A Story from a Book Part-2
Friday, January 25, 2008

Here we all get a closer look at Book. I own nothing. its all Whedon's, blame him. Also a qoute from Abe Lincoln isn't mine.


Colonel Meria Book stood on the bridge of the IAV ODYSSEUS. Staring down at the planet called New Inca, Book mused to himself why the the Alliance would care to send a carrier to this place. It was one of the farthest planet in the 'verse, even to other outer worlds. Whats the importance of this place? "Sir the High Command is hailing," Ensign Derrick informed. "Put her on screen," Book ordered. Standing at 5'11", and wearing the standard Alliance grey uniform, Book is physically built compared to most officers. Signs of grey were showing in his short cut hair. The image of the High Command appeared. She was of German descent, her red hair rolled into a bun, and stood with rigid confidence. "Colonel Book, have you arrived to your destination?" "Yes, High Comander. he locals haven't responded to our presence yet and there has been no action. Shall I deploy down to the planet?" "No. An Operator has beenassign to accompany you and will arrive shortly. You are to give full cooperation to him as he will be your commanding officer. Is that clear?" "Yes High Commander." Saluting, as the image faded, Book sighed. He has nevered met an Operative before and didn't know what to expect. He was taught that they were to be givin complete obedience as they act on orders of Parliment itself. The thought of being surbordinated to that kind of power wasn't pleasent. As promised, another vessal arrived, a Firefly-classed ship. Why someone like an Operative would choose that kind of ship for transort was beyond Book. The Coloel stood waiting at the hanger door when the Operative entered. Of Chinese descent, the Operative was 6'4", wearing plain civilian clothes and was completely bald. Book gave a salute which the Operative replied with a wave, "At ease Colonel." Book didn't relaxed as the two walked to the bridge. "I hope your passage was bearable sir." "It was okay for a spell. But we must get down to business. Has the locals made any contact yet?" "No sir." "In that case we'll have to go done their ourselves. Start sending the troops into their transport armned and ready." Book frowned then replied,"Permission to speak sir." "Granted." "I believe the locals would find that as an invasion an become violent. I think it would be best to talk to the leaders first." "Our orders are to occupy the planet, and secure it, with or without the leaders consent. And Frankly, they don't even have any leaders." They reached the bridge. Book sounded dubious when he said, "Yes sir." Sensing that, the Operative responded, "Does something bother you Colonel?" When he hesitated, the Operative said, "You won't be penalized for your answer." "I just don't understand why we are here. New Inca had only been terraformed five years ago, is filled with nothing but rainforest, and 800 settlers. It's so far out that the closest planet to it is a blackrock called Miranda, and there have been no evidence that the Browncoats have comed here for support. There is no value in this place. Why have we been sent here when we can be more useful somewhere else?" For a long moment the Operative was silent. Then he asked, "Do you believe in God Colonel?" "No sir I'm athiest." "So what do you believe?" "I believe in the Alliance. That the Alliance is the only power in the 'verse that is the 'last best hope for mankind' and we will all be better off with it." "Then you understand that though you can doubt our operations here, the Alliance has good reasons for it and only good will come from what it says to do. Is that understood Colonel?" "Yes sir."


Saturday, January 26, 2008 10:37 AM


its good and thats all i can say :pppp
bwahahahahahaha! i :p you! you should write a fanfic about when we got attacked. lol


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