Chapter 1: Boros Bound
Thursday, December 1, 2005

An off-shoot of the adventures on the Sereni-tree.


Safe pilots the General Grant to the space port at Boros’ capital city. The battered exterior drawing the passing attention of some folk. To most it was no different than any other ship. To one, it was of particular interest.

Safe and Jack disembark the Grant. As they make their way through the sparse crowd in the terminal, they discuss the pros and cons of large caliber versus small caliber........anything, as men with their history are wont to do. Their progress and conversation is abruptly interrupted a hand on Safe’s chest to stop him. Safe stops and slowly looks down at the offending hand and back up at the offender, a bald, overweight, greasy man flanked by two large “accomplices”.

“You plannin’ on donating that hand to science?” Safe asks quietly. “’Cause I’d be mor’n happy to do it for you if you don’t move it”.

Jack rests his right hand on his gun, the other still holding his rucksack over his left shoulder.

The brute takes in Safe’s steely look and Jack’s apparent ease, and lowers his hand. “That your shuttle?” He gestures toward the Grant.

“Depends on who’s askin’” drawls Jacks, never taking his hand off his gun.

“Word has it the Grant is from the Sereni-Tree.” The brute sneers again. It’s at this point Safe notices an angry red scar running from the man’s chin to his ear.

“What’s it to ya?” Jack drawls again.

“I got me some “business” with one of the crew.” The brute snarls, absently fondling the scar. “An’ I recon yer gonna help me find her.”

“And if we feel less than inclined to help “gentlemen” such as yourselves?” Safe says as he quickly glances over at Jack.

The brute smirks back at his two hulking cronies, “Well then, Hugo and Gordo here will have to persuade you real ungentle like.” As if on cue, the two grin and crack their knuckles.

Jack turns to Safe, “Hey Safe, isn’t there a leash law in this town?” He jerks a thumb towards Hugo and Gordo. He turns back to the bald man. “remember, a conscientious pet owner stoops and scoops.”

The two thugs growl and take a step forward. The bald man puts out his arms holding the men behind him. Safe chooses this moment to act. He lashes out. His boot catching the bald man square in the chest, knocking him backwards into the two thugs.

Safe turns and grabs Jack, who is in the middle of drawing his gun, by the shoulder. “Not now Jack, too many people”. The two run, weaving their way through the crowd.

“Safe, isn’t this running away?”

“No, it’s strategic maneuvering… now just shut up and run Jack.”

By the time the goons regain their balance, Safe and Jack have put a goodly distance between them and the chase is over almost before it began. Hugo raises his gun, intending to fire off a shot to clear the crowds when the bald man grabs his gun arm and hisses “not now you idiot”. The bald man nods his head in the direction of two passing Alliance soldiers.

Safe and Jack skid out of the terminal onto the dusty streets of Boros. The city resembles an eclectic mix of ramshackle rundown buildings and high tech new skyscrapers. The overall impression of the city is that the new is rising out of the old.

Jack looks back into the terminal, “I think we lost ‘em”.

Safe starts walking down the narrow dusty street, “Still not a good idea the wait around for ‘em to catch-up.”

Safe and Jack step to the side as a bicycle drawn rickshaw jingles past. “Who do you think he was referring to when he said her? And why’s he lookin’ for her?” Jack asks as he falls back in step with Safe.

“Judging by the way he was fondling that scar, I say our mystery woman gave it to him. I wonder if she gave him any others.” Safe says.

Jack snickers, “Well I sure ain’t volunteering to look fer ‘em”. “How are we gonna figure out who she is?”

“Lets look at what we do know. She obviously gave him at least one scar that we know of. The scar is clean, not jagged, so that rules out a bullet, dagger or fingernails. In fact, the scar is too clean, almost... precise.”

Jack stops walking. “Katanas?”

“That would fit the bill...” Safe stops and looks at Jack thoughtfully. “That narrows it down to Deuce or our winged warrior…”

“Butterfly Girl?” Jack interrupts.

“Serenity, I think it was,” Safe says. “That’s where my money lies. I’m pretty certain Deuce wouldn’t have left chubby alive. Then again, the Sereni-Tree is a big ship, an’ who knows how many other women on board wield katanas.”

“C’mon, lets keep movin’. We’ve still got business to attend to.”


Thursday, December 1, 2005 11:20 AM


Wheeee! My first fanfic mention!!!

I feel so honored!

Thursday, December 1, 2005 9:19 PM


yay! A Tree fic. Now that is cool!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 7:18 AM


^ Troll


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