Remember Me - 12
Saturday, April 4, 2009

River and Kaylee finally get some 'alone time'


(AN: Sorry for the delay in update. partly work and I was sick as a dog for a while, but I had this chapter finished weeks ago, just haven't gotten around to posting it up before now. sorry!! I'm working on chapter 13 too, so hopefully will have that up soon. ) (disclaimer: only own the plot, not the characters. well except the ones I make up on the spot)

Chapter 12 ---------------------------------

Later that evening, Kaylee squeaks in surprise as slim hands cover her eyes. A slender but toned body pressing against her back, breath of the person hot against her ear as they whisper to her.

"Guess who."

Kaylee smirks happily, pressing closer to this 'stranger'.

"Hmm...Let me see. Is it....Zoƫ?"





She smirks evily, knowing that would get a reaction out of her captor. Gasping when the hands move suddenly, spinning her around and shoving her against the wall of the bunk. River pinning her hands above her head firmly but without intent to actually harm her, lips pursed slightly.

"Am NOT Doctor Brother."

She states firmly, body still pressed close. Forcing her thigh up between Kaylee's legs, pressing firmly. The blonde whimpering, nodding quickly in agreement. River smirking, kissing her quickly, then moving away before Kaylee can return the kiss properly.

"Surprise for you."

She smiles, taking Kaylee's hand, pulling her along now.

"What surprise Sweetie? Where we going?"

Kaylee tilts her head slightly, River grinning.

"Special place"

Kaylee grins, then sighs, Feeling to guilty to continue to pretend not knowing what was going on.


She begins to speak, only to have a slender digit pressed to her lips.


The little witch grins like a Cheshire cat, Kaylee blinks.

"But the Cap-"

"He is wrong too. Tricked you both."

She grins again, quite pleased with herself. Still pulling Kaylee along with her, outside by now, but not going into town as the older woman had thought before. Also finally noticing the long coat she was wearing, hiding her entire figure beneath it. Raising a brow, she moves to peak under it. River stopping her swiftly.

"Later, no peaking before Christmas."

Kaylee pouts.


"No, or you'll only get coal and no presents to play with."

The mechanic pouts once more, but behaves this time. Itching to know what was under the garment. What could her sweetie be hiding? The dress from earlier? Or...maybe she wasn't wearing anything under it at all...? The thought made her shudder, nearly moaning out loud despite being out in public. River continues to lead her on, reaching the edge of town, though not awfully far from the ship.

"Close your eyes, Time to get your present."

Kaylee closes her eyes obediently. River taking her hand again and leading her more slowly now. The sound of a shuttle door opening making her crinkle her bow a b it, confused. But she keeps playing along. Eager to get under Rivers coat, hopefully. She gets lead into whatever room they've entered, River finally gently pushing her into a chair. Kaylee squirms as she hears fabric rustle. Holding her breath when the sound finally stops, heart thudding quickly in anticipation.


Her brow furrows, since when did river sound like a cat? Well, besides THEN, she grins a bit to herself, then hears it again.


Her eyes snap open as she feels a sand paper tongue lick the end of her nose.

"A kitten!!!!!"

She squeals, taking the white and orange fluff ball from her young lover. River Giggles, sitting on the floor in front of Kaylee's chair, still in the over coat.

"Said you love kitties."

She nearly smirks, Kaylee squeaking again, wrinkling her nose at her.

"Evil girl! You KNEW I was expecting something totally different!"

The dark haired girl laughs again, making the mechanic smile.

"She's lovely. Thank you." She smiles at River again. "Does she have a name?"

River shakes her head, scooting closer, resting her head against her knees. Stroking the tiny fuzzy kitten softly. Smiling when it purrs, licking her fingers.

"No name...just a little soul."

She pauses for a moment, wondering why that phrase seemed so familiar to her somehow. Kaylee squeals suddenly, making her look up at her.

"Little Soul! Thats SO Perfect! We can call her L.S for short. Its such a pretty name. Do you like it, L.S?"

She holds the kitten up, laughing when it mews again before licking her cheek.

"See? She likes it too! Little Soul it is then. Oh I love her River...!"

She leans down, kissing her happily. Surprised a bit when she feels L.S get removed from her hold and placed on the floor of the room. Breaking the kiss faintly to see where the kitten went to so she didn't get in trouble. Gasping when she finally realizes just where they are.

"This is 'Nara's shuttle! All prettied up for her clients!"

River grins, getting up with a nod.

"Companion Mama has allowed us her dwelling for twilight. Back to normal by morning. Like princess in a fairy tale on Earth That Was."

She moves as she talks, Kaylee's eyes following her instead of the kitten as she disappears behind a changing screen in the corner. A light coming on behind it, allowing the girls silhouette to show through the screen. The blondes mouth goes dry, watching as River drops the overcoat at last. Her fantasy made real as she realizes River HAD indeed been naked beneath the heavy material. Rivers figure perfectly outlined, running her hands over herself sensually. Fingers starting at her hair, running her fingers through it slowly, letting it fall in waves past her shoulders. Fingers then moving to her throat, running slowly down to her collar bone, down to her breasts. Fingers teasing her nipples softly, making herself moan quietly. Kaylee groans without being able to help it. Wishing sorely she was seeing more then just a shadow. The physic smirks softly, hearing her. Those teasing hands not stopping yet. They finally moves from her breasts, trailing down her stomach, going over her hips, and down her thighs. She stops just short of touching herself, hearing Kaylee make a sound of protest and desire. Grinning she moves, finally pulling on some item of clothing. Stepping out from behind the screen.

