First Encounters
Monday, September 25, 2006

Inara moves into her shuttle and meets the crew. Set before Firefly Serenity Episode mentions spoilers from Out of Gas


Inara had moved into the shuttle, paid Mal the rent all three months in advance she had saved a lot while in Sihnon and she was a very popular companion could afford to pay upfront. She had not meet any of the crew yet and was weary of meeting them after meeting the Captain yet she cared not to admit it he had got under her skin. She had meet many different type of men in her profession and in life before but none so as Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

She was busy unpacking some of her things all different colours and fabrics many fineries which the ship had never seen before when there was slight knock on the door.

Inara went to open and there a girl with the biggest smile possible standing in front of her with engine greasy stains on her hands and forehead. With that out went Kaylee’s hand to introduce herself.

Kaylee: Hi my name is Kaylee Frye and I’m the ship’s mechanic.

Inara looked that at the hand and then at the girl and then shook it.

Inara: My name is Inara Serra. Would you like to come in?

Kaylee: Can I Captain said not to disturb you but I was dying to meet and see you. We don’t many visitors here on Serenity and I’ve never met or even see a registered companion. You’re so glamorous you must have many suitors.

Inara: I don’t why you don’t many visitors with your Captain being the most welcoming and inviting person I’ve ever meet.

Both girls smirked and then Kaylee looked around the shuttle taking in all the fineries she could see.

Kaylee: Why Ms. Serra you have lots of pretty things

Inara: Please dear call me Inara Ms. Serra is my mother and it makes me sound really old.

With Kaylee picked up one bright blue gown and then dropped in when she realised she still had greasy stains on her hands.

Kaylee: Oh Inara I’m such an idiot I’ve destroyed your pretty dress.

With that Inara went over to the dress picked it up and handed it to Kaylee.

Inara: No harm done you seem to like it a lot why don’t you keep it I have many and I’m always getting presents of dresses and have no where to put them.

Kaylee face lit up like a lightbulb she was so happy.

Kaylee: Thank you Inara this is the best present ever.

With that Kaylee left to leave and then suddenly turned to Inara.

Kaylee: I’m real glad you are on Serenity.

Once Kaylee had left Inara sat down on seat and continued her unpacking when without a knocking Mal walked in.

Mal: Well you sure have got a lot of clothes I didn’t think they would be needed much in whoring since your pretty much out of clothes a lot of the time.

With that Inara looked up at him and raised herself from her seat so she was near eye level with him. All this done gracefully everytime Inara moved it was graceful.

Inara: So Captain Reynolds I’m on your ship barely five minutes and already you seem to be forgetting some of the important addendums we agreed to like you only entering the shuttle on my invitation and not calling me whore. I take it sticking to rules and addendums is not one of your strong points how you are Captain of a ship I will never know.

Mal: Hold up a minute you’re on my ship now and I’m the Captain. Just came in to see if you were settling in ok. The crews are all eager to meet you especially young Kaylee she thinks everyone is shiny whore or not.

Inara: Well Captain I’ve already meet your young mechanic Kaylee and she is delightful. She came just ten minutes ago to introduce herself. She had no problem with being a companion and she was quiet interested actually.

Mal: Hell no don’t you go filling her head with ideas about whoring she is plenty happy here working with the mechanics of the running the ship she don’t need to be working with the mechanics of some fella’s pants.

Inara: Oh Captain you have such a way with words now please get out of my shuttle I’ve paid the rent so it my shuttle out now I will meet the crew later now out before I do some damage to your mechanics.

Inara could feel herself get flushed with anger and Mal has noticed this so he moved out the door.


Monday, September 25, 2006 6:50 AM


Sentence structure was a bit out of whack...but I could see there was a funny littl story here, tammy;)

Definitely liked how you had Kaylee meet Inara first, as it starts off their sisterly bond AND gives Inara a positive impression of the crew before meeting Jayne (and possibly Wash, since she might be offput by our favourite pilot's humour initially) and discovering she's got somebody worse than Mal in some ways to contend with;)



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