The Paintings Job
Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Set after The Message episode. Mal gets a new job and a new passenger. Feedback both good or bad appreciated


Finally Mal had been able to off load the Lassiter it had taken some time and in the end he took Inara’s help with getting a contact.


Mal watched as Inara’s contact Mr. Conte approached them. He was dressed finely and walked with a certain grace.

“Oh Mr. Conte how lovely to see you again, this is Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the Firefly Ship Serenity” Inara said as she introduced Mal to Mr Conte

“Oh Inara darling call me Edmund” he said as he kissed her on both cheeks. “You look absolutely divine”

“Pleasure to meet you Sir” Mal said holding out his hand waiting for obligatory handshake.

“Nonsense Captain I don’t do handshakes well not at the moment anyway” Edmund said smirking as he grabbed Mal and also kissed his cheeks.

Inara smirked knowing how uncomfortable Mal was. She could see him getting embarrassed as he pulled away as soon as he could.

“So we ready to trade” Mal said as he showed the Lassiter to Edmund who he returned showed the coin.

Both swapped at the same time.

“Well Captain I would have some more coin for you if you can do me a favour” Edmund asked

Mal was a might nervous and also curious as to this favour so replied “So what you need?”

“Well I would like you to transport me and some of my paintings to Ariel as I’m displaying them at an exhibition and I could use some help loading and unloading them. There is a good payment for you and it shouldn’t take no more than a day or two” Edmund said smiling as he looked at both Mal and Inara.

Mal has transported many objects and people in Serenity both legal and more illegal but he couldn’t understand why a fella with a plenty funds would want Serenity since they were other fireflys and transport ships that would be cheaper and more modern. Mal also thought about the last time they were in Ariel but the coin would have been needed and he hated turning down good paying jobs.

“Sorry Edmund but why Serenity it’s not the best built ship and some of my crew don’t take to kindly to visitors so why” Mal asked curious as to why he would choose his ship.

“Captain, this loving lady here Inara speaks very well of you and your ship and yes you are correct I can find many other vessels willing to transport me and would cost less but I feel Captain we have bonded” Edmund said putting his hand on Mal’s shoulder which made Mal very uneasy. He moved slightly so to dislodge the hand and turned to Inara.

“So you speak well of me and the ship?” Mal asked l

“Mostly of the ship” she replied

“Well Edmund if you wanna pay and are willing we accept the job” Mal said

“Captain I look forward to our journey and I will wave you with the details, for now I must go” Edmund said as he left


With everyone waiting in the kitchen, seated, happy and waiting to be paid in walks Inara and Mal payment in hand.

The hand over went very well and smoothly which Mal was happy about since it was Inara and not Zoe or Jayne who accompanied him. He never wanted Inara in the line of fire.

“So folks we finally got some decent coin and another high paying job thanks to Nara’s contact Mr. Edmund Conte” Mal said smiling to Inara as a way of thanks.

“Glad I could help, he is a charming delightful fellow don’t you think Mal” Inara smirking she knew Mal found him uncomfortable.

“so whats the job Sir” Zoe asked. She was always the one to ask first about the job.

“Transport this fella and his paintings to Ariel for an exhibition” Mal said.

“Ariel” Simon asked with a concerned look on his face he remembered that last trip to Ariel.

“No need to worry you and your sis keep out of the fella’s way and stay on board when we dock and should be no problems” Mal said.

“Who paintings on board Serenity now that’s shiny” Kaylee said. She was as usual her cheery himself. Everything was always shiny to Kaylee.

“So what’s the paintings off Mal cause if there naked women you are store them in my bunk” Jayne a big smile coming over his face with the that thought.

“Don’t know what the paintings of but they staying in the cargo bay. Mr. Conte can take the spare bunk while he is on board, the job shouldn’t take more than a day or two” Mal said as he left the kitchen.


“Oh Captain the ship is delightful” Edmund said as he made his way onto Serenity.

Zoe and Wash were loading the paintings on.

“Glad you like it Edmund you meet Zoe and Wash” Mal said as he watched both continue loading.

“Yes and whose is this striking fella as he pointed to Jayne was making his way down the stairs of the cargo bay ” he said

“This is Jayne Cobb” Mal said introducing Jayne to Mr. Conte

Jayne looked at the fella oddly and put out his hand but Edmund grabbed him and kissed both his cheeks. “Delighted to meet you” he said.

“Jayne pulled away clearly uncomfortable and Mal could relate but she still smirked.

“You have a delightful name” Edmund said glaring at Jayne

“You ain’t going to start to say it’s a girl’s name cause it ain’t” Jayne said defensively.

“No actually it is very masculine and rugged like you and I can see your all man” Edmund said smiling at Jayne

Jayne turned he was getting a bit weary of this fella standing in front of him.

“Any chance Mal I can get to lift some weights here now” Jayne asked

“Oh how delightful you work out, may I watch if you don’t mind I can get many ideas from my paintings by watching workouts” Edmund asked TBC


Wednesday, November 15, 2006 4:19 PM


Oh....this is not gonna end well! Cuz I would lay down good money Jayne will lose his temper mightily when Conte keeps hitting on Jayne or making comments one could interpret as flamboyantly homosexual;)

Still...I am definitely intrigued about where this is gonna go and who's gonna end up getting mixed up in this wacky tale:)



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