"Wode Me..."

The blonde breathes softly, looking her girlfriend over slowly. River wearing the red dress from the shop. It hugging her slight curves just right. The deep red making her skin look like the finest porcelain, her dark hair and eyes standing out beautifully. The finest touch of make up on. Having had Inara help her. Bringing attention to her full, pouty lips that practically beg to be kissed. The young girl slowly goes back over to Kaylee, eyes locked onto hers. Kaylee unable to look away, completely under her little witches spell. The dark teen slowly lowering herself onto the blondes lap, running her fingers through her hair gently.


"Oh...yes...yes yes yes..."

Kaylee groans softly, moving, pulling Rivers lips down onto hers in a heated kiss. The girl moans into her mouth, Kaylee taking advantage of her parted lips. Tongue caressing Rivers firmly. River moaning into the kiss again, tangling their tongues together. Fighting for dominence in the kiss. Kaylee winning in the end, moving from her seat, River easily moving with her. Their kiss only growing more heated rather then stopping. The blonde slowly working River over to the silk covered bed, pushing her onto it softly. Her actions causing the kiss to break at last with a soft cry of protest from the younger woman. Kaylee winks at her lightly, stepping back from the bed.

"Be patient...I want tonight to be special, no rushing."

She smiles softly, moving and kneeling on the edge of the bed gently, moving till she's over River. Leaning on her hands to keep her body up. Smiling again softly, leaning down slowly and trailing feather soft kisses over Rivers face before her lips press against hers lovingly. Holding it for long moments before continuing her gentle exploration of her young lovers body. River moans, squirming softly at Kaylee's attentions. Having been waiting ages for kaylee to decide the moment was perfect to make River a 'woman' and take her virginity at last. She'd spent a few hours with Inara getting all this set up in hopes tonight would be the night. Thankfully, the Companion had no clients she'd need the shuttle for tonight, and had found a friend in town to let her borrow a bed. It was all working out perfectly. She gasps, thoughts quickly returning to the events happening now as Kaylee's hands join her teasing mouth. Making agonizing work of getting the silky dress off. Peeling it down slowly, kissing every inch of skin thoroughly as its exposed to the air. The teen mewls softly at the sweet torture. Hating and loving it all at once. Squirming under the mechanics skilled fingers and lips. She gasps, arching upwards as warm, moist lips close around a newly exposed nipple. Moaning again. Much louder this time. Kaylee smirks inwardly, tugging on the nub with her teeth gently, making it harder at her urging. She continues her assault, one hand moving, squeezing rivers other breast. Fingers teasing her other nipple mercilessly. The physic moaning loudly, nearly whimpering in want. The blonde squeezes her breast firmly again, moaning a bit herself at the increasingly fast thuds under her palm. Rivers heart racing due to her actins, loving the knowledge she had this effect on her. Pressing her hand closer, continuing her kisses downwards at last. Slowly finishing pulling her snug dress off. She moves back for a moment, much to the other girls displeasure, just drinking in the sight of her lover beneath her.

"Wu de tyen ah sweetie...your a beauty..."

Kaylee breathes softly, leaning down, kissing her deeply. River blushes, not something she did often, returning the kiss. The mechanic holds the kiss, one hand moving downwards. Soon coming to rest between the girls legs, stroking the damp folds slowly at first. River gasps, breaking the kiss, hips bucking up against Kaylee's hand. The girl not pushing into her yet, carefully stroking her. Thumb finding that hidden bundle of nerves, circling it slowly. Causing her dark haired lover to cry out in pleasure. Hips bucking up on their own again. She kisses along her throat, sucking on the frantic pulse there. Knowing a bruise would be left after she releases, looking at it in satisfaction.

"Kaylee, please!" Rivers plea draws her attention back. The younger girl feeling something growing in the pit of her stomach with each feather light brush of kaylee's thumb against the hyper sensitive bundle of nerves Feeling like if something didn't happen soon, she'd go mad. Kaylee kisses her firmly.

"Get ready sweetie..."

She purrs softly, moving firmly, thrusting two fingers deep into Rivers folds, breaking the membrane she'd always stopped at before. Thumb pressing hard against her clit at the same moment. River cries out loudly, feeling the pain only a moment before a wave of pleasure that'd been building steadily in her suddenly crashes down over her. Kaylee pumping her fingers frantically to help prolong the feeling. Kissing her tenderly as the wave finally passes, moving her hand slowly. Rivers body still trembling softly from the feelings, closed, breathing fast and shallow, pale skin flushed.

"You ok baby...?"

She strokes Rivers cheek tenderly, those big doe eyes finally opening slowly, dazed.


Is all she can manage to say at the moment. Bones feeling like they'd all turned to water. Kaylee beams happily, and a bit smugly. Squeaking when River apparently gains the ability to move back, and rolls them over. Pinning her down again with an almost feral grin.

"My turn."


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Reviews welcome and wanted!!

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Wo de mah...that was seriously hot stuff right there. For the love of Buddha, get the next chapter up ASAP because I simply have to see the continuation of this scene.

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10 i give this a 10 master piece my dear author its really good.


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