Sun after Storms - Part 2
Monday, October 27, 2008

Sorry if I haven't been around much but school is keeping me as busy as a bee!! Anyhow, I'll be catching up with the stories I've missed so much! Thanks to all those who commented on the first part, I hope you people'll enjoy this one too =) Last but not least a BIG thanks to my Beta-reader, Desertgirl - she's my angel! Now... onto da show!


Inara and Mal headed towards the galley, the smell of bacon and toast filling their nostrils as they walked. The nearer they came to the enticing smell, the more Inara tried to disentangle her hand from Mal’s, just like she usually did, but this time he didn’t let go. She shot him a look, silently using her eyes to question his actions. His response was to pull her closer and kiss her. At first, she tensed from the shock of what he was doing on such a public place but it had to happen sometime so she just relaxed against him and kissed him back.

Kaylee’s squeal brought Inara back to reality and she realized where they were standing. She looked around; the entire crew was there in the galley, looking at the hatch where she and Mal were standing. They all had smiles on their faces.

Within seconds, Inara found herself in the crushing embrace of her best friend, who was practically pushing Mal down the hallway in her fury to reach Inara.

“I’m so happy for ya Inara!!” Kaylee stated, a huge smile spreading across her face.

“Thanks Kaylee,” Inara hugged back.

Before Mal had a chance to slip away, Kaylee turned her attentions to him, crushing him in a bone-breaking hug.

“I love my capt’n!” Kaylee said, grabbing the two of them by the hands and pulling them down the stairs into the galley.

“About gorramn time they stopped beatin’ ‘round the ruttin’…” Jayne started to say only to be interrupted by a slap upside the head so strong it almost made his head touch the plate full of food he was eating. River accompanied the slap with her best attempt at an intimidating look.

“She knew,” Simon said to no one in particular, “she always knows…”

River smirked at her brother, and stuck her tongue out in his direction.

“Brat,” Simon muttered. He was still smiling as he gazed upon Kaylee who had finally stopped fussing over the captain and her best friend.

“We’ve been waitin’ for this,” said Zoe, mater-of-factly, although Inara could tell Zoe was still smirking in Jayne’s general direction; Jayne was scowling and muttering something about small crazy moon-brains.

“Okay, people we can get back to breakfast.” Mal smiled as he started filling his plate with food.

“Finally,” said Jayne, earning another slap from River.


Later that day as Mal was waiting for the wave screen to connect, he found himself staring at an old capture of his mama’s former ranch hands and their family. It was must have been taken at one of their winter shindigs; the ground was covered in white. His mother was sitting on a wooden bench, talking with Liz Mittmann, a honey-brown haired woman with shining green eyes who was holding her 4 year-old son, Jurgen. In the background, you could see Liz’s husband, Fredrick, whom everyone called Fred; he was showing a capture to Mal and Carolina, his eldest daughter. Their youngest daughter, Melanie wasn’t even born then. She must be nine years old now, last he seen her she was about five and that had only been for a few days because he had to do a delivery there. He knew Carolina, who was a bit younger then him was now married to an architect, Jan Rademacher and they now have a two-year-old son, Tommy. He also seemed to remember that Jurgen was studying to be a cardiologist. Mal smiled as he thought of them, Liz was going to hit the ceiling once he told her about Inara and that they were visiting.

“Mal!” Liz’s cheery face appeared on the wave screen. She was wearing an apron, probably was preparing dinner already. “’Bout damn time you decided to show me that pretty face my boy… ever think of visiting us, Melanie sometimes still asks about her playmate, ya know!”

Melanie’s teasing voice could be heard loud and clear, in the background. “Yeah he promised me. Is he really too busy with his girlfriends to come and play with me?”

“Bi zwaei, Mel! And go get your homework ready!” yelled Liz before she turned to the screen again.

“Actually, that’s what I’m wavin’ you about. Serenity’s landing’ on Münster today.”

“What?” Liz shrieked her eyes bugging out in excitement. “Malcolm Reynolds, if your pee-goo doesn’t show up here by this evening, I will personally track you down and your doctor will have to sew up a new hole in you.”

“That is my intention Liz; calm down and give me the coordinates,” smiled Mal. Liz was the sweetest woman ever lived but woe is the person who says no to her.

Liz glared into the screen, giving Mal the feeling she was attempting to peer into his soul. “What are you hiding from me boy?” she finally asked.

“What?” he replied, a bit flustered.

“You have a new spark, you’re happy.” She glared at him a minute more. “I bet it’s a woman. So, who is she?” Liz’s face formed a mischievous grin, but Mal knew he had no choice but to answer.

“You know her,” Mal smirked.

“Really?” Liz replied, confusion on her face. “Okay, now you really have to tell me…”

“Remember Celine? The girl who came on Shadow for two, three years when I was a little tyke, then went back to the core?”

.“Sure, I remember.” she nodded, smiling fondly. “Celine was real pretty and you two were always running around together. If I remember right you took her under your wing when Annie went against her. She sure was a sweet girl; I wonder what ever became of…” Liz stopped talking so abruptly, Mal had to wince. “Wait, you…it’s her? It’s Celine?! Where did you run into her again? Guess your momma was right when she said that first love never dies, huh?”

“Yeah, although it’s not Celine – I mean it is Celine, it’s …”

“Cut the Fei hua Mal,” She glared at him. “Is it or is it not Celine?! Damn it Mal, the suspense is killing me!”

“It’s Celine but she now goes by her real name, Inara. Celine was her mother’s name, Folks on Shadow called Inara Celine because she looked much like her mother who had died just before she came to us,” Mal finished his speech in a rush, out of breath.

“Oh,” Liz replied considering what Mal had told her. “I remember now that she had lost her ma when she still was so little, I’m sorry for that. It’ll be so good to see her again; she was such a sweet girl, she must be beautiful if she looks anything like when she was a small kid.”

“Yeah,” Mal sighed, imagining his sweetheart. “Prettiest thing I ever laid eyes on; and she’s not only beautiful on the outside. She’s strong, loyal, kind, she never ceases to call me on things – hell, she could knock me off whenever she wants to! Oh, damn, I’m rambling.” He chuckled, realizing he had been going on to long; but aiya, that wonderful woman made him do all kinda things he’d never thought he’d do. “Suo-yo duh doh dhr-dang, my boy…you’re so in love not even a lifter get you out!” Liz laughed heartily and Mal could not help but join her. -----------------------------------

Serenity landed on the Mittmann’s property late that afternoon; Mal barely had the chance to get off the ramp before a blonde nine-year-old girl with big blue eyes rushed into his arms and squealed as he spun her around.

“You came!” Melanie laughed before she gave him a big kiss on the cheek, her blonde hair was bunched up into a ponytail and her blue eyes are shining. “Of course I came,” Mal replied smiling at the girl in his arms. “Wouldn’t wanna break a promise now, would I?”

Mal heard a little chuckle behind him and turned to see his entire crew quickly hiding their smirks.

Fred, who was sitting on the fence post watching over his daughter, brushed the dirt off his hands and strolled up the ramp, probably just came from work. He had aged since Mal had last seen him, the wrinkles on his brow and forehead, showed that though the hard labor of working a ranch had made him still appear strong as an ox.

“Malcolm Reynolds! You son of a…how are you?” said Fredrick, he hugged Mal lifting him a bit off the floor. Fred was at least a head taller than Mal and more built and obviously older with a kind face.

“Mal! How have you been my boy?” cried the kind-faced, woman coming from behind Fred. Liz had quite a petit form, her honey brown hair was tied into a bun and her kind green eyes were shining with tears.

“Oh I’m fine, more than fine!” Mal smiled, grabbing Inara’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Who are the people?” asked Melanie, leave it to a kid to cut to the chase.

“Oh sorry,” Mal replied. “This is my first mate Zoe, you’ll remember her, she’s been with me since the war.”

Liz gave Zoe and big hug welcoming her back to the ranch; as did Fredrick.

Mal pointed next at Kaylee “You’ll remember Kaylee as well our mechanic. Next to her is Simon our doctor. River’s the doc’s sister. That’s Jayne and this here’s Inara...” Mal finished with a wink.

Liz greeted everyone, giving Inara an especially long embrace. “Great to meet you all! Let’s go, dinner’s waitin’.”


River reads minds... I read comments =)


Monday, October 27, 2008 4:16 PM


Always good!!! I like the way you've been writing Inara.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 2:08 AM


Lol at River slapping Jayne and your little I read comment's bit.

I like this new family, hope nothing bad is on the horizon for them.

Sunday, November 2, 2008 3:09 AM


Thanks! The story mostly revolves around Mal and Inara so I thought I should write some "crew time" =) but I promised you I'd focus a bit more on Mal's family - and I always keep my promises ;)


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