Because he loved her - 7/7
Monday, August 11, 2008

So, this is the last part folks, let me know if you liked it =) I would like to say a BIIIIG thanks to my fabulous beta reader, desertgirl, for sticking with me till the end - she's awsome!! Enough of my blabbering, on to the story...


The morning after Mal was watching the beautiful creature in his arms sleeping; she looked like an angel lost in her world of dreams. He relished the fact that she was letting her walls crumble and bit by bit; he was finally getting to know the true Inara Serra. It wasn’t risky just for her either; the more he was getting to know her, the more his feelings were showing; and she was making him even more in love with her. Mal wanted to wake up like this everyday of his life. He wondered if she knew how he felt; knowing how good she was at reading people, she probably did. Maybe this knowledge was what made her trust him enough to sleep in his arms, Mal wondered entranced. If that was the case, it was more than worth it!


Inara woke up to find her face buried in Mal’s chest; she inhaled deeply absorbing his strong male scent. She found she enjoyed the feeling of waking up in his arms.

“Mornin’ sleeping beauty,” Mal said, smiling down at her as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Hello,” she smiled back. They gazed at each other for a few moments, neither wanting to discuss the events of last night

“Best go get breakfast ‘fore Jayne eats it all.” he chuckled as he nuzzled her cheek and sat up.

“No, I’m staying here,” she purred, snuggling further beneath the covers.

“All right then,” he said buttoning up his shirt. With a kiss on the tip of her nose, he was gone.

A tear slid down Inara’s soft cheek, he left so abruptly. As if she was going to attack him, maybe it’s because of last night, she should have kept her mouth shut cause now she was hurt and she wasn’t sure how much this wound take to heal.


A Few minutes later, Mal strolled down the halls holding a tray containing two mugs, one filled with coffee and one with hot chocolate and a plate full of fresh baked cookies. The crew teased him to no end – they seemed to get on well with Inara’s aunt, they’re going shopping today according to Kaylee. Louise didn’t tease him but he noticed the smile she had when she left the kitchen.

When Mal opened the door, he couldn’t help smiling at a sight more wonderful than a river on a hot day; Inara was curled up in a small ball, reduced even more by the thickness of the covers surrounding her.

He rested the tray on the side table and sat on the bed, shaking Inara’s delicate shoulder gently.

“Wake up, sleepy head.”

Inara opened her eyes slowly “You’re back” she smiled brightly, surprise washed all over her face.

“Why in the nine hells wouldn’t I be?” he asked, seeing the surprise on her now lit up but she obviously was crying “And why were you crying, anyhow?”

“Nothing, it’s not important.” She tried to wave it away but his facial expression told her that it wasn’t working “All right, I thought you wanted to avoid me because of last night.” she looked at the sheets beneath her in embarrassment.

He tilted her chin up and touched her lips with his “Well, you’re stuck with me for a while miss Serra so sit up and eat your breakfast.”

She complied with a smile that lit the chamber.

“Wow you really brought breakfast, that’s so thoughtful to know I’d be hungry.” she grinned. Her eyes shining when she spotted the chocolate chip cookies.

Mal gave her the tray while he crawled back in bed; he pulled the covers to his hips before taking the coffee mug. “Aiya, this is the real thing,” he said after taking a sip.

“Thanks Mal,” Inara put her hand on his arm to show him she meant it.

He couldn’t help the glint in his eyes as he spoke “For what?”

“For everything…”she replied, eyes innocently wide.

Their noses barley touched as their gaze locked into each others eyes, her eyes, soft chocolate puddles staring into his of sea storm blue. As if being pulled by a magnetic force, he drew closer until their lips met in a tender lip lock.

“’Nara?” he whispered the question against her lips, asking if she was okay with what was happening, he got his answer when she pressed her lips against his again. Mal deepened the kiss and they didn’t part until they were both forced to come up for air. Mal nuzzled her cheek, “’Nara, I can’t play anymore.”

“Neither can I,” she said, between planting small kisses on his jaw.


After spending most of the morning kissing and feeding each other cookies, Mal and Inara decided to face the day. Inara decided to spend the day by the pool with Kaylee and River while Mal figured he’d go for some supplies with Simon, Jayne and Zoe until the butler stopped him and informed the captain that Inara’s aunt wanted to see him in her office.

He knocked and went in after he heard a muffled, “Enter.”

“Good morning Mr. Reynolds, please sit down,” Louise smiled.

“Good morning ma’am,” said Mal, his smile showing how nervous he was.

Louise would have laughed hadn’t she been sipping her tea “None of the ma’am nonsense, I thought I had told you my name is Louise; although you can call me auntie if you want.” this time she couldn’t help a chuckle at the face he made.

The office was very nice; the rags alone must’ve cost a fortune let alone the oak furniture… Two enormous bookcases took both side walls while the side behind the desk was practically made of glass, showing a garden which could be used as a maze. But his eyes couldn’t help falling on a capture of Inara when she was about 11 years old; she was hugging a teddy bear tightly.

Louise smiled as she handed the picture to him “It won’t break you know.”

He caressed Inara’s face with his thumb then put it back in its place.

“Captain Reynolds, I seem to find my self in a bit of a bind, last week I was forced to fire on of the cargo captains that works for me at Serra Ltd. I’m not sorry to see him go mind you, he was skimming the cargo, but I am now short a ship.”

Mal eyes nearly fell out of his face as he saw the number of zeros on what looked like a formal shipping contract. He chuckled “I think there’s a typing mistake here, someone took the liking of pressing the 0 button on the keyboard.” with that sum of money he could by three other fireflies and keep them up for years.

“Not at all,” laughed the elder woman, “I don’t know if Inara or someone else told you, but here on Sihnon the wages are quite high. In that contract we’re also offering to register your ship with our company. My offer is for a six month probationary period after which either party could walkway. She looked honest enough, after this break they had to find a job yet and perhaps now that Inara’s staying and they’re heading somewhere, he should certainly consider making life more stable seeing as he was in for the long haul and if yesterday was any hint, she was too! Mal scratched the back of his neck. “Before I decide I’ve got just one question, what’s the cargo?”

Louise chuckled “How silly of me, of course. The cargo is cosmetics and exclusive silk dresses!”

“Sounds like a plan, then” the now very cheerful captain grinned as he signed.

“Now, that wasn’t the only thing I wanted to talk to you about… I see you and Inara are very close to each other, she has told me not to worry but I got to make sure she doesn’t get hurt so … are you in love with my niece?” she asked looking at him in the eyes.

“That doesn’t even start, Louise.” he smiled and she mirrored him. She was glad Inara snatched such a good boy.

“Good, now go tell the others the news.”

And that he did.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FINE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Soooo? What do you think? Good? Bad? Terrible?

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Monday, August 11, 2008 6:40 AM


A wonderful end. I loved it.

Monday, August 11, 2008 11:54 AM


For once a good ending where Mal and Inara actually get to have some good quality time together and don't end up yelling and shouting at each other! And that deal with the aunt, how sweet is that? I have a feeling the crew are going to be all manner of happy too. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 12:57 AM


Yeah, I wanted to do something with an aunt of Inara's for quite some time and here it is! I'm glad you people like it, watch out for the sequel =)

Keep flying ;)


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