Sun After Storm - Part 3
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know... it has benn a while but you'll see the fourth one soon. Thanks to my beta-reader, Desertgirl, she's the best!! This is just a little fluff for christmas...I hope you like it ^_^


Liz stood in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes with Inara, they were alone since the others were getting settled in their rooms and Mal was probably asleep by now thought Inara, a small smile gracing her lips. Liz took serving bowl Inara had just finished washing and placed it in the center of the large square table that dominated the room. She could not believe that they had managed to fit fourteen people around it that evening. She pushed the purple velvet and chrome chairs in.

“I remember you well,” said Liz, drying a plate and putting in the cupboard. “Your face is still the same even if you’ve grown into a woman.” She cast a smile at Inara, she was really glad Mal was sweet on this girl; she had this warmth around her she couldn’t explain.

“I’m sorry I don’t remember much about those months on Shadow except Mal taking me with him almost wherever he went,” said Inara, putting two mugs of coffee on the table as they sat.

“Yeah, you and Mal used to have us worried at home, Mal’s always running around looking for trouble and he took you everywhere he went but Valentina was glad her son took you under his wing, smart boy he is,” Liz grinned, recalling some of the mischief Inara and Mal got themselves into, and remembering it mostly had been Mal’s fault.

“Mrs. Reynolds was one of the most incredible people I ever met,” said Inara fondly. “She was very strong, she ran one of the biggest ranches on Shadow and no one dared putting her authority in doubt, not to mention she raised Mal, he learned so much from her... I think it was she who gave Mal his kind heart. He really was sweet, the girls used to drool on him all the time when he was a little boy.” Inara grinned.

“Oh but he still is!” exclaimed Liz.

Inara looked up curious about what Liz was going to say.

“My grandma used to say a little boy depends on his mother to take care of him,” Liz explained. “When he grows taller, it’s up to the woman he loves to take care of him. He’s in love with you Inara; I’ve seen how he looks at you. I can tell you love him too.” Liz grinned as she took Inara’s hand. “I’m just so glad he chose you… Fred and I worry about him like he’s our son. We’ve always hoped he would choose someone who would make him as happy as we are. From, the looks of things it appears as he has.”

“Thanks,” said Inara, her eyes filled with happy tears.


The next day, Inara woke up feeling Mal’s warm body wrapped around her. Careful not to wake him, she extracted herself from his hold and made her way to the shower. According to Liz, Carolina, Liz’s eldest daughter, would be arriving that day along with her husband and son. The previous evening at dinner, they had been treated to captures by Liz, of two-year-old Tommy. While she showered Inara relived those images in her mind, Tommy was adorable, even for a rug-rat.


Everyone looked surprised when they saw Inara and the captain coming into the room. She glanced at the captain, he had nothing on out of ordinary but she was wearing a dark blue sweatshirt which almost matched the captain’s shirt along with a white sports skirt and tennis shoes. She knew that never in their lives would the crew have thought Inara had such clothes in her wardrobe. In fact, she didn’t until a few weeks ago when she decided to buy some comfortable clothes now that she was retired as companion.

The crew was settled around the table along with Fred, Liz, Jurgen and Melanie. Carolina, Jan and Tommy were there too, Inara had vaguely heard their shuttle land early in the morning. The table was filled with food: toast, eggs, bacon, marmalade and brioche. It made her stomach growl with the intensity of a bear eating his first spring berries.

Within moments everyone in the room immediately returned to their conversations in the far corner of the room Jurgen and Simon were involved in an intense discussing involving a new type of diagnostic equipment that Jurgen was learning to use during his internship. The machine permitted the doctors to simulate a person’s brain along with tumors, muscle knots and even microbes that could seep into a person’s body. In the corner, Melanie was nibbling on her toast totally absorbed in a story River was telling her about ballerinas. Sitting opposite them, Jayne, whose plate was full of bacon, eggs and anything that he could reach, was having an animated conversation with Fred about hunting. Zoë and Liz were laughing about a prank Mal played on General Crawford in the war. Mal and another sergeant had put dog feces in the General’s shoes after he shouted at them earlier that day for getting a little tipsy the night before in celebration of the sergeant’s birthday. Jan and Kaylee talked about the latest design of a Mule, which according to Kaylee was the most amazing thing in the ‘verse – apart from Serenity obviously.

