A Story from a Book-Part 5
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is where the action finally starts. I own nothing


The famed soldiers of the Alliance happen to be nothing more than 18-30 year old draftees. They had not had enough training in discipline. As a result, when the first shot was fired, they panic and open fired. A couple of the representatives and dozens of other onlookers in the open were shot down immedietly before Tommy Gunpowder manage to pull out his revolver and shoot a purplebelly in the face. Scores of citizens of Daves Dock had been waiting for the Alliance to open fire upon them and began pulling out their guns. "Fall back to the ship, quickly!" Book ordered. His troops retreated as the doors began closing. Ten soldiers where already dead. After the rest made sftly on the ship, Bokk leaped in quickly before the door sealed on him. He could still hear the sounds of bullets bouncing off the sides and he made his way to the helm. Esign Dereck turn to him as Book appeared. "Sir, we're receiving a message from the Odysseus." "Put it on screen." The Operatives face appeared. "Colonel, what the hell happen down there?" "A shot from an unknown perpetreator has been fired. My troops panic and opened fired. Then the natives fired back. I lost ten of my soldiers." The Operatives face was stern. "Then have the other transport unload their troops and tack the Dock by force. If they want it rough then they can have it that way. Do it quickly." The Operatives image faded away. Book sighed heavily. The situation was really out of hand now. He still felt uneasy about this operation, even more so with a counter-attack, but orders were orders. "Contact the other ships and tell the CO to shoot anyone being hostile and restore order." * * * Ten Bear and Minh stared horrified and the bullet ridden body of Rabbi Benjamen. Tears poured from their faces as they tried to assure him that he was going to be alright. There was no fooling him though. "Don't worry about me. God has decided that my time has come. But please, leave this place and warn our village of what has happen. Tell everyone to run and hide. Leave, now!!" Before the boys could protest or attempt to carry him away, gun shouts and screams reached their ears from the other side of the settlement. Daves Dock citizens-soldeirs began to throw up barricades, and fire from behind them. They held for a solid fifteen minutes before rollers stared rolling to them. Then they hot-tailed it. Or at least those who happen to be in the streets and without holes in there backs. Those stuck inside their homes continued fireing lead at the purple-bellies but one-by-one the houses fell. Ten Bear and Minh tried to flee as well but a shell exploded near them and they were blown into what was a local bar. Before they could get up and out an Alliance officers, armed with a Beretta Model 92FS, entered. Hiding behind the bar, Ten Bear began breathing heavily. Then the officer noticed Minh who was regaining conciuos on the floor. As the officer grabbed him, Minh struggled to get away from him. Fearing for his friend, Ten Bear did what he forever regretted. He didn't think, just acted. Leaping from his hiding place, Ten Bear landed his right elbow on the officers head. As Minh fell to the ground, again, and as the officer raised his weapon, Ten Bear pulled a Native American style, knife, with a rawhide sheath from the sleeve in his left arm, and swung it across the officers neck. The Officer gurgled for a moment and fell backwards, dead. MInh and Ten Bear stared, horrified even more than when Rabbi was killed. Then Minh took the officers gun and the two of them ran for their lives and village. * * * Within two hours of desparate house to house fighting, Daves Dock fell to the Alliance. Soon, news spread of the aggression and New Inca geared up for a war they didn't want nor could possibly win.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 4:39 PM


Oooooo...This is getting good. More more more!!! :))

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 11:59 AM


it keeps getting better and better! :)


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