A Story from a Book-Part 4
Sunday, April 13, 2008

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"I've said this before and I'll say it again, 'This is a shitting idea.'" Ten Bear complained. The two were paddling there transport for almost a half-hour. The muddy forest floor wasn't suitable for wheels added to a paddle-boat. "Quit yapping, we're nearly there," Minh retorted. He looked just as tired as Ten Bear. "Just a few more minutes and we will see the docks." "That's what you said a few minutes ago, word for word!" Ten Bear stopped paddling immedietly, got out and started walking to the other direction. Minh had to stopped too, without someone to help him paddle his "transport." "Where are you off too? I was serious when I said we were nearly there." "You don't know where your going. You're lost and I don't want to get dragged down with you because of this foolhardy venture of yours, dammit!" "So you would rather wait while the Alliance hovers above our orbit, wondering in fear whether they're gonna blow us out from space? We need to know what's going on. We need to get to Daves Docks." Ten Bear stopped and looked at him with frustration. "That would be easier if we had a fucking direction to go by or some guiding star." He continued walking until he came to a clearing that allowed a peek into the sky amist the huge trees of the rainforest. "Look up there. Do you see some North sar to point us the right way? No! No star, no light, no angel, nothing(he raised his arm to point) to point- Zzoon! Zzoon! Several Striker-class war vessals flew overheard in the direction Ten Bear was pointing. Then Several more passed. Ten Bear and Minh looked overhead, looked at each other, then in the direction the planes went. The two immedietly started running in the right direction. * * * The Firefly transport Colonel Book commandeered landed on the landing platform. Daves Dock, being the only dock on New Inca, was the most populated town on the planet, the definition of population being some 550 people. That number shranked to 275 when news of the Alliance approach spread. As his 35 soldiers spread out, a few natives, led by a Rabbi, walked up to greet him. The Rabbi extended his hads. "Hello there good sir. I'm Rabbi Benjamen, and these are the representatives of New Inca. How can we help you?" Colonel Book accpeted the handshake, and went straight to the point. "The Alliance is here to occupy this planet and guard it from any possible dangers that may befall on its inhabitants. All that we ask is your cooperation for a 10:00 curfew will be placed, and that you allow my troops food, water, and shelter." The Rabbi frowned. "Colonel, if may ask, what dangers could possibly befallen us? We are far from the core, and we are just common folks that live peacefully with one another. What need is there for a IAV?" "The Independents will no doubt come and threatened your safety, for they will find use of this planets for there war effort's-" "Like what you guys are doing right now?," one of the other representatives interrupted. "The conflicts between the core and the outer worlds has no meaning to us as we will to them. You just want to use us." Now Book frowned. "I assure you our intentions are honorable and just. Your plant will not be violated or anything-" "Yeah right. And you need a carrier for that along with, what, a thousand infantry men? Your not protecting anyone, your just trying to keep us in place," Tommy Gunpowder exclaimed. "I vote that you and your troops leave us alone and at peace okay!" This brought cheers and shouts our agreement among the representatives. Book realized the situation was deteriorating fast. But before he or anyone else could say anything, a shot was fired. Like the one during the American Revolution, no one there immedietly knew who fired it. Unlike the one during the American Revolution, it wasn't heard around the world, but what happened next echoed acrossed the rainforest. Ten Bear and Minh were within Daves Docks and were creeping towards the meeting place, quietly and hiddenly when they heard it. In union the two said, "What the Hell?!"


Monday, April 14, 2008 7:06 AM


yes! finally an update! lol keep it coming! :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 8:24 AM


Again you are quite good at this. please write some more.


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