Browncoat Zone - Chapter Two: The Rescue
Monday, August 23, 2004

From the Journal of Succatash...


Continued from Chapter One ------------------------------

In a panic, I ran out the back door and sprinted down the street. As I fled, I could hear the sounds of Static shouting in pain, and the evil bird screeching victoriously.

I ran recklessly down the street, gripped with fear. After running past four or five houses, I lost my breath and had to stop. I gasped loudly and searched wildly for a place to hide.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. I nearly had a heart attack. I unclipped the phone from my belt and glanced at the display. ManiacNumberOne.

I quickly answered and gasped, “Maniac, I can’t talk right now, I’ll call you back.”

“Wait!” said Maniac, urgently. “Tash, don’t hang up.”

I danced around like I had to pee and replied into the phone, “But I CAN’T talk right now! Seriously, I’m on the run." I dodged behind a nearby bush and tried to hide.

“You are breathing so hard, I can barely understand you,” said Maniac, “Calm down. Tell me what is happening, so I can help.”

“Dude! Static is dead at my house!” I huffed and puffed. “We were attacked, and I had to get away! Some vicious bird has been following me, and then this big intruder showed up and wanted to kill me! I ran away just in time.” I sniffed, “I’m pretty sure Static is dead.” A tear rolled down my cheek as I crouched fearfully in my neighbor’s yard.

“Tash,” replied Maniac. “You must go back and rescue Static. Trust me, I’ve seen this kind of thing before.”

“No way!” I answered, crouched in fear.

“Tash. LISTEN to me.” Maniac sounded unusually commanding. “There never was a human intruder. The evil bird tricked you with an illusion, some kind of spell. The intruder wasn’t real. GET IT? Go back and rescue Static. He is all alone, and he needs your help.”

I stared in bewilderment at my cell phone, almost dropping it in disbelief. “What are you smoking tonight, Maniac?” I finally replied. “You sound crazier than me.” I continued, “I know how you like model airplanes and fancy gadgets, but this is WAY out of your league. I almost died tonight. I’m on the run!”

“Tash! You must trust me!” Maniac said urgently. “Go back! Static may still be alive. Bring him to my house immediately, so I can save him.” Maniac abruptly ended the call.

I shivered and stared up the street towards my house. It looked normal on the outside, but inside I knew death was waiting. I was terribly afraid. My cell phone clicked loudly as I snapped it back onto my belt. With a gulp, I started walking home.

I reached my house and peered in cautiously through the back door. Blood was splattered on my walls and carpet. The water in my fish tank was stained red, and two of my fish were dead. They floated upside down and stared at me accusingly with unblinking eyes.

Trying not to vomit, I stumbled into the kitchen. Dark bloody feathers floated in the air and stuck to the walls and floor. “Static?” I called, nearly choking on the foul stench of death.

I heard a gasping sound in the corner. I turned and looked down.

“Static!” I cried. The little warrior lay crumpled on the kitchen floor, unconscious and bleeding. His jetpack was full of beak holes, and the propeller on his helmet was bent and broken. Beside him, the demon bird lay dead. A small ruler protruded from its eye.

I ignored the dead bird as I knelt beside Static. “I’m going to get you some help!” I promised tearfully. “I...I’m sorry I ran away and left you behind." He couldn’t hear me, I knew.

I gently carried Static’s limp body to my garage and carefully placed him into the basket of my scooter. I grabbed some Bungee cords and strapped him in tightly. I put on my helmet and fired up the engine.

“Hang on, Static, this is going to be a bumpy ride!” I shouted over the noise. I lowered the visor on my helmet and sped quickly down the street towards Maniac’s house.

------ Continue to Chapter Three


Wednesday, August 25, 2004 2:08 PM


This is a really cool story so far. It reminds me of a review of one of my favorite movies, "Joe vs. the Volcano". The review began by explaining that most stories, movies, books, whatever, we've seen before. We like it that way. You immediately recognize a setup and the rest is just discovering the particulars. But sometimes we come upon a storyteller who doesn't play that way, and it can be very disconcerting.
I'm sure lots of people just think this story is weird or whatevery. Relax. Tash is telling a story. This is cool. I can't wait for the next one.


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