The miracle - part 2/3
Sunday, May 25, 2008

I honestly never thought about Inara and Mal having problems to get pregnant so this is actually a small experiment... let me know if it worked!!


“You want me to go first?” asked Inara tilting her head to the bathroom.

“Nah,” smiled Mal “We’ll go together.”

They have been trying to get pregnant for months now but didn’t get any results and they were getting worried. Mal wasn’t giving up but seeing Inara get a blow in the guts every time the result was negative was eating at him something fierce.

The hatch opened slowly and immediately their gaze fell on that blessed stick.

---------------------------- Inara ran from the bathroom, tears flowing like rivers but Mal was faster and caught her shoulders.

“No Mal, leave me alone.” she sobbed fighting against him until he managed to get her close and she relaxed in his arms and sobbed out her fear and sadness.

“Inara it doesn’t work that way, we’re in this together. You and me both – good and bad – it’s okay if it don’t happen the first time.”

“But we’ve been trying for months now!” she was literally shivering now, he could he be with a woman who couldn’t even give him a child?!

Mal rubbed her arms “Listen, if it doesn’t happened by the end of next week, we’ll talk to Simon, all right?” he lifted her chin so he could look in her eyes.

She nodded and went back to bed.


Inara was strolling down the market, her hands on the buggy in which her baby was babbling cheerfully. When they arrived at the fruit shop Inara bent down and tapped the infant’s nose

“Let’s go and get something tasty.” She smiled as the baby reached to the colorful fruit “I won’t forget your raspberries” she chuckled as she settled the infant on her hip.

“Good morning ma’am” a small old man greeted happily.

“Good morning” smiled Inara “I was wondering if you had any raspberries” she said not seeing the fruit in question.

“Anything for a lovely mother and such a sweet baby” he smiled kindly.

As she went to pay the man and take the bag, a man came on a mule and literally snatched the baby from her arms and before she could even scream, he was gone.



“NOOO!!” she jerked up, panting and sobbing.

“What is it, honey?” Mal shook sleep away and pulled her close he didn’t realize how much that nightmare scared her until he turned on the dimmer.

“They took my baby away!”

“Its okay, just a nightmare is all” he whispered in her hair ‘Ai ya, this nightmare rattled her up plenty’ he thought.

“Why don’t you tell me what happened? ‘S always good to let it out.”

“It started pretty well” she began “I was at the market carrying a baby but when I was at the fruit corner someone came and snatched the baby from me” tear started to fall again “I didn’t even see him…just disappeared…”

“It’s just a nightmare, Inara, no one’s gonna take the baby away I promise…” he wiped her tears with his thumb “don’t cry baobay you’re too gorramn beautiful for that…hush now. Everything’s gonna be okay, I’m here darling, go to sleep.”

Inara calmed down. She didn’t know how he did it but he was the only person who knew what to do whatever she was feeling, it felt good to be loved like this.

“I love you Mal” she whispered as she snuggled up against him and fell asleep, listening to his reassuring heartbeat.


Gee people, this is sneaky – thing is, I’m supposed to be studying for my impending exams (the reason why I haven’t been around too much lately). I will finish school in June so I guess that’s when I’ll catch the rhythm again… in between school an all I’m also writing the last part of ‘Because he loved her’ – no I don’t leave anything unfinished ;) Anyhow, I would really appreciate if you tell me what do you think on this part… comments have a way of keeping you going don’t they =) I’ll be giving mine as soon as I’ll be able to catch up with your stories,

Proudly M/I obsessed Kim


Thursday, May 29, 2008 5:52 AM


Womderfully written. I cried when the baby was taken. Good stuff.


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