Boros Bound-prologue part 3 of 3
Thursday, December 8, 2005


Safe and Jack sit and wait while a crowd of people mill in and out of Destiny's Shadow. The ships captain, Soul, is overseeing the process, but the progress is still painfully slow.

Jack abruptly stops drumming his fingers and slams his fist down on his knee. "I've had enough gorram waitin', Safe! Can't you just fly this ship outta here NOW??"

"Jack, it ain't my ship and I can do nothing to hurry this up. Our business will just have to wait."

A gleam of an idea lights up Jacks eyes. "Why don't we just "borrow" a shuttle? We can be to Boros and back before this circus finally becomes organized. No one will be the wiser..."

Safe considers Jack's suggestion. He shrugs his shoulders, "What the hell, can't see as how anyone would notice...” He stands up and slings his rucksack over his shoulder.

Safe and Jack arrive at the shuttle bay in time to see the several people waiting for one of Sereni-tree’s shuttles, the Nelson, to dock.

Also in the shuttle bay are the Sereni-tree’s other shuttles. Parked on the other side of the gaudy orange General Lee, is the General Grant, clearly showing it’s age and is also the furthest from the crowd.

Safe nods toward the Grant, “I like that one. It looks…lived in.”

The two men nonchalantly board the Grant. Safe climbs into the pilot’s chair and guides the Grant out the open bay as the Nelson lands.

"That worked well", Jacks says.

Safe raises an eyebrow, “how do you figure?"

"I thought I was going to have to blow a hole in the bay door to get out" Jack says with a grin.

Safe shakes his head and turns the Grant towards Boros.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007 6:38 PM


ach, these shoulda been longer!
you've got a good deep vault of shiny things down here safeat!

ok - guys? uh, rope? a little help?....
aw crap -
jeez - well, (cough)
how long d'you think the air will last down h-!


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