Taken away - Part 2
Friday, December 28, 2007

This is part 2/3. Will Noami make it? Big damn rescue people! Let me know if you want the third ;)


Inara cried herself to sleep, Mal let some tears out too but sleep wouldn't find him. His mind was too damn busy thinking on his little princess and how to get her, Serenity was miserable without her - even Kaylee had along face and said she could tell Serenity was crying through the engine.

Inara. He looked down at his lovely wife who slept in his arms and nuzzled her hair, she was his angel and the fact that she couldn't hold her baby - their baby was eating away at her heart. Naomi and Inara had a bond which wasn't a common mother/daughter one, it was like they could talk to each other without saying any words and could almost feel the feelings of the other.

His thoughts stopped when he felt his wife getting agitated by the second and was murmuring things as tears ran down her cheeks. He shook her and she woke up frightened than fell into his chest and began to sob - again and he couldn't help but think of how those bastards will regret they were even born.

"It's all right, baby..."

"No, they got her and she's probably hurt - I just want her back so that I could hold her!" she sniffled before another sob racked her body.

"It's okay, sweet-thing. I got you and by tomorrow, our daughter will be home and you'll hold her how much you want."

Tomorrow, they were going for Naomi and Mal would bring his little princess back home.


River was sitting on the infirmary table while Simon was getting it prepared for Naomi and the crew's arrival.

"Was part of a trap but didn't know. They took the baby away from her mother. Wasn’t aware..." she murmured, eyes growing wide.

"River what are you talking about?" asked Simon as he walked to her side.

She didn't say a word but pointed at the kitten that was outside the infirmary.

Simon ran and grabbed the kitten because he knew if it met Mal - or worse Jayne... it will have a bad ending.


That morning, the crew sat around the table, no one touching the food. They all were interested in the plan to get their little butterfly who flitted around Serenity like a light.

"This is how it goes." Mal stated "We hail the ship since we're nearly touching them, will ask them to hand us Naomi. We go and get her and the bastards here."

"If I may ask, sir. Why would you get those hundans here?" asked Zoe.

"So we could have our fun-time with them later." Mal answered simply. "But they'll give her back to us. Either the good or the bad way. Jayne and Zoe you're with me -"

"She's tricking,. Making good use of my story..."

"What was that about albatross? I need captain-dummy talk here."

"She said we're alliance and that she's our experiment. We want her."

Mal knew his baby was cunning but this was real brilliant, she was making things simpler for him even when she in difficulty… his little one.


Inara was at the side of Naomi's cot again. She remembered how she and Mal were happy when they learned that she was pregnant.


"So, do you have some names in mind?" Inara asked as she sat at her vanity, brushing her hair.

"Not yet." said Mal as he lay sprawled on the soft bed "Do you?"

"Only a few."

"Shoot out"

"Well...If it's boy, Kevin would be nice or Carl - even Jonathan."

"Mmm. All nice but I like Kevin best."

"Kevin it is." She smiled as she approached the bed to go to sleep and yelped when Mal pulled her hand and fell right on top of him. He gently laid her back on the bed; still keeping an arm around her small waist to keep her close and hovered a bit then kissed her long and hard.

"Ya know, I’m real happy with my wife. She's smart and pretty and she's gonna give me a kid as well! Do you know her?"

"Mm. Yeah." she whispered as she pecked him on the lips. "What if the kid is a girl?"

"Umm. Let's see... Kayla is sweet, Tamara isn't bad either..."

"But the strictest teachers were called like that was I was at the guild house." frowned Inara.

"Hey now, no frowns." he said as he kissed it off "We'll think of something else."

They stayed in silence as they lay in each other’s arms, thinking.

"You know what? When I was a kid my self, my ma had a friend who help in the ranch. She was quite pretty - 35 years of age maximum and she used ta make sweets that make you beg for more, she said she was an orphan but my ma thought of her as a sister... didn't see her after the war..." He was real sad now but Inara managed to kiss his sadness away.

"What was she called?" She asked.


"A friend of mine is also called Naomi! What if we name our daughter like that if we have one?"

"Yeah!" Mal grinned "It's quite a shiny name as a matter of fact. Naomi it is!"


By the time the memory finished she found herself in Mal's arms, crying. His arms comforted her in ways nothing else can and just by his heartbeat, she was reassured. It broke his heart to see her like that - he just wanted to hold her and protect her from anything that might hurt her, she looked so fragile like this... he couldn't help but tighten his hold and cradle her head to his chest as he whispered in her ear.

"We'll get her today, sweetheart. It's gonna be fine, I'll get our baby girl back home."

She felt her sigh as she relaxed a bit than coughed, she hadn't eaten anything since Naomi went missing and she was shockingly pale.

"Listen darling, you gotta eat something then let Simon take a look at you before Naomi comes. You need to be strong her, okay honey?"

"She nodded and they went to the cargo bay, they were going to bring her little butterfly back.


As they entered the ship, Mal and Zoe who were followed by Jayne knew that something with this ship was off. Strange sounds were being heard and they were very looking forward to get the hell outta there. They met two men.

"I'm here for my experiment." said Mal.

"Listen, sir... We're afraid that your experiment got a little damaged by mistake - of course-"

The men had no chances Jayne punched one of them and knocked him down while Zoe and Mal took the other.

"Where is she, you bastard?" seethed Mal.

"Umm... three rooms from here, sir." Mal headed for the room as Zoe and Jayne took the two men on Serenity.

In the first room, Mal was shocked by what he saw - corpses of children where everywhere and he ran as fast as he could to the room which probably held his beloved daughter.

Fortunately, she was alone in the room but she was unconscious and she was bleeding. Those scum-bags will really regret what they've done. He lifted her like he did when she was a newborn and carried her out of that hell.


Next part is how Family Reynolds and the crew will react. And what will happen to those men? Comments are like red bull... Give me wings ;)


Monday, December 31, 2007 3:37 AM


I liked the 1st chapter. You just resolved it too fast. It was kind of confusing how they got her back and not much detail as to how they did it.
Slow down a bit. You got a good idea dont rush it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 3:21 AM


glad the flu aint the boss of You!


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