River's Diary: Part Six
Sunday, May 22, 2011

Part Six of the Diary of River Tam, some years after the events of BDM


An opportunity to write.

Our current job is on Santos, yet another center of discreet smuggling and michevious activity. The cargo is box after box of tea leaves, hundreds in total. Being at a loss as to the use of such, didn't stop the Cap'n from snapping at easy cashy money. I'm transcribing this entry on my datapad, as I await the crews return with the cargo. Pickup's not far, just a few city blocks away. I can still feel their presence, even in the roar of Santo's second biggest settlement. As crowded as it can get in the echo of the Black, I've grown acustomed to the constant presence of their minds.  Something of a comfort I suppose.

over and out - Pilot Albatross.


Tag, you're it.

crazy, laughing, no stopping this time. Around and around, statistics predict a thirty percent chance of landing where I am. Allie's laughing, laughing at my silly faces, chase her round and round the ship, careful not to catch her till she's done. Zoe's always greatful for a break from the littlest lioness. Cap'n comes to check on his Angel and Albatross, see's cargo shifted a mite. One step on the stairs, grip finally wears off, tumble, tumble, so slow, maybe if I hurry... Too late, he steps, and all goes upside wrong. So scared, Allies frightened, so much pain, something snapped, Cap'n cussing, everyones running, running, can't seem to move, ribbons of people unspool past the thing called river. I'm hiding again. Understand, won't comprehend. Everything was going so shiny...


Simple Complete Fracture of the Tibia.

Cap'n broke his leg, snapped like a twig don't know why it happened, haven't done anything again. Simon finds me, curled up tight, vents that don't really vent are still vents, just forgotten in their purpose. Wasn't my fault he says, just ill luck is all. Cap'ns going to be fine, sent everybody away, just wants to see me afore he sleeps again.  I can't go, won't go, he'll be mad again, make my head hurt like before, won't go through that again, please Simon, don't make me go. But I go, and I move, and my feet carry me down past Simon, to the Infirmery. Stupid feet. Cap'n on his back, left leg wrapped in layers of guilt and gauze. Kinda smiles when he sees me, thoughts wrapped in a haze of Morphine, easier to hide. Hey little one, you ok?. Five words, so different than I thought they would be.  My analyse indicates that in situations like this I should be inquiring as to your physical state of being. He chuckles quietly as he slips into a world of his own making, filled with pretty lights and Inaras face. I stay here alone, in the cold room that once filled my waking nightmares.

Time enough to harrass Simon later.


Just Another Drop Off.

we land on Dyton today. Cap'ns still laid up, can't even sit up all the way without help. But a job is a job, and Zoe's suggestion made him roar. Big kitty, can't fight back just now. Good idea, worked before, just goes against his grain. Half an hours time, Zoe will be heading out to the dropoff, with Jayne as backup.  And me.


The Misfit in his Mind.

will he choose, or will he stay, stay inside while others play?  Fight the fight that isn't his, loves a women that doesn't live. Want's a child that's never been.  A past not secret, his secrets not passed, a babble of voice you never hear, a silence unspoken in the sky still unclear.

you can't hear me anyway.

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-many a Thanks to my Beta, GreenKa61. wow! To six parts, and six more! Ji-


Sunday, May 22, 2011 3:13 PM


Just six?!?!?! I have a feeling RD will be going for a while longer! Utterly brilliant!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 7:34 AM


A few spelling mistakes to tidy up but very entertaining. I loved the phrase 'The Misfit in his Mind' but who loves a woman who doesn't live? Some parts of this stream of consciousness just leave me baffled. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 6:21 PM


well to be honest, misfit in his mind completely baffles me too. at this point I'm not sure who he is, or what he's doing creeping into the middle of my story, but here I was minding my own business, when suddenyl I write this piece that screams 'pick me! pick me!' so I went with it. River has a mind of her own ;)


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