me to do it."

"The proper Mr. Tam is going to LIE?? I'm shocked!"

Saffron smirks as Simon smoothes his shirt front lightly.

"I'm not THAT I?"

"Yes, you are. Your practically the poster child for polite society. Every parents wet dream I bet."

Simon sputters, even as Saffron grins, shaking her head slightly. Patting his chest again lightly, winking.

"Call me when you want a lesson in 'less then proper behavior' Romeo. Maybe then you'll actually have a better shot with our resident grease girl. But, for now, I'm going to go speak with our fearless leader. See you planet side Doc."

The woman smiles at the befuddled doctor, blowing him a kiss playfully as she leaves. Laughing as she sees him go scarlet. It was so much fun to make him blush. If only she could show him it paid to be a bit more...rugged, at times. He might actually find a girl then and not drive her mad! The mechanic was already lost to him, she could tell. But what girl in her right mind didn't want to marry a doctor anyway? And Simon certainly wasn't hard to look at. She shakes her head faintly, chuckling at herself. If the boy could only learn to relax. Her thoughts on Simon stop when she spies Mal in the cargo bay checking everything.

"Mal! Give me a moment. I want to discuss some business with you."

The war vet raises his head a bit, then nods lightly. Heading on over.


"Just making sure you aren't spending more then you can afford Reynolds. Anything happens to my sister while she's in your care, you don't see a dime."

To make sure he got her point, she rammed her finger into his chest, making the bigger man grunt. He easing her finger aside carefully.

"Now now Saffron, don't worry. We'll handle your sibling like the precious cargo she is. No harm'll come to her. I'm a professional, remember?"

The red head rolls her eyes as mal straightens his suspenders a bit. Smoothing his hair back. He smirking at her, moving away as they touch down.

"Shutting down Capt. We are planet-side! Ready to disembark when you are."

Wash's voice cackles over the intercom, Mal opening the bay doors with a forceful jab of his thumb.

"Try not to get into trouble kiddies. We've enough enemies here. And not a word of why we're here. If Badger finds out, he'll want in. And I ain't of a mind to share are earnings with the little weasel."

Mals eyes roam over everyone lightly, they all nodding. None of them wanted to deal with the nasty little man again. Not if they could help it. He smiles brightly.

"Have fun then!"

He smiles at the lot again, heading off. Wash driving the ATV out, heading into town to go pick up the supplies before fueling the ship. Zoë staying with Mal. River and Kaylee quickly melting into the crowd, off to buy girly things and engine parts. Heading to the junk yard first, Kaylee knowing she could find good parts for cheap there, and a penny saved and all that. While she was busy being elbow deep in machine parts, River wandered through the rows quietly. Liking the quiet of this place. Just the hum of the ship over head, and the distant mumble of the people bartering over items in the market outside the junk yard. Not as quiet as the Verse, but it was a pleasant noise. To much quiet could make a person mad. To hear everything, but nothing, a deafening roar of an empty space. She shuddered at the though, the fear of that driving her to go back to Kaylee's side, staying close now.

"Not ready for how loud the nothing is..."

"What was that sweetie?"

Kaylee looks over to River, not quite having heard her. The girl hugging her suddenly, dark head burying in the softer girls shoulder.

"Don't make me go into the emptiness alone...can't handle it...not yet."

The blonde blinks, but drops the parts she's holding and wraps her arms around the trembling girl, hugging her close.

"Shhh....Shh...I'm not gonna leave you sweetie. Not ever. you mean to much to be Bao-Bei."

River sniffles, looking up at Kaylee with wide, wet, doe eyes. Clutching at her jumper front lightly.


The mechanic smiles, nodding, kissing River tenderly.

"Promise. Your stuck with me I'm afraid."

River gives her a watery smile, but it grows stronger. Hugging the woman again, relaxed again now.

"Ok now...? Do you need to go back to the ship...?"

The young witch shakes her head, smiling at the trouble, but cute, blonde before her.

"No, she-I, am ok now. Sorry to worry you...I didn't ruin the outing did I?"

Kaylee relaxes, smiling, shaking her head and picking up the drops parts. Dusting them off gently like a mother cleaning off a childs clothes gently. Smiling to herself, putting the less dusty parts into the basket she carries. River staying close now, helping where she can. Mostly by carrying objects to big to be carted by said basket. The mechanic grateful for the help. More then a little impressed by River's easy strength, though shuddered when she remembered how she came to get it. Even if the girl in question didn't.

"We'll have these taken to the ship so we can go ahead and start shoppin' for more stuff."

