Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Set after Miranda includes Serenity Movie spoilers.


No noise was heard as Mal stand alone at the pilot’s chair and looked out into the black. He had not been sleeping much since Miranda and even though River had taken to piloting the ship so easy he couldn’t let her handle it all by herself even though she could. The girl could anything she put her mind to.

He didn’t mind being on the bridge by himself as long as he knew all on Serenity were safe yet everytime he stepped up there he anticipated seeing Wash. Setting in his pilot’s chair, driving the ship or making out with Zoe something Mal didn’t not like interrupting especially since Zoe could handle a gun better than Mal even if he cared to admit it. No one had spoken about Wash and Book’s deaths since Miranda not least of all Zoe she kept pretty much to herself stayed in her bunk a lot of time only coming on jobs if necessary. The deaths affected everyone on the ship even Jayne. The mood on the ship was very sombre.

While Mal went to hit a switch on the control panel there in front of him they were. He caught the two of them and looked at them oddly.

“Never seen the attraction in playing with dinosaurs myself” he said to himself. He still remembered the first time he caught Wash with them.

----------------------------------------------------------------- (Flashback)

“So Wash we all good to go?” Mal asked as he entered the bridge then he stopped.

“What in the blue hell are they? Are you playing with dinosaurs? Please tell me you had some kids in here playing with them or even space monkeys left them there because I’m getting worried now Wash” Mal asked.

“No there is no kids or space monkeys in here, I will have you know that this is a Stegosaurus and this a T-Rex and yes Mal laugh I play with dinosaurs” Wash said looking at Mal who was in hysterics now.

“So you’re the pilot Tanaka raves about and Renshaw's trying to get you on his crew and you play with plastic toys well you learn something new everyday” Mal said still laughing.

“So I like playing with dinosaurs it that a problem with you Captain, are my dinosaurs not welcome on the ship cause I can always try Renshaw?” Wash said smartly knowing Mal really needed a good pilot.

“Now wait a minute hold your horse or should I say dinosaur there no need to talk like that your dinosaurs are fine long as they don’t interrupt you flying my ship.” Mal said

“Well Captain we are good to go” Wash said as get the ship ready for take off.

Just a Mal was about to leave the bridge he turned to Wash “You think you still have a chance with Zoe once she knows you play with plastic toys”.

“Wait one day Captain you’ll see me and Zoe it will happen” Wash said

Mal continue out the bridge smirking to himself.

“Yes I can see Zoe married one day to man who plays with plastic toys yes that’ll be the day, Wash keep dreaming” he said to himself.


“I never knew you liked playing with toys Mal” Inara said as she made her way up to the bridge.

Mal turned startled a bit since he was thinking about Wash. Inara smiled at him and stand down beside him in the other chair.

“Do you mind some company, I can’t sleep much” Inara said

“Me either it’s been hard since Miranda” saying the word Miranda made Mal choke up.

Inara could see that Mal blamed himself for everything that happened no matter what anyone told him.

With that Inara reached out and put her hand on Mal and said “You’re a good man Mal it wasn’t your fault”.

Mal could feel the warmth of Inara’s hand on his and he liked it as he looked down and then back up at her, he cleared his throat and finally spoke “But am I good enough for you?”


Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:16 AM


This was good. I liked the Mal and Wash flashback a lot. Wash isn't easy to write, but you did very well. Just a couple suggestions, though.

Definitely need to add commas. The lack of them makes reading this really difficult.

The flashback threw me for a bit. You might want to consider putting it in italics.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:25 AM


This brings home the loss of Wash and Book even more. Miss them like crazy! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 7:38 AM


Not a bad little read you got here, tammyy2j! Definitely liked the flashback, though I gotta agree with Leiasky and say some sort of indicator of it being a flashback would help;)


Thursday, September 28, 2006 11:31 PM


Thanks for the feedback i edited the fanfic

Thursday, November 2, 2006 6:57 AM


Very cute. I like that Inara came to him and found him wth Wash's toys. And I loved the question he asked her.


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