Boros Bound-Prologue part 1 of 3
Thursday, December 8, 2005

Inspired by the Sereni-Tree thread and the wonderful writers that frequent it. And TheRealMe, his talent and work is what keeps that thread together. This is a condensation of the action from that thread leading up to Boros Bound.


The sun shone down on the clearing. The birds sang and chased each other through the trees and over the large space freighter perched in the middle of the clearing. The crew of the freighter, the Sereni-Tree, basked in the sun enjoying the long overdue break from the rigors of space travel.

The first officer relaxed in the cramped cockpit. The view from that vantage point more than made up for the close quarters. A dust cloud in the distance catches his eye. He picks up his field glasses for a closer look. What he sees makes his blood run cold. A hover-mule speeds towards the Sereni-Tree, leaping and bucking as it flies over the terrain, with crewmembers Piffle and Psy both hanging on for dear life. Just behind them, he can see the reason for their flight… REAVERS! It’s a horizon full of Reavers!

The ships alarm pierces the tranquility. “Attention all hands. We have crew incoming and they are bringing all manner of unfriendly... they’re being chased by REAVERS! The Sereni-tree is leaving NOW!! All hands on board. Mister Static to the bridge STAT!”

As the two big engines whine to life, the last of the crew scramble through the closing hatch. All over the Sereni-Tree ‘coms chime as crew members report in. “Jake7, laser turret #1 reporting in.” “Jazaf, laser turret #2 reporting in.” “Rat here, all hatches secure.”

Static bursts onto the bridge. “T.R.?”

The first officer, T.R., turns as the pilot enters. “Ok, Static, here’s the short form. Psy and Piffle are currently running from a very large horde of Reavers. How we didn’t detect them when we were landing… anyway, I digress. It doesn’t look like they’re going to win this race, so what I need you to do is a running scoop maneuver. Fly close to the ground, we open the cargo doors and we scoop ‘em up. Once they are on board, you need to break atmo as fast as you can.”

Static wordlessly nods, climbs into the cockpit and drops into his pilot chair. His hands fly over the controls. The view screens jump to life and the engines' whine becomes a scream, as the Sereni-Tree slowly rises of the ground.

T.R. keys the ‘com, “Jake7, Jazaf, lay down some cover fire. Try to buy them, and us, some time.”

Out of the trees on the opposite side of the Sereni-Tree, bursts a Hover-Mule piloted by two, unfamiliar, grim faced men. It streaks under the rising Sereni-Tree, headed on a seemingly head-on collision course with the other fleeing mule.

One of the men stands, a rocket launcher on his shoulder. At the same moment the guns on the Sereni-Tree bark to life, the man fires.

The missile impacts on one of the lead Reaver vehicles throwing bodies everywhere, but the horde just plows them under.

"This is going to be close Jack....too close...”

The man called Jack Grunts and tosses aside the spent launcher, and un-clasps a bandolier of grenades. "Just give me the word, Safe."

Enter Jack and Safe:

"Now!" The man called Safe hollers as the distance between the two mules closes to mere feet.

The man called Jack quickly pulls the pins on all the grenades and drops the grenades to the floor of the mule. Both men then leap off.....landing heavily and awkwardly in the fleeing mule.

Their now pilot-less mule, slams into the advancing horde with an eardrum splitting explosion.

"S'alright Jack?" "Ya, you?" "Coupla busted ribs. And a blackness closin' in. It work...?" The man called Safe asks as he slumps into unconciousness.

"Bought us some time, not a lot...." Jack says as he looks back at the horde.

"Sorry to intrude, name's Jack. My unconscious friend here's Safe." He grins as he introduces themselves to the frightened driver.



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Inspired by the Sereni-Tree thread and the wonderful writers that frequent it. And TheRealMe, his talent and work is what keeps that thread together.
This is a condensation of the action from that thread leading up to Boros Bound.

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