Inara sat down near Carolina while Mal joined Fred and Zoe.

“You’re Inara ain’t ya?” the blonde woman smiled extending her hand which Inara shook. Carolina’s eyes were green and shining like her mother’s.

“Yes,” smiled Inara “You must be Carolina, last night Liz showed us captures of you and your family. Tommy is adorable…”

“Speaking of…” Carolina said turning to intercept her son as he came tearing though the hall.

She stopped him just before he collided with Inara’s leg, causing the boy to teeter off balance almost falling on his bottom.

Inara hoisted him in up her lap as he giggled.

“Hello there,” she said, smiling as he gave her a sloppy kiss on her cheek.

“He likes you,” chuckled Carolina, reaching out and wiping her son’s running nose, “He isn’t usually so out-going with people he’s just met.”

Tommy didn’t like to have his noise wiped; he began to push Carolina away when he grabbed her hand but the bracelet dangling from her arm distracted him.

Carolina paid the child no mind, instead focusing her attention on Inara. “Tonight,” she said, “we’re going to Prinzipalmarkt, there will be a Christmas fair, I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas but the market is beautiful just the same. I need to buy some clothes for me and Tommy, want to join us?” she asked grinning, knowing no woman would refuse shopping in Münster.

“Sure,” smiled Inara running her hand through Tommy’s blond hair. “I have to do some shopping anyway.”


After breakfast, Inara found Mal sitting on the bed looking over some maps and accounts which she presumed were related to his next transport job.

“Hey,” Inara smiled; as she bent down to kiss him.

“Hey beautiful, heard you’re going shopping.” Mal pulled her into his lap, throwing the papers aside.

“Yes,” she replied giggling, “I’m joining Carolina and Tommy. Also, Kaylee wanted me to tell you Jan is taking River and her for a tour around the mule engine factory where his friend works; Oh and Jurgen is taking Simon to the hospital where Jurgen is doing his internship. How about you? What are you doing?”

“Fred is taking me with him to the city, not sure why, though.” Mal chuckled.

Suddenly Inara noticed one of the papers Mal had been working on which fell to the floor at her feet. Gasping, at the sketch, she lifted it up and looked at it in awe. Mal tried to grab it away from her but she held it high so he could not reach it.

“Ah, it’s nothing,” he pleaded, “just something I do sometimes, when I got time.”

The sketch showed Inara napping in their bunk with a peaceful expression on her face. He had done an excellent job emphasizing her features with the way he drew the shadows and light.

“It’s beautiful,” she teased. “I didn’t know you had talent with a pencil and paper.” Inara smiled as she ran the tip of her finger down the edge of the figure on the paper.

“There are other things you don’t know about me, baobei, ‘sides, my subject is a beautiful lady.” Mal grinned, rubbing his nose against hers.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, air en.” She kissed him. “But now, I have to get going, see you soon.” She kissed him again and grabbed her purse as she closed the door.


I want to wish everyone a SHINY XMAS AND A SHINY NEW YEAR =) LUV U BROWNCOATS!!!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008 9:24 AM


Tommy sounds too cute. I like this and glad to see you back. keep it comin and Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008 11:11 AM


Yeah when I was writing Tommy I was thinking of my little cousin... 3-year-old rugrat steals your heart when you see him =)Oh, and glad to be back thank you *winks*

Saturday, December 27, 2008 2:52 PM


Thanks for the fluff. You've really developed as a writer and I'm anxious to read more.

Sunday, December 28, 2008 2:26 AM


Thanks...I speak English a lot but it's not my native language so I just have to try my best ;) Though you better enjoy these few parts of fluff before we start having some turbulance!!

Keep flying and happy holidays!!


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