First Encounters: Part 2
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Inara moves into her shuttle and meets the crew. Set before Firefly Serenity Episode. Sequel to First Encounters.


Inara had got back to resuming her unpacking. Every item she pulled from trunks seem to hold a memory to her of a past client some she remember fondly and had good memories others were not so memorable. Then there was loud knock on the door. “This maybe the Captain apologising” Inara thought to herself as she went to open the door.

There in front of her stood a man clean shaven money pouch in one hand and gun in the other. Inara looked in up and down before she spoke.

“ Can I help you?” Inara asked still looking him up and down.

“ The name’s Jayne Cobb but enough with names whats the price I figure I should have enough here for a couple of goes.”

With that Jayne handed Inara who was quiet literally gobsmacked the punch and barged into the shuttle.

“You dressed awful fancy for a whore but that don’t matter too much you probably be out of them soon enough” Jayne as he began undressing, Inara just stood there in complete shock.

“Do u mind I like to have Vera here with me in bed” Jayne said

Finally Inara spoke “Excuse me Mr. Cobb but do you mind if I see your weapon for a minute I mean Vera is that what’s it called.”

Jayne looked at Inara and then down at Vera but he responded “Well ok just a minute don’t like people touching my weapon I mean Vera you can touch my other weapon all the time, Mal definitely did the right thing renting the shuttle to a whore, of course we can use my bunk too if you like”.

Once Jayne handed Inara the weapon she looked it over but cocking the weapon, releasing safety and aiming at Jayne.

“You sure do know how to handle that weapon getting me all excited lets get started” Jayne said moving closer to her.

Finally Inara flushed with anger spoke loudly pointing the gun right at Jayne chest and started pushing him out of the shuttle poking him.

“How dare you come into my shuttle get undress and act like a complete baboon, My name is Inara Serra and I’m a registered companion do you even know what a companion is? I think not you probably can’t even spell companion. There is a difference between a companion and a whore and one of those is standards. I made it quiet clear to the Captain I wouldn’t be servicing the crew not get the hell out”.

With that she pushed Jayne half undressed out the shuttle door and locked it after him.

Mal hearing the commotion was making him way to the shuttle when he saw Jayne half undressed.

“What the hell did I tell you she ain’t servicing crew no matter what money you offering” Mal said looking at the state Jayne was in near ready to cry.

“That woman is pure evil she has my money and Vera Mal I gonna kill her” Jayne shouted angrily enough that Inara could hear him.

Mal then start laughing “You offer Vera you must be hard up”

“No I didn’t she stole Vera and now I want it back and my money” Jayne shouted again.

With that Inara opened the door, walked out and handed the pouch and gun to Jayne and the remainder of his clothes.

She turned to Mal “I told you I would not be servicing your crew and I meant it no matter what enticements they have. This is my shuttle my home now I would hope you and the crew would respect that and keep out and only enter on my expressed invitation do I make myself clear Captain”.

Then she turned to Jayne “If you ever come into my shuttle and get undressed again I will hurt in ways unimaginable do you understand me baboon?” With that Inara left and returned back into her shuttle with both Mal and Jayne staring after her in awe.

Once inside Inara sat back down and thought to herself what have I let myself in for.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006 7:03 AM


Oh...this was all manner of shiny work, tammyy2j! Definitely loved the whole scenario, as you just gotta know Jayne would try and pull this kind of go se on Inara's first day;D

However, I do have a couple of niggling points to make:

1) Mal would have zero clue who Vera is at this point. To me, Mal was geniunely mindboggled in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" when Jayne appears with Vera and gives his "Six men came to kill me and one of them was carrying this" speech to Mal. So Jayne bringing his Callahan fullbore autolock (with the double thorough gauge and customized trigger) with him in attempt to get serviced by Inara? Kinda runs counter to established canon.

2) I have a slightly hard time seeing Inara arm and point a heavy-duty gun like Vera at Jayne with any kind of intimidation factor. I believe she can kick Jayne's ass in hand to hand and probably could shoot well enough for personal defence...but actually give off the vibe she could utilize a weapon that has ammunition that could puncture Serenity's hull with any kind of success? I can suspend belief with the best of them...but I personally have a qualm about how much firearms proficiency you give Inara;)

3) Her general demeanour seems a tad off. Even when flabbergasted, Inara still has semblance of rationality and control. Her threatening Jayne with his own gun and getting pissed off to have a minor meltdown? Uh...possible.

Don't get me wrong...loved this chapter to bits! Just wanted to give a friendly critique of some points that are a bit out of whack. Feel free to ignore my thoughts with all due haste if you're taking the piss when it comest to Inara's first day on Serenity:D


Tuesday, September 26, 2006 7:34 AM


I agree with everything BEB said and this was very entertaining. A little brushing up on grammer and spelling and you are so close to perfect you wouldn't even have to squint. Ali D :~)
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