First Encounters Part 3 The Finale
Thursday, October 26, 2006

Inara moves into her shuttle and meets the crew. Set before Firefly Serenity Episode. Sequel to First Encounters Part 2.


Inara decided she had enough unpacking and decided to venture out to explore the ship half afraid of what she might see after her encounter with Jayne.

“Well hopefully I won’t meet anymore like him that baboon” Inara thought to herself as she left her shuttle and made her way around the ship. This ship wasn’t like any of the luxury liners she could have been on but she had wanted a change and to venture out to other moons.

Inara made her way to the kitchen and decided to make herself some tea she always found this calming.

“So you must be the registered companion renting the shuttle” a voice said coming from the door after her.

Inara turned and before her stood man with the most colourful shirt ever. She looked him up and down before answering.

“Yes my name is Inara Serra and you are?” Inara asked as she continued to make her tea.

“I’m Hoban Washburne but everyone calls me Wash , I’m the pilot nice to meet you” Wash said as he made his way towards and Inara and shock her hand.

“Well a registered companion on Serenity who can kick Jayne’s ass,” Wash laughed thinking about Jayne.

“Oh you heard about that” Inara smirking a liitle

“Are you kidding we will be talking about for this for while” Wash said

“I hope you won’t be following his lead will you since I told the captain I will not be servicing crew members” Inara said

Wash could feel himself blushing with thought and then answered “Oh no I have a wonderful beautiful wife who takes care of me very well and who could kill both of us with one hand and don’t think I could afford your rates which by the way how much are your rate”

“Yes that’s right honey but why you asking about her rates r u planning a career move” Zoe said as she made her way into the kitchen startling Wash in the process.

“No I’m just curious about the rates Inara this is my wife Zoe, but could you see me as a registered companion I think I be very pretty in all these lovely dresses” Wash said

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Washburne? Inara as she looked at Wash who was dancing around the kitchen mocking as if he was wearing a dress.

“Wash is your mama here? Zoe asked sarcastically knowing Inara meant her “No one calls me Mrs Washburne just Zoe” she continued.

“Well Zoe and Wash it was very nice to meet you both I have made some tea if you would like some, I must get back to unpacking and arranging the shuttle and by the way Wash if you like I can lend you some dresses” Inara said as she began walking out of the kitchen

“No I think I’ll stick with piloting wouldn’t want to see Jayne getting undressed at any cost” Wash said as Inara left the kitchen

“So Honey job went well and all on board safe?” Wash asked Zoe as he looked at her thoroughly to see if she was ok and seeing some cuts on her hands.

“Job went fine there was some injuries nothing major except for Jayne wanting to kill Inara for rejecting him like it never happened before and Captain well I think the companion has got under his skin a bit he kept talking bout her.” Zoe said

“I better go and get us in the air” Wash said as he danced out the kitchen door.

Inara and returned to her shuttle was continuing her unpacking she didn’t care to admit it but she had brought a lot of stuff with her.

After some while there was knock on the shuttle door and then without any invitation Mal strolled in.

“So you meet all the crew then, fine bunch aint they, well maybe except for Jayne don’t exactly know what to call him” Mal said half smirking as he looked at Inara.

“Yes Captain I meet all the crew all very welcoming some too welcoming. Do you remember one of rules was that you or no crew member would enter my shuttle without invitation” Inara said

“Yes that was a fine rule must adhere to it, well you look like you busy so I’ll let you too it, you have an awful lot of stuff well I guess you need that in your line of work” said Mal

At this stage Inara was getting riled particularly since she knew this would be turning into a argument and she really didn’t have the energy for this so she replied “I think it is time for you to leave Captain I’m sure there is other parts of the ship you could visit like maybe the airlock”.

“Now why would I visit the airlock?” Mal said before finding finally realizing what she meant. “Oh I’m going no need to start getting aggressive with me poor Jayne is still suffering the embarrassment and you know the rest of the crew wont let it down, don’t worry I’m going” He said as he left the shuttle.

Mal was making his with way up to the bridge when he meet Zoe “Everything alright Sir, everything ok with the companion?” Zoe asked

“Everything is fine why do you ask Zoe and why have you that look on your face?” Mal asked

“Well Sir I think maybe your sweet on the companion” Zoe said

“Sweet on her, well I never, are you on something Zoe, I must go and do captaincy things” Mal said as he continued up to the bridge.

“Oh Sir you got it bad” Zoe said to herself


Saturday, October 28, 2006 9:58 AM


Well now...gotta admit this is new. Usually any reference to Zoe thinking on Mal's feelings for Inara seem to come at a later date. Surprised just didn't get fed up of their banter and tried to get them to hook up;)



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