River nods in understanding, once everything on the older womans list was found they move, going to the owner of the junk-yard and paying for it all. Asking for it to be delivered promptly to the ship Serenity in the harbor. Paying for the extra expense, then going into the city market. Kaylee squeals happily at the sight of all the pretty baubles and the bustle of the place. River even smiling at Kaylee's glee. It didn't take the pair overly long to wade through the crowd and into the side of the market full of clothing stores

"Captain said your to have some new clothes, so lets get them first."

Kaylee moves, taking Rivers hand again and pulling her toward one of the stores. Eager to get the chance to try on actual new things. The last new garment she got was that lovely frilly pink dress. Now there was a bit of pretty. The pair finally settle on a little store tucked away into the far corner of the market. Kaylee liking the dresses shown in the window, and river liking how quiet it appeared. Stepping inside, the shop is immediately cooler then the hot streets of the market square. The woman owning the shp smiles in greeting when she sees the young women.

"Hello! Welcome to 'The Rim'."

River smiles quietly, watching as Kaylee coos over dresses and other 'pretties'. The mechanic ecstatic over a chance to get to buy something non greased covered. She gasping in delight when she spies a dress tucked into a corner. The material a deep, luscious red. Cut to hug the figure closely down to the waist before flaring out at the hips down to just below the knees ever so slightly so it'd sway when the wearer moved. She touches the material lightly, surprised at how soft it was. The girl at the register grins when she sees what she's spotted.

"Want to try it on? Its actually the only one in the store. I haven't been able to sell it. Don't know why, its quite pretty I think."

The girl shakes her head, Kaylee smiles a bit.

"It IS pretty...but I don't think I'd pull it off very well. River? I think you would look, amazing, in this sweetie."

River looks over from where she's studying a rack of rather flowing dresses she usually favors. She goes over, studying the dress Kaylee has her hand on.

"You want to see me in this?"

She looks over to her girlfriend, grinning a bit at the blush on the older girls cheeks.

"...Very much so."

River nods, turning to the shop keeper.

"I wish to buy this."

The girl blinks, then nods.

"Okay, but, don't you want to try it on first? It might not fit..."

"It will."

River states plainly, leaving the girl only able to nod. She coming over and removing the dress from the rack and boxing it up neatly. Handing it over to River. Kaylee pouting a bit.

"I can't see you in it NOW?"

River smirks a bit, winking at the pouting woman. Taking the box and hugging it to her chest.

"Not yet"

Kaylee pouts, eager to see how the dark haired teen would look in the pretty. She sighs, going back to shopping, knowing River wouldn't budge in her choice. The girl was still stubborn as hell. After an hour, the two finally hold a few new outfits, trekking back to the ship to lighten their load. They still had a whole day to fill with new things to do after all. Kaylee smiles to herself, hoping for the chance to take River out on, the thought of it made her smile, a REAL date tonight. Maybe if she spoke to the captain, she could even talk him into letting her and River sleep off ship tonight. And if things played out right, well, tonight might be VERY special for River. She grins to herself again, leaving her bunk, River having gone down to her room to deposit her new clothes, going off to find Mal before River caught up with her again.

"Captain? Can I ask ya for a favor?"

Mal looks over, he busy checking the new supplies to make sure they didn't get ripped off.

"What do you want Kaylee?"

Kaylee shifts from foot to foot slowly.

"Weeeell, I was wondering'....If me'n'River could sleep planet-side tonight?" Mall rolls his eyes.

"I already said yes to River! Don't need to ask me twice girls."

"Wait, River asked you what? If she could sleep off the ship?"

She looks surprised, then Mal groans, covering his face.

"Tzao-gao, I ruined the surprise. She ASKED me not to tell you!"

Kaylee grins happily, kissing Mal on the cheek.

"Xei-xei Captain!"

Mal groans, sighing.

"Rivers gonna kill me with her brain when she figures this out..."

"Don't worry! I'm not gonna tell. I'm real good at actin' surprised."

She smiles, kissing Mal on the cheek again. Skipping down to her room again, smirking a bit to herself when she thinks of tonight. Dissappearing down into her room with a giggle. Oh, tonight was gonna be FUN.



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I am not going to be able to sleep proper until the next chapter goes up (or until that image of Kaylee and/or River in that dress you described gets out of my brain). Such a tantalizing cliffhanger you've ended on for now. Eagerly anticipating the next chapter and the big night. ^_^

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loving this story a lot and i agree with cuda77 not going be able to sleep until next chapter is put up.


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