Browncoat Zone - Prologue: She's a Three-Layer Person
Friday, August 6, 2004

From the Journal of Succatash...


She's a Three-Layer person.

At first, I could have sworn she was a Two-Layer person. She smiled on the outside, but inside she was a snarling beast. Layer One was thin. It cracked easily and brought forth the rude demon I called Layer Two. That's all I saw. I was clever, never fooled by the flimsy Layer One. I kept up my guard against Layer Two. As I watched her approach, I mentally prepared a few snappy insults. But deep down, I knew I would never have the courage to say the words. I stared anxiously at my computer monitor and pretended I was typing something important.

She reached my desk and cleared her throat. I stopped typing and swiveled in my chair to face her. "Hi!" she said, smiling enthusiastically. "When you have time, I need some photos of the new office buildings." "Sure," I replied politely. "Just as soon as the construction crew can move their trucks. Should be no later then next Tuesday." "I SAID WHENEVER YOU HAVE TIME!" she practically shouted.

I shrank away in fear, and the wheels on my chair squealed in protest. Just then, Time slowed to a stand still. Her face looked contorted, her lips frozen in mid-sentence.

"Don't be such a pussy!" a voice suddenly buzzed in my ear. It was Static, and he was tiny. He floated in the air above my shoulder. He held a small calculator and a ruler. Instinctively, I swatted him away. Luckily, I barely missed him.

Static buzzed and fluttered angrily around my head. “Hey, what are you trying to do? I’m here to help.” He slapped me in the face with his little ruler.

“Hey what the…?” I protested. But Static just ignored me and began pushing buttons on his calculator.

Then he said as loudly as he could, “We don’t have much time.”

“For what?” I asked, incredulously. Static wore a jet pack strapped to his back with a propeller mounted on his helmet. As he floated, it tickled my ear and I started to laugh.

“THIS IS NO JOKING MATTER!” Static shouted. He smacked me above the ear with his ruler. That time, it actually hurt.

“Ok, sorry,” I muttered quickly. “But what should I do?”

“The Third Layer,” buzzed Static. “That’s why I’m here. You must find it within her.”

“She doesn’t have Three Layers!” I blurted. Static flew closer and slapped me in the forehead with his ruler.

“WRONG!” he buzzed. “It is your destiny. The time is now, you must find her Third Layer.” Then, Static mysteriously waved his hand, and white powder exploded in my face.

I coughed and gasped in confusion. When my vision finally cleared, Static was gone.

Like a tidal wave, Time suddenly rushed forward. I was back in reality, and she was yelling at me….


At that moment, something awoke in me. It was primal. And for one, brief moment, I finally felt alive.

“HEY!” I yelled at her. Thanks to Static, I knew what I had to do.

She took a step back in surprise, but I rolled my chair closer. The wheels squealed ferociously.

“You must stop being so mean and crazy!” I demanded. I felt very scared; I gulped and closed my eyes. The silence was unbearable as I waited for her verbal assault.

But instead, I heard the sound of gentle sobbing. I opened one eye, expecting the worst. But she was crumpled on the floor, crying.

I felt a wave of compassion, and knelt beside her. “There, there, it’s all right,” I soothed. I held her tightly as she sobbed and choked on the Third Level.

As I held her, I turned slightly, just in time to see a small creature fly out the window. I’m not certain, but I think I saw Static wave goodbye. I somehow knew he was proud of me, and I was certain he would return to help me again.

I stared in profound amazement at the woman crying in my arms. I could have sworn she was a Two-Layer person. But she's a Three-Layer person, after all.

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Sunday, August 8, 2004 8:08 PM


Um...dude, what were you on when you wrote this? That was definitely interesting, but....damn.


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