A Story from a Book-Part 6
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I own nothing, not firefly, Serenity, or A Raisin in the Sun, or that one line from history.


Ten Bear and Minh ran, panting as they went along, still unable to stop crying. Ten Bear's knife was in his hand, it's blade red with blood. Minh had the purplebelly officer's gun in his hand. The sounds of gunfire echoed across the rainforest. Ten Bear and Minh ran, panting as they went along, still unable to stop crying. Unable to clear the image of Rabbi Benjamen's hole-riddled body. Or the Alliance officers, clutching his bloodied neck, squirming on the floor. Ten Bear and Minh ran, panting as they went along, still unable to stop crying. Finally, they reached the edge of the village, and then stopped. Both couldn't stop shaking. Nor could they loosen their grips on their weapons. After a while, they manage to achieve both objectives. After regaining some sense, Ten Bear wiped the blood off of his knife with the ground, and Minh hid the gun in his pocket. Ten Bear looked at Minh. "What just happen?" He knew what had happen, but he still couldn't believe it had. Minh looked back at him. He knew what had happen too, but he too couldn't believe it. "Well, apparantly, the Alliance sends an IAV Carrier to New Inca, deploys about a thousand troops, they open fire, kill a Rabbi and a dozen others, and conquer Daves Dock. The question now is what to do." He paused. "What do we do now?" Ten Bear looked at his village. "I guess we fullfill Rabbi's last wish and warn them." The pair walked, very slowly, and very painfully as the fatigue from the running was still with them. When they reached the first house, they were overrun by the frightened, sleep-deprived villagers. The Mayor, Joseph Asagai, of Nigerian descent, spoked first. "What has happen? Where have you two been? What are those noises coming from the East?" Before either of them can speak, their parents come forth. Ten Bears mother, Adsila, slaps him across the face, as Minh's mother, Ai', followed the suit. "What were you thinking?! Do you know how worried I was when I found that you weren't asleep in your bed when I first heard the blast? You could have died!" Adsila shouted. With fresh tears coming out Ten Bear said, "Rabbi Benjamen is dead. The Alliance shot him down and took over Daves Dock. The streets were littered with peoples dead bodies. And now they are on there way here." "The hell they are!" shouts Mr. Cortez, father of Maria Cortez. "I be dammed if they take my world without a fight. Rally your guns boys and lets show the Alliance how we do things around here." Cheers spread from every able-bodied villagers and they start grabbing their guns. "Stop this nonsense! We can't beat the Alliance," Asagai shouted. "We must seek peace with them or else we are lost." "Thats what Rabbi and several others tried to do before they were murdered. There's no stopping them now. It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!" Minh countered, encouraging more cheers. Ai' looked at him hard. "This is a grownups talk. You shut the hell up and stay out of it." "No let him speak. This is our childrens world as it is to there parents. They must have a say in its future," Cortez defended. "Can I make a suggestion that is sensible?" asked a squirrel-faced 19-year old, whose name happens to be Squirrel. "We have no army, and no means of defeating the Alliance warmachines. I suggest we move into the mountains and the old mines for protection, to get the non-combatens out of harms way. Regroup with the other villages. Then we hit the Alliances when they're least expecting it and run away before they can react, to hit them again later." Nods of agreement rose. "Yeah," agreeing Minh said. "Yeah, strike hard, fast, then strike again. Guerrilla warfare. Eventually, the purplebellies will give up and leave. We can win!" More cheers ranged, until Asagai restored order. "Before we do anything, we should vote. For those who want to stay raise your hands," no one did, "Those who want to head for the mountains..." everyone raised their hands. "Alright then. We leave in one hour. Pack up all nesassary items and meet up at the Southside of the village." * * * Within an hour, the village people left.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 3:58 PM


Your on fire Admiral! whoop-whoop! :D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 4:10 PM


Yup. this is getting really good. :